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The Ebony Seductress

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This is a fetish site for believers of female supremacy, male inferiority, female superiority and money slaves who are into the act of spoiling, pampering and enriching the life of an Ebony Femdom Money Mistress. Fetish kinks include, but are not limited to: Financial Domination, money slavery, Consensual Blackmail, ass fetish, foot fetish, small cock humiliation, cuckolding, cock tease and orgasm denial, cock and ball torture, verbal abuse, fetish POV videos, fetish mp3s, extreme male humiliation assignments, ebony goddess body worship, Amazon Wish List shopping and gift certificates, money tributing, fetish phone chat and webcam dominance sessions through Niteflirt.com. You Must be 18 or older to endulge in my virtual fetish realm. If you are under the age of 18, you must leave my site at once. Proceed with your wallet open and prepare to hand over that cash to the biggest addiction any man has ever succomb to!

If you have crawled into the dark comforts of this BDSM Fetish website, it is because there is a longing deep within to serve a young, powerful Ebony Femdom Money Mistress. You have been searching high and low for a classy, dominant, Fetish Goddess that will abuse your pathetic penis through cock and ball torture, ruin your orgasms, feminize you and reduce you to a non-pussy-getting, cock sucking cuckold while you spoil, pamper, and surrender your cash to me. You desire to experience the erotic bliss of being controlled, exploited and dominated. You relish in the thought of finally fulfilling your purpose: Providing for a black ebony princess, supplying a beautiful seductress with all that I want and desire, as well as enriching my life as a good pay pig is required to all the while suffering endlessly at my wicked and sadistic hands.

I am Goddess Monique - the Ebony Dick Slaying Femdom Money mistress, and this is my fetish playground built and designed to keep you boys completely addicted to my edgy, dominant, dick slaying style. To force your obsession with my gorgeous physique,  keep you enthralled with my sassy nature, wicked mind torture and the all around sex appeal that I possess. This is no gimmick here. I am the real deal, 24/7 powerful Ebony Mistress seeking only high quality money slaves, pain sluts, and fetish freaks. Entrance into this site means you intend to serve whole heartedly by any means that I see fit. Entrance into my fetish playground means you will worship, serve, obey and pay me as I command other wise you need not read on. Entrance into this femdom domain means you are believer in female supremacy, you wish to suffer endless as I torture, mangle and abuse your cock through several sadistic and painful ways, and you know your place is respectfully beneath me. Continuing on means you enjoy tight ebony ass worship, cock and ball torture, small cock humiliation, guided masturbation, cock tease and extreme orgasm denial, chastity training, forced intox, feminization, harsh verbal abuse, male humiliation, cuckolding, ebony feet, leg, stocking and high heel fetish, anal training, financial domination, monetary tributes, wish list shopping, amazon gift certificate purchasing, shopping expenditures, wallet fucking, consensual blackmail, big black cock worshiping and brainwashing, fetish mp3s, POV fetish clips for sale with the possibility of more. I am a Fetish Goddess, which means I enjoy engaging in a Plethora of fetish kinks.

Before continuing on boy, understand this perfectly well. This is definitely not a porn site for you to come to, jack your nasty cock, get your shit off to my content and move about your day. Save that lame shit for the lesser femdom. This website is all fetish, all BDSM all day, all night. Never will you ever have lick me, suck me fuck me phone sex with me. Never will you ever decide how you will be dominated as I will never allow a pathetic little runt to top me from the bottom. I will dominate you the way I see fit according to the mood that I am in. Never will you ever tell me how you will spend that cash, that is for me to decide. There will be no wheeling and dealing. You will fork that cash over and do it willingly simply because I said so. I deserve it, it is mine and I will take what I want from you boy no questions asked. You will never be disrespectful to me. I don't just command respect by my dominant presence, I demand it. You will address me as Miss Monique, Goddess Monique or Mistress Monique unless instructed otherwise. 

Yes My yahoo and skype ID is available to purchase so that you can make contact with me. But only AFTER you have sent a tribute via Niteflirt or through an Amazon gift certificate. I will not waste my valuable time on non paying slaves seeking to bull shit their way into my presence. No tribute no chat. PERIOD! Seeking more of me, pet? Then by all means pull out your wallet and get ready to relinquish that cash. Proceed with caution. My intentions are malicious. I am an addictive habit sure to leave you broke, maxed out and desperately seeking for more ways to continue paying me.

Ebony Findom Princess Ebony Femdom Goddess

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So you want to stroke
for your mistress? Go
ahead, stroke loser. And
don't stop. Keep going,
keep stroking. Even
after you cum. Stroke till
it hurts! LOL

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There is no way that a
little peon ass lover
like you could possibly
resist a beautiful, thick
ebony ass. MMM butt
boy, wouldn't you just
love to get a sniff. LOL!

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Sexy, ebony feet, soft
wrinkled soles, perfect
pedicured toes with a
princess pink coating.
A delightful treat for foot
freaks. Worship my feet

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Guided masturbation is
so fun when you have a
sexy Ebony Princess
teasing you, bringing
you close to an orgasm
before snatching it away
Stroke for me SLUT!

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