Thick Ebony Ass-Tease Queen Fetish Videos

Posted by monique | Ass Fetish | Friday 28 October 2011 7:04 pm

Would you look at that big, beautiful, round succulent ass! Great God almighty, that’s enough to make you pitiful losers lose your breath. How can you possibly NOT want to fall to your knees and serve this tempting ebony goddess. LOL! This week I tormented and teased so many cocks and denied so many orgasms it was hilarious. Fucking fun for me and total Blue Ball-itis destruction for you losers. I so enjoy teasing you bitch boys with my kick ass body and bringing you to your knees, forcing you to succomb to your addiction to a powerful Ebony Goddess while falling hopelessly in love with me. And I say HOPELESSLY as you will NEVER truely have me. But that won’t stop you from pursuing me more and more each day.

Take poor Lex for instance. He has a thing for mocha colored women with a sassy attitude, dominating personality and a smart mouth to match. I whipped his ass good as I dug deep into the crevices of his mind and learned how he just thinks he is the prettiest male bitch walking around since Fabio’s punk ass. All the women love him at first site. Yet he doesn’t have a girlfriend. The reason that is is because his dick is ridiculously small and his sex game is non existant. HAHAAHAHA!! I lit into his two-pump chump ass with a fierceness he has never witnessed and he loved every minute of it. He also loved seeing my hot, thick Ebony ass on cam as well. He got down on his rusty ass knees and kissed the computer monitor as if he was kissing my ass. He confessed just how unworthy he is and admitted that he knew that no matter how handsome his face was, he was only good enough to have his face treated as a throne while a thick ebony ass like mine was placed upon it as a queen like myself sat lovely and gorgeous! So I made a little ass video for the rest of you inadequate ass sniffing big black booty lovers. And you can buy it from my clips4sale studio. I will be adding it to my website to purchase through Niteflirt as well. But for now, here is a little preview…BITCHES (sticking my tongue out at you losers)

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