Blackmail By a Black Goddess

Posted by monique | Blackmail Fetish | Sunday 15 May 2011 12:30 pm

It never ceases to amaze me how many of you come to me seeking to be destroyed, controlled, manipulated, brainwashed, mind fucked and wallet raped. Blackmail is such a dangerous game and though I don’t do it very often, when the opportunity presents itself to me, I am devastatingly merciless. My favorite targets are married, successful men with money to burn. Ahhh yes like my latest victim whom for now I will refer to as “Peter”. “Peter” is a college professor at IUP University and has a thing for strong, dominant Ebony women, alcohol and hypnosis. He stated that when he stumbled across my website, I struck him as the type of woman who could grab him by the balls and own him in a matter of minutes. And that is exactly what I did to him. LOL! He thought I was just going to chit chat with him on yahoo about other men that I have tamed, mamed and destroyed. Within minutes he was sending me a $200 amazon gift certificate and before the first hour he had himself 5 shots of Grey Goose and had tribute me close to $350. Loose lips sanked his ship because I discovered quite a few of his dirty secrets. Peter, tomorrow is Monday which means I am expecting my Niteflirt tribute of $250 along with your completed blackmail application. Or that pretty little Blonde financial aid officer that you have been having such filthy erotic thoughts of will be receiving that yahoo instant messenger conversation where you divulge some pretty kinky wishes of strap-on play and feminization. LOL!

Seeking blackmail by a powerful, dominant Ebony femdom Money Mistress? Do you love the idea of being controlled, manipulated and having you cash extracted from you maliciously while humiliating yourself for a sexy Ebony Goddess. Fill out my blackmail application below without Niteflirt as your payment processor and begin traveling down a slippery slope to financial DOOM!!!

Have you bought anything for me for my birthday yet? Looking for a way to please Goddess and stay in my good graces? Get over to my Amazon Wishlist NOW and get to shopping! My birthday is June 4th and I want lots of presents. Spoil Me now PETS!!!

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