Ebony Fetish Clips4Sale POV Videos

Posted by monique | Clips4sale Videos,Ebony Foot Fetish,Ebony Money Mistress,Goddess Update | Saturday 29 October 2011 8:44 pm

The moment that many of you losers have been waiting for. I have extended my fetish clips store on my website by adding 12 new clips for you to buy, drool and wank to. I know you will be wanking your miserable maggot cock as catching a boner is inevitable when seeing my sexy dominant ass in action. Everything from male humilation POV clips to foot worship, and ass worship has been included in my clip store. Buy them all now and add them to your collection. You know you want to as this tentalizing gorgeous Ebony Princess is too much for you to resist.
I have made some changes and updates to my website as I prepare to launch the members area for you to pay to join. So many of you have been messaging me wondering when I will make this available to you. I’ve been busy working on other projects and just have not had the time. But soon my pets. Just be patient. After all, what else can you do?
I checked my website email from the contact forms that many of you fill out and I find myself junking a good chunk of them as they are from losers who have not grasped the idea that I am a MONEY MISTRESS meaning you better be in the act of spoiling, pampering, paying, tributing and/or shopping for me if you wish to gain an ounce of my attention. I am not interested in a friendship outside of a BDSM power exchanging relationship. If that is not something you are into, do not message me. I could care less how intoxicated you become from my gorgeous ass. Flattery will get you no where unless it is coupled with cold hard cash! The only Real Time session you should be inquiring about is the possibility of worshiping me, enduring gut wrenching pain as I mangle your balls, shopping trips as you spoil and pamper me live and in person, you know- sessions along those lines. We will not be going to lunch, dinner nor breakfast as your pathetic ass is not fit to be my man or my companion. Just a weak little piggy bank for me to crack open and extract all of the cash that I want from you. Nevertheless, some of you feel the need to try anyways. Poor bastards. You don’t have a chance in hell.

Right now I am only seeking money slaves, submissives who are true believers of female supremacy, male submission and female domination, slaves who wish to spoil, pamper and hand over that cash with undying loyalty no questions asked. If that is you, then proceed with a tribute. A handsome tribute that shows just how much you wish to be of use to me. That is all for now piggies. Dueces!!

New foot fetish clip for foot worshipers and foot freaks. Buy it from my clips4sale studio

Thick Ebony Ass-Tease Queen Fetish Videos

Posted by monique | Ass Fetish | Friday 28 October 2011 7:04 pm

Would you look at that big, beautiful, round succulent ass! Great God almighty, that’s enough to make you pitiful losers lose your breath. How can you possibly NOT want to fall to your knees and serve this tempting ebony goddess. LOL! This week I tormented and teased so many cocks and denied so many orgasms it was hilarious. Fucking fun for me and total Blue Ball-itis destruction for you losers. I so enjoy teasing you bitch boys with my kick ass body and bringing you to your knees, forcing you to succomb to your addiction to a powerful Ebony Goddess while falling hopelessly in love with me. And I say HOPELESSLY as you will NEVER truely have me. But that won’t stop you from pursuing me more and more each day.

Take poor Lex for instance. He has a thing for mocha colored women with a sassy attitude, dominating personality and a smart mouth to match. I whipped his ass good as I dug deep into the crevices of his mind and learned how he just thinks he is the prettiest male bitch walking around since Fabio’s punk ass. All the women love him at first site. Yet he doesn’t have a girlfriend. The reason that is is because his dick is ridiculously small and his sex game is non existant. HAHAAHAHA!! I lit into his two-pump chump ass with a fierceness he has never witnessed and he loved every minute of it. He also loved seeing my hot, thick Ebony ass on cam as well. He got down on his rusty ass knees and kissed the computer monitor as if he was kissing my ass. He confessed just how unworthy he is and admitted that he knew that no matter how handsome his face was, he was only good enough to have his face treated as a throne while a thick ebony ass like mine was placed upon it as a queen like myself sat lovely and gorgeous! So I made a little ass video for the rest of you inadequate ass sniffing big black booty lovers. And you can buy it from my clips4sale studio. I will be adding it to my website to purchase through Niteflirt as well. But for now, here is a little preview…BITCHES (sticking my tongue out at you losers)

Ebony Femdom Fetish POV Clips

Posted by monique | Foot and Shoe Fetish,Goddess Update | Thursday 27 October 2011 2:02 am

I know so many of you have been waiting patiently for the day that I graced your computer screens with my beautiful, elegant self, degrading, humiliation, teasing, taunting and brainwashing your little minds. It has been quite a few months since I put together any fetish clips because I have been busy working on my novel, preparing for its release and doing a couple R/T sessions who sorry saps who enjoy my brutal treatment live and in person. But now I am back and you can bet your submissive ass that these fetish clips are just what little groveling bitches like you need and deserve.

So I made this fetish clips just talking my femdom shit about how you losers will continue to faithfully serve me and endure the ill treatment I feel like dishing out as well as pay me for it. Middle finger in the air, Beautiful cleavage and my flawless mocha skin. Yeah you bitches are weak as I flaunt my power. Female Supremacy with an Ebony femdom is far too much for you to resist.

I recently was approached by a foot slave who begged me to take pictures of my pretty feet. Of course you know I don’t do favors nor do I do anything for free. So I charged the foot bitch. And he paid $250 for pictures of my pretty pink painted toes and soft soles

Oh that little foot bitch drooled, whined, and whimpered over my peds LOL! I rarely engage in foot fetishes but his begging was rather cute and his money was even cuter. (evil giggles) For now that is all of the teasing I will do for you. Now get your ass over to my clips4sale studio and purchase my new videos. You know you can’t resist!

Male Humiliation Assignment Store now Open!

Posted by monique | Male Humiliation and Degradation | Monday 10 October 2011 1:43 pm

I had been working the last week when time allowed me to, putting together some humiliating and degrading assignments for my adoring pets who crave to serve me and amuse me. And yesterday that Male Humiliation and Degradation store was launched and the lot of you slaves began snatching up those tasks like it was water and you were dehydrating in the desert. As I said on twitter, I was not surprised that the Self Bukakke task was the biggest seller of them all. It seems like the more perverse I make these assignments, the more you gross sluts come for more. Right now, these assignments can be purchased through Niteflirt so if you don’t have an account on Niteflirt and you wish to serve me, I suggest you haul ass over there and set one up.

I have had a few slaves recently ask me what it is that I am seeking in a slave and if I am looking to add more slaves to my “stable”. Absolutely. I am always seeking good, obedient and devoted slaves who are into the act of tributing, spoiling and pampering an Ebony Femdom Money Mistress Goddess such as myself. I also am seeking good submissives who enjoy male humiliation, small cock humilation, verbal abuse, cock and ball torture, ass, leg and ebony foot worship and more. If you think you fit the profile and have a deep yearning within to be at my heel as you serve me the way I deserve and in the manner I see fit, then by all means boldly crawl forward with a tribute FIRST. I am also doing R/T sessions now and seek paying slaves looking to do my bidding live and in person. I have made many opportunities available for you minions to become my servant bitches. But for now, I must go as I have much to do. Smooches Douches LOL

R/T Ball Kicking Session with Slave Lil Dick

Posted by monique | Cock and Ball torture,Real Time Sessions | Saturday 8 October 2011 4:44 pm

For quite some time now, I have had a slave that insisted on having a real time ball kicking session with the fabulous Ebony Femdom Goddess Monique also known as The Dick Slayer. Finally yesterday, Slave Lil Dick got the session he had been begging for. Slave LIL Dick designed a lovely game with a deck of cards for us to play. I won’t tell what the rules are as I know someone will come along and snatch this trendy game for their own uses. The game started off not so much in his favor as he quickly learned why they call me the Dick Slayer. It began with me squeezing his balls for a certain amount of time. “Do you know what I like to do with little dick bitches like you? I make them get on their knees in front of me. And then I squeeze them…” LOL! I squeeze and squeezed…and squeezed some more. And he would fall down and curl up into a fetal position each time looking as if he wanted his mommy. LOL! But when it came time to knee his pathetic ass in the balls, he actually had the nerve to dodge one of the knees. Oh no Slave! There will be no dodging. You will take these knees to the fucking balls like my bitch, like how I say, and you will LOVE IT. Or, instead of it being knees to the balls, it can be the toe of my sexy black knee high boot and that my friend is much harder than my knee. So to make sure that he couldn’t dodge I grabbed his ass by his shoulders and I pushed him up against the wall and I kneed the fuck out of his balls. I don’t know which part I liked more; squeezing his balls until it felt like they were going to pop, kneeing him in the balls until he looked like he was going to puke or taking him out on his balcony in nothing but those ridiculous leopard looking panties (which were too small and displayed his pink, hairy, flabby ass) and kicking the fuck out of his balls until he fell down on the ground. I think I heard something pop that last time LOL! And now Slave Lil Dick is locked into chastity as a reward (yes I said reward) for being my ball kicking bitch. I am his key holder and he won’t be getting any type of release until I fucking say so.

Here are a couple of pictures of my slave bitch for all of you to see. Don’t be jealous as I know many of you wish you could be him. Who knows…maybe I will allow you to be my next victim.

Take a look at his little dick locked up in this chastity device

And just as I am typing this, Slave Lil Dick messages me on yahoo and says “I think you really fucked up my left testicle” Well the worst that will happen is they will castrate it but I see that as being a good thing. After all, his cock wasn’t designed for fucking. It will only be missed when it comes to kicking, squeezing and kneeing the hell out of it. (Evil Wicked Laugh)

Interested in booking a R/T session with me? Then you need to visit http://www.ebonymoneymistress.com/contact.html and fill out the contact form. You must state how long you want the session to be, what kind of session you are interested in, when you would like to schedule it and if I am required to travel, will you be covering my travel expenses. Sessions start at $350/hr depending on the type of session. See you losers later!!

And the Votes are in: The fate of Andrew Davidson

Posted by monique | Blackmail Fetish,Ebony Money Mistress,Goddess Update,Real Time Sessions | Monday 3 October 2011 10:38 pm

So as some of you know, I was recently in a car accident a couple of weeks ago because some dick head by the name of Andrew Davidson decided he wanted to be a speed demon and smashed into the back of the Buick Lacrosse that I was driving. Now for those of you who aren’t on the up and up, I suggest you read back a few entries and catch your asses up. But to brief you biscuit heads, this dick suck smashed into the back of my car when I was coming from a meeting involving the publication of my novel. He acted as if he didn’t want to give me his information I guess because I was a mere woman (big mistake). I have a PI in my pocket and called him up to provide him with the license plate and had him do a trace. First and last name, date of birth, address, telephone number EVERYTHING came back in under 5 minutes. That little dick suck soon realized I was not to be fucked with LOL. He quickly changed his tone wanting to wheel and deal offering to pay for any damages (the back of that Lacrosse was tore the fuck up) stating “no need to drag this out in long legal proceedings” I told him I would give it some thought, gave him my business card and took pictures of the back of his car as well as the damage to my car and snuck a pic of him too (shhhh). I asked you all if you thought I should make him into one of my latest blackmail bitches and the votes are in. A whopping 88 % basically told me to rake his ass over the coles and 7 % said I should leave him alone and let the law handle it. 5 % were indecisive but turned on by the idea. Now you all know I am as ruthless as it comes and will not pass up an opportunity to make one of you my victims. But this is not some slave that I met in the fetish realm. This is a matter that involves my real name, my address and other personal information. Now I am very crafty and considering how eager he is to compensate me, I better tread carefully. But believe you me, this is going to be very interesting.

I decided to add a little something to my website. Another way for you slaves to fulfill my needs and make my life more easy and relaxing while forking over your hard earned cash to a more worthier cause. You now have the ability to choose one of my monthly expenses and pay for it. After all, why should I have to when the purpose of you men is to PROVIDE and that is exactly what you shall do for me. So visit my Bill Pay page and pick a bill that you definitely know you will be able to pay each month like a good devoted slave. Fill out my contact form letting me know which bill you want to take responsibility for and I will allow you to send your payments to me. If there isn’t a bill you are confident you can be respponsible for, I suggest you click one of the tribute buttons beneath the picture of that Black, sexy, Chic Mercedes-Benz CLS Class to help pay for my new car. Yes your Goddess is top dollar so it is only right that I am behind the wheel of a savvy top notch vehicle. Click and Pay!

Goddess is also back on the scene for Real Time Sessions. So if you would like to book one, I suggest you fill out the contact form to schedule your session with me. Keep in mind this is ALL FETISH and your opportunity to serve me as I see fit. That’s all for now, dorks. I’m off for a lovely massage by my guy friend and a couple of rounds of hot steamy sex, which I know you aren’t getting any of. LOL! It sucks to be you right now. Dueces!!

You’re Fired!! Goddess is dumping Slaves

Posted by monique | Ebony Money Mistress,Goddess Update,I'm just saying | Saturday 1 October 2011 11:24 am

I enjoy the boxes of gifts, gift certificates and monetary tributes that I receive from a few of my slaves. To me, it shows their devotion and understanding of what their purpose is when it comes to serving me. Some slaves still don’t get that I will not have my time wasted with mindless, worthless chit chat on yahoo. One way or another you will serve me. Whether it is through humiliation tasks that I assign with you PAYING me for those assignments or if you are just a natural pay pig who tributes for my attention or shops from my wishlist. You will never get my attention for FREE or for a special discounted price as I am not a special discounted mistress. Therefore the bulk of you are now fired and you know who you are. If you occasionally pop in to my yahoo messager with meaningless chit-chat, trivial questions and false pretenses of being an adequate servant of mine, your ass has to go. If you think sending a one time tribute should be enough for you to get my attention all of the time, your ass is gone too. There is no one time tribute, any time you want my attention you tribute FIRST and then you begin speaking to me. Otherwise you will be ignored like the inadequate pup that you are.

I would rather have the few that tribute me properly than the many who waste my time. Now you can extricate yourselves expeditiously off of my site if you have no intentions of spoiling and enriching the life of their EBONY MONEY MISTRESS

Tributes are accepted through Niteflirt as well as through gift certificates such as Amazon, Victoria’s Secret, Neiman Marcus ETC. All gift certificates should be sent to thedickslayer@yahoo.com and tributes should never be LESS than $50