Subbie Bitch Shoe Shopping * Hot Leg Worship

Posted by monique | Amazon Wishlist shopping,Clips4sale Videos,Ebony Foot Fetish | Wednesday 13 June 2012 6:12 pm

Hot, Stallion, Ebony legs. Thick shapely thighs, slender musclar calves are stunning in this leg fetish video I made for a snotty little pervert who confessed his inability to controll a habit of looking at his bosses hot legs when she walks through the office. He begged me to make this video of my long ebony legs. He damn near had an orgasmic stroke when I told him how tall I am and then showed him the way my long legs stretch up to the heavens. He leaned so close to the monitor to get a good view I thought he was going to tumble through my screen and fall onto my floor LOL! It was absolutely hilarious listening to him panting like some mutt in heat as he excessively begged to stroke his measely cock. His love for long, stallion legs was not the only thing he confessed to. He also confessed how obsessed he becomes with shoe shopping for fabulous Mistresses like myself. We had ourselves a nice little session where he bought me 4 pairs of shoes.

He is becoming more and more addicted to me each day. I haven’t had a chance to take pictures of the fabulous ankle boots with tan colored fur and skinny stiletto heel along with the strappy 5 inch platforms that he bought for my birthday. He knows what it takes to keep this Ebony Femdom Mistress happy.

Hot Black Boot Worship Video

Posted by monique | Clips4sale Videos,Foot and Shoe Fetish | Monday 11 June 2012 9:43 am

Awww my poor servants have missed me. What can I say? I am a very busy dick slaying mistress. When I’m not slaying cock, molesting wallets, corrupting minds and destroying egos, I’m out enjoying life, partying with friends or laying back enjoying a good movie. Neverthelss, you pumps sniff around my page, my blog, my Clips4Sale page and my website hoping that I throw you a crumb to add light to your dark and pathetic existance. Now and again I do just to keep you pups hanging on.

Most of you know I am a very tall, curvacious and gorgeous ebony femdom princess. I have a very commanding presence and my beauty is quite compelling. What most men love about me most is my long, shapely and sexy legs. A slave of mine is such a devoted pup that he often buys me lots of shoes and boots. He loves to see me model in them in my videos and my pictures. I took the liberty of filming myself in the hot black boots that he bought me The picture above is just a taste of what’s to come. The real thrill is in my boot fetish video that you boys will buy so you too can witness the glory of my long ebony legs.
This video can be purchased from my Clips4sale Studio along with many other fetish goodies. Buy it now like a good boy and submit to my boot seduction!