Ebony Tease: Goddess of Blue Ball Itis

Posted by monique | Tease and Denial | Wednesday 28 September 2011 9:21 am

Oh boy, who knew that I could have a multititude of ways with getting you boys weaker and weaker for me. The way you drool, pant and fall over yourselves when I wear cute mini skirts or short shorts showing off my long sexy legs or a low cut blouse that damn near has your eyes falling out of your got damn head is freaking hilarious. LOL! I’ve been taking it a bit easy this last week since the car accident but I did find a little time to get on cam for my slut Jake who just can’t seem to get enough of me. He has purchased all of my clips, ordered custom clips and pictures and messages me quite often, begging me to please let him kack off to my ebony perfection. NOT GONNA HAPPEN AKEY SLUT LOL!! I made this pathetic little hound dog get on camera for me completely naked as I made him watch me strut around in my 5 inch heels, extremely short shorts and halter top. Between the curves of my hips, the roundness of my ass and the way my hard nipples poked through my halter top, little Jakey was leaking pre-cum without even touching himself. He damn near had a fit when I leaned really close to the camera and pulled my shirt down just above my nipples and shook my firm tits in the camera. He begged and begged and begged for me to let him stroke his cock. Haaa! I told that little tight ball bitch that the only way he was going to stroke his cock is if he stroked it the way I said and made himself cum on his face for me. LOL!! He sounded as if he would cry. And he resisted of course. But all that did was cause him more sexual frustration. If you can’t do what the fuck I say, how the fuck I say it and WHEN the fuck I say it, why the fuck would I allow you to have pleasure. Remember dick sucks. At the end of the day, it is all about me. It will always be about me. Jake just messaged me 5 minutes before I started this blog claiming that he couldn’t stop thinking about how I teased him on camera and what I was demanding he do for me and how it turned him on even more. Now Jake is prepared to call me later this evening when he returns from work so he can do as I command. Ewww Jake is about to have a face full of ball snot just so he can finally beat his nasty dick and shoot his worthless load. HAHAHAH I bet it will be an improvement for that ugly face of yours. How humiliating. I’m such a sneaky, wicked, evil little bitch. LOL!!!

Findom Goddess Update “I am not to be fucked with”

Posted by monique | Blackmail Fetish,Goddess Update | Saturday 24 September 2011 12:55 pm

Now and again I try to take time out of my busy schedule to update pets and onlookers with what is going on in Goddess life. This week was pretty good and adventurous (up to Thursday night at least). Every single day, the sexy Puerto Rican UPS delivery man was at my door like an Autumn Santa bringing gifts that some of you slaves purchased and things that I purchased with the gift certificates that many of you have been sending. Maybe I will take pictures of my packages since I have not had the time to unload them and put them in their respectful places. For new slaves who are curious as to where they can send gift certificates, send them to thedickslayer@yahoo.com.

I am sure that my latest blackmail slave Toilet Bitch is wondering what I am up to and when I am going to strike next. Well slut, you continue being on guard. I have been cooking up a special assignment for you. And it will be ready for you Monday afternoon. So keep an eye on your Niteflirt inbox. (wicked witch laughter).

I’m sure lots of you were wondering what happened with Peter. It’s going to be a long time before Peter is free from my grasps. He has spent so much time complaining about his fat ass wife. How his fat ass wife does not turn him on the way that I do. How his fat ass wife has blemishes on her face, on her flabby long orangutan titties and her flabby ass has more dents than a totalled car. I enjoy listening to him compare my gorgeous body to the mac truck of a wife that he has. Peter decided to call my bluff a couple of weeks ago. I don’t know, maybe he forgot that I am not one to be fucked with. But Peter didn’t send his usual weekly tribute like he was supposed to. So I took a little trip to Somersdale avenue in NJ and decided to knock on his door. A fat hag of a woman with horribly blemished skin answered the door with an old Frank Sinatra faded white t-shirt on, sweat pants and stringy blonde hair down past her shoulders. It was upsetting that a man some what successful like Peter was straddled with a fat cunt trailor trash whore for a wife. I smiled and told her I was a Mary Kay consultant (LOL) and was asked to give her a free facial and sample products by Peter because she had voiced her concern about her blemished skin. I could see the embarassment on her face. Of course she claimed not to like Mary Kay and did not think her skin needed treatment. I told her my name was “Monique” and offered her a business card in case she changed her mind before going on my way. Why would I do that some of you may ask. Because of course she would go back to Peter and tell him that a Mary Kay consultant by the name of Monique stopped by per his request offering to give assistance for her blemished skin. That would A) let him know I was there and could strike at any moment B) Let his wife know he had voiced his dislike for her appearance and get his ass into a heap of trouble. (evil laughter). Peter messaged me on yahoo as I was en route back to my home letting me know that the tribute would be in the mail and arrive within the next 2 days. Good boy Peter. I am not to be fucked with.

Thursday was supposed to be my first Real Time session in 6 months with “Slave LIL Dick”, a small dicked virgin who has been dying for me to kick his balls and mangle his pathetic cock for the last 3 years. Finally we’re all set to have our R/T ball kicking session, even developed a nice card game to make things interesting. I have the perfect pair of black boots to kick the shit out of him with. I had a meeting to go to with my editing team for the book I’m almost ready to release in November. The meeting ran longer than expected because people don’t seem to understand that when I want something I GET IT. There is no swaying me to do what YOU want or THINK I should do. I have this mapped out down to the smallest detail, all they have to do is follow my lead and make sure that what I want to happen, happens. Now I have to come back to Philly later than anticipating and I finally get on I76 when this fucking douchebag comes flying down a ramp to merge into the lane. Instead of yielding like the sign clearly says, this Action Jackson dick head thinks he’ll be able to just glide right on in and hit the back of the car I was driving. Damn near sent me into a wall thank goodness for Alloy Wheels and new brakes. Would you believe right before this fuckhead hit me, he had the balls to honk his horn at me as if I was in the way. Then the sonuva bitch acted like he didn’t want to give me his information. Ha! He must not know who the hell I am. I took his plate numbers and contacted my PI “Martino” and gave the plates to him along with the make and model of the car. “Andrew Davidson”. I smiled at Mr. Davidson and told him his first and last name, date of birth, mailing address as well as the address the car was registered to. I even have his phone number. His face hit the fuck pavement. I don’t think I’m going to have a problem out of Mr. Davidson. Need I say more? I am not to be fuck with. So “Slave LIL Dick” and I are going to have to reschedule. He better thank his lucky balls because after getting the back of my car hit by that speeding douchebag, I would have kicked his fucking balls as if I was kicking Mr. Davidson’s ass.

Considering I have Mr. Davidson’s information and he is trying to keep this from turning into a lawsuit for his piss poor driving and judgement being the cause of the accident not to mention the tremendous back and knee pain I am experiencing. Should I turn him into my newest blackmail victim? Send your votes to thedickslayer@yahoo.com. Vote yes if I should make him my newest blackmail bitch vote no if I should leave the poor bastard alone. LOL!

Blackmail with a Black Mistress

Posted by monique | Blackmail Fetish,Ebony Money Mistress,Uncategorized | Sunday 18 September 2011 8:08 pm

After the fight last night, after the bets, the money, partying, dancing, drinking and having a good time with my friends, I came home and decided to check emails and wasn’t surprised to see a few Amazon Gift Certificates along with some clips4sale purchases and sales on Niteflirt. But I noticed I had some other emails from unknown servants seeking blackmail. Tsk Tsk Tsk. Some of you still have no idea how dangerous and ruthless I am. Poor Peter is still in so deep with hopes of getting out…at least not without making a handsome tribute for his release. This young slave who I will nickname Toilet face claimed that it had been hard for him to find a real mistress who was truly into Blackmail and knew what she was doing. I explained to him that a lot of slaves bull shit about being into Blackmail only to renig or slither away like a little bitch before even filling out the application. So I figured I would switch up the approach and had him provide me with a few minor details along with his fetish kinks that he would be utterly embarrassed for certain people to learn about him. He gave me the information graciously and I proceeded to assign him a “Blackmail Introductory Task” based on his fetish kinks to see if he had the balls to do it, if he was serious about the blackmail and if he was ready for some severe edge play. He completed the task and I must say, the name Toilet face fits him appropriately. LOL! I have some pix of this slave that I told him would put on my blog as I debut him as my newest blackmail bitch once he purchased my Consensual Blackmail Application, filled it out and sent it back. He did so like a good little bitch.

Here is one of the photos of my toilet slave bitch

Ewww, can you imagine that being your boyfriend and kissing that mouth after he licked a toilet bowl!! Gross. I wonder what his sister would think if this picture fell into her hands…

Blackmail slut number 2 emailed me telling all about his dreams of being pimped out totally, turned out on Tranny cock and how he has such a deep fixation on sucking a Tranny cock. He did a little 5 minute recording telling all of this information. I’m awaiting it’s return so that my friends and I can laugh at this bafoon.

All in all this weekend has been awesome despite learning about my the demise of my fellow flirt friend. You losers still manage to amuse me as I sit pretty and collect your funds.

Seeking Consensual Blackmail from a sexy devious Ebony Femdom Princess? Looking to divulge in secret acts that would cost you dearly if those acts were made known to the wrong people? Does your cock get hard at the idea of having control of your life snatched away from you little by little? Proceed by purchasing my Consensual Blackmail Application

Protect yourself at all times LOL

Posted by monique | O/T | Sunday 18 September 2011 3:59 pm

I went to a fight party last night and the party lasted longer than the fight LOL! I knew from the gate that Floyd Mayweathers was going to whip little Ortiz’s ass. I bet money on that fight among friends as well as slaves. The slaves placed smart bets. Quite a few agreed that little Ortiz was no match for Mayweathers and stood firmly by “the mandingo boxer’s” side. One slave bet me $250 that Mayweathers won the fight. Now I explained that I was #TeamMayweathers as well but he explained that he still wanted to pay me for Mayweathers victory. Hey, I’m all for it. Fork over the cash, boy! All in all with the slaves alone netted me close to $700 with bets for Mayweathers. I stepped away for a brief moment only to come running back when the party guests became hype. And what to my wondering eyes did I see…

Did you see the look on Floyd’s face when Ortiz head butted him. LOL! He was looking like, what the fuck? No the fuck this punk didn’t just head butt me in my mother fucking mouth. He hit his ass with a 2 piece and knocked him on his ass HAAAAA! YOU GOT KNOCKED THE FUCK OUT (in my Smokey voice from the movie Friday).
The number one rule to boxing is PROTECT YOURSELF AT ALL TIMES! Now some people may say Mayweathers won the fight with a cheap shot. I say bull shit. Number one, Ortiz was already getting his ass whipped. He threw in the cheap shot when he head butted him. Therefore it was appropriate for him to get knocked on his ass. Ortiz knew he was wrong. That’s why he was trying to kiss and make up. In the ring, there are no friends. It’s war between two men with only one common goal in mind: WHIP HIS ASS!! Now because he didn’t guard his grill, he got KNOCKED THE FUCK OUT!! LOL!

Let’s see that again!

Mourning a Fallen Flirt

Posted by monique | Femdom Friends | Saturday 17 September 2011 4:36 pm

I have been in this industry for a few years but purposely did not make many friends as I know a business like this, you can not have too many in your circle. The few friends that I have who are on Niteflirt or just fellow femdoms who enjoy being in the BDSM lifestyle I don’t chat with often, but they are still some of the coolest chicks I’ve ever had the privilege to mingle with. Today however, is a sad day for me as I have just been given some devastating news. I’ve learned that a fellow domina, friend and flirt has passed away recently. I can not release her name per request but I felt it necessary to honor her in this blog post. I met her 3 years ago in a yahoo chat session that another fellow flirt orchestrated to bring a lot of us together just to talk shop, laugh about ordinary day to day events and just have a good time as we took a break from our slaves and boy toys. She was awesome from the start with a great sense of humor, funny as all hell and very crafty when it came to her slaves and submissives. We would chat almost everyday on yahoo, swap ideas or just browse boutiques online for shopping adventures. This particular femdom always told me, “Monique, you are so talented and fucking awesome. I can see you becoming a successful writer because your imagination and your way with words is just fucking great!” I would laugh it off and say “Ahh, you know us Geminis are naturally crazy and it comes in handy in most cases.” She knew about the book I wrote, being a published author and was totally behind me in pursuing this talent further. Even the last conversation that we had in March she reminded me how witty, and talented and gifted I am. How I would be such a success when I finally step into the Literary world. She parted with a tribute to a very special person in my life as it was their birthday that day. I noticed for a while I had not seen her on my yahoo for a while but I know there had been times where I disappeared for a while so I thought maybe she was taking a break. Now I learn today that is not the case. Words can not express the sadness and anguish that I feel over her passing. When I say this woman was fucking awesome, she truly was. And not just as a domina, but as a strong woman all around. She had the heart of gold and at times would let me vent about my personal life challenges and had some of the best sound advice I could have asked for. But as another Flirt told me, she is in a better place because Lord knows, it can be Hell on Earth. And I know she wouldn’t want me to cry over her passing. Her words to me would be, “Monique hush. We’re bad bitches. Bad bitches don’t cry, cut the soft shit out.” So I won’t shed a tear. I will remember her and honor her as she deserves to be. And I will go on as the “fucking awesome chick” she always described me as….

Tempting Ebony Mistress

Posted by monique | Ebony Money Mistress | Monday 12 September 2011 10:16 pm

Ahhh it feels good to be back in the swing of things. Slaying cocks, raping wallets, mind fucking, manipulating and brainwashing you little minions, bringing you to your knees as you become ever so weak for this Ebony Mistress.(evil wicked laugh) Earlier today I was shopping in Saks for a new Juicy Couture bag and needed a sales rep to reach up on a high shelf to pull down something. (Of course I could have reached it but why the hell should I when his little bitch ass was willing and able to do it for me) Now while this little pion was ontop of his step latter he couldn’t help looking down my blouse at my perfect, round tits as my cleavage showed in my low cut shirt. I could sense that this little twerp hadn’t had pussy since pussy had he and would probably cum all over himself if a girl showed him some live pussy LOL! I rolled my eyes and told the little pervert to cut his eyes somewhere else before I accidently knocked his ass off of the latter. And his response was: “Yes Ma’am!” HAAAAAA! See men recognize my strength and power both in and outside of this BDSM realm. He knew just from looking at my glamoous self and my demeanor and knew that I was an Ebony Strong Goddess that could own him just from licking my lips. LOL! So of course I was able to get something out of him since he decided to glimpse my greatness without my permission. Shout out to the Saks 5th Avenue sales associate in Franklin Mills Mall who used his employee discount so I can get my bag. I will enjoy those Gucci shoes Friday when you get paid as I know you won’t be able to resist sliding the pumps on and off of my soft pedicured feet you little freak LOL!

A$$ilicious Money Goddess

Posted by monique | Ass Fetish | Thursday 8 September 2011 9:04 pm

A tall, dark chocolate Ebony Money Goddess with a wicked maniacal imagination, cock torturing, dick slaying femdom princess is one hell of a combination But add to that a rocking, round, tight plump ass and you have yourself a deadly weapon sure to bring you little bitches to your knees. This week I slid back into things with a little teasing, denying, mind fucking, wallet raping, dick slaying action. Niteflirt still has not corrected the error with getting my calls to me so as I said previously, other arrangements were made. There’s more than one way to kill a cat besides skinning it and I murdered all 9 lives of that pussy this week. LOL! I was shocked the I had some packages in my UPS Store box as I have been so busy lately I haven’t been paying much attention to what you slaves buy me. But never the less there were quite a few things waiting for me and I can’t wait to take pictures and shoot videos in them. Sexy laced thigh highs, leather ankle boots, gorgeous lingerie and other little trinkets. Good job shopping pets. Keep Goddess happy and continue to shop until you drop.

I have a new ass slave who just can’t get enough of my luscious ass. He has paid top dollar to see this quality ebony ass on camera numerous times this weeks. I tease and milked his wallet good.

and will continue to do so this weekend so make sure you have your Greendot reloaded and be prepared to send those amazon gift certificates like a good boy.
I feel it necessary to remind some of you slaves that I do not get into the habit of talking, chatting, messaging or wasting my time on sluts who have no intention of paying. If you want my attention, you need to either send a $50 tribute through Niteflirt or Amazon Gift Certificate before I spend an ounce of my time on you. Don’t waste my time yacking about how you yearn to pay me, or how you crave to be owned and drained. Talk that shit to another domme that has time on her hands to waste. With me, it is a will and do relationship. You WILL pay me or you WONT talk to me. You WILL serve me as I deserve to be served or you WON’T get my attention. I WILL ignore you if you do not show respect by sending me a tribute. It is as simple as that. If you do not understand that, then you do not understand the meaning behing financial domination.