New Niteflirt Page

Posted by monique | Niteflirt Fetish Goddess | Saturday 23 April 2011 1:44 pm

I know many of you sluts have been wondering, “Where is the beautiful Ebony Money Mistress, Goddess Monique?” I’ve been busy taking some new hot photos for you to drool over and I have also teamed up with one of the most Dangerous wallet fucking Ebony Dommes on the Findom Scene. This Vixen is talented on too many levels and it’s been a pleasure not only doing business with her, but getting to know her outside of some of the vicious rumors that were spread about her. Princess Lady Sheer is not only a wallet raping Ebony fetish Princess, but she is also an awesome web designer who gave my Niteflirt page a HOT new look! She will also be re-doing this site for me as well, show casing her brilliant design skills while giving my site a dark, Dick Slaying lay-out, turning it into the fetish playground many of you sluts so desperately crave. I’m positive many of you know her. And for those who don’t, or were too scared to seek her out as well as for those looking to have their Niteflirt pages pimped out, check out her site

And now sluts, feast your eyes on my Hot Niteflirt page and get ready to start coming out of that wallet as I add new Humiliation tasks, fetish Mp3s and POV clips, Slave applications and MORE! My Niteflirt page will be your new fetish playground that you will never want to leave. You addiction will turn into an obsession and you will long to serve me and give me everything I want until I leave you broke, maxed out. Stay tuned sluts. There will be more to come!

Rules Reiterated:

Posted by monique | Goddess Update | Wednesday 13 April 2011 12:37 pm

There comes a time when repeating ones self becomes a bit redundant and annoying. But for the uninformed, let me run it down to you again. This is a financial domination site for slaves into the act of tributing, spoiling, shopping and serving a young Ebony Femdom Goddess. This site is also for pain slut pets who enjoy the thrills of having a strong Mistress dishing out bitter sweet verbal humiliation, painful torture to your worthless cock and balls and loves the thrill ride of me crushing their manhood to shit. If you are NOT into the act of tributing, if you think you are going to waste my time in yahoo chat sessions asking me trivial questions don’t fucking bother. I will ignore you with the quicks. What some of you sluts fail to realize is I am don’t give two shits about you. We are not friends. We will never be friends. Friendship is not apart of a true BDSM relationship. You are here to serve ME! To enrich my life. Your job is to provide for ME, keep me satisfied and entertained. You can either get with that or you can get to stepping.
Broke? Tough! Either find a new means to make my cash or don’t come back until you do. If you message me on yahoo, you better not do so until you have sent a tribute via Niteflirt or send an amazon gift certificate to Other wise you WILL NOT get any attention from me. You can buy every single clip from my c4s store and it will not matter to me because my site does not cater to clip-whores. That is just an added incentive. Tribute, tips, gifts, CASH is the only way. Pay me FIRST or I will pay you no mind. Are you ready slave? Let’s GO!!