Ebony Ass Clapping Fetish Clip

Posted by monique | Ass Fetish,Clips4sale Videos | Tuesday 17 April 2012 10:03 pm

Oh My God Becky, Look At her BUTT!! LOL! Yes! Look at my big, round bootylicious ass. You can look, I might let you smell it, I might even intoxicate you by letting a smelly fart escape my perfect round hole and blow into your ugly face (ewwww LOL) but you will NEVER in this life time or the next put your disgusting, chicken choking monkey paws on my perfect ass. Nah Nah Na-Boo Boo!! HAHAHAHA! Now that the weather is warming up over here in my neck of the woods I have been tormenting the boys with tight skirts, tight form fitting jeans and tights. I was going on my usual jog with my ear phones in and stoppped at a corner continuing to jog in place until I had the green light to run across and could hear the 2 men waiting at the corner grovel over my eyes. “Damn her ass phat as SHIT!!” I purposely stopped jogging and non-chalantly made it clap for a brief moment before jogging on my way. I know I caused an instant boner with those bozos. LOL! As I’ve told you losers many times before, I was not designed to be resistible.<br>So anyway…I made a hot new ass worship video for my ass lovers and decided I was going to give you 8 minutes of me clapping, shaking and jiggling my ass. Oh yes, my tight ass gave a round of applause which will command your cock to give me a standing ovation. There is no way you will be able to resist my perfect plump ass. You will fall to your knees, crawl to me and submit as a good booty bitch boy should. How on Earth could any man in his right mind resist an ass like mine?

Right now this video is available on my Niteflirt page as well as my Clips4sale Studio with more to come as I know you boys have missed me dearly while I was away and surely can’t get enough of me. That’s all for now bitches! See you in traffic! Vrum VRUMMMM!!!

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