Dirty boys who crave a dirty ass!

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Booty Goddess

Hey fuck-heads! Peep the ass over to your left. That shit is booty-licious! And this is why subs come to me in droves, blowing up my yahoo and my skype to get the opportunity to worship that thick, ebony ass via webcam. Last night a loser begged me to worship my ass on cam. I told him that I had just finished playing double dutch (what’chu know about that??? LOL) with some of the neighborhood young girls (I kicked their little asses too. Don’t they know I’m from North Philly!) and was a wee bit sweaty and needed to take a shower. Here is where the shit got interesting.

Finding Nemo (nickname for him since he is a little dick loser) insisted that it was okay. He did not mind I’m thinking “Da fuck?”. Now of course I’ve heard of guys who have ass fetishes that LOVE a smelly, musky ass. I’m not new to this, I’m true to this. But the shower was for my personal benefit as it was hot as shit here in Philly yesterday and I just wanted to cool off, clean up, fix myself an adult water ice that I had marinating in the freezer (Jose Cuervo in a bucket of Italian Water Ice on a hot day is EVERYTHING!!) and chill-ax. “Finding Nemo” kept begging and begging. So fuck it, you want to worship my sweaty ass. You want to see my ass glistening from the sweat and lotion combo. I told him he was going to pay. The longer I had to sit musky and sweaty for his sick, cock stroking enjoyment, the more he was going to have to pay. Most sluts would have just taken the quick fix of maybe a 15 minute cam show, but he somehow saw that as a sexy punishment and that heightened his excitement. He happily paid $300 to watch me on cam. Lucky for him I had a sexy thong on. He grunted and moaned and begged to stroke, offered more money if I put my thong in a zip-lock bag and mailed it to him so he could sniff his way into ass heaven and suck on my thong strap (ewww SICK FUCK!) He was so pathetic. LOL. After his time was up, He was left with serious blue balls. No way was I going to let him get off on that shit. Bitch please!

But non-the-less, that prompted my latest fetish mp3 which is selling like cold water to the thirsty on this hot ass day. It’s for all of you dirty boys who crave the smell of a dirty, musky, smelly, sweaty ass. No matter how extreme or how mundane you butt sniffers are, this mp3 will have you cumming all over yourself. And I bet you will be listening to it again and again while stroking again and again

Dirty Ass Worship
MP3 Audio Download

This is strictly for sluts who crave a sweaty, musky ass. The sluts whose
cocks grow harder and harder when they hear “dirty hole”. The sluts who
whimper with joy feeling the moisture from my ass touching
their nostrils. Buy this mp3and become my newest ass bitch!

10 mins

I expect ALL of my sluts to buy this mp3 right now. You should be clicking and paying as we speak! I love seeing my niteflirt balance rise continuously and I love the notifications gmail sends to my phone when niteflirt notifies me that another one of you spent your hard earned cash on me! So click, pay, stroke, and tribute!

Below are some gifts that my boyfriend and I want from my wishlist. So get out your wallets and start shopping for us now. If you aren’t able to buy it from my wishlist, send an amazon gift certificate that includes shipping costs to thedickslayer@yahoo.com. Chop Chop!



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Subbie Bitch Shoe Shopping * Hot Leg Worship

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Hot, Stallion, Ebony legs. Thick shapely thighs, slender musclar calves are stunning in this leg fetish video I made for a snotty little pervert who confessed his inability to controll a habit of looking at his bosses hot legs when she walks through the office. He begged me to make this video of my long ebony legs. He damn near had an orgasmic stroke when I told him how tall I am and then showed him the way my long legs stretch up to the heavens. He leaned so close to the monitor to get a good view I thought he was going to tumble through my screen and fall onto my floor LOL! It was absolutely hilarious listening to him panting like some mutt in heat as he excessively begged to stroke his measely cock. His love for long, stallion legs was not the only thing he confessed to. He also confessed how obsessed he becomes with shoe shopping for fabulous Mistresses like myself. We had ourselves a nice little session where he bought me 4 pairs of shoes.

He is becoming more and more addicted to me each day. I haven’t had a chance to take pictures of the fabulous ankle boots with tan colored fur and skinny stiletto heel along with the strappy 5 inch platforms that he bought for my birthday. He knows what it takes to keep this Ebony Femdom Mistress happy.

Irresistable Ebony Ass for Butt Sluts

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I have been having so much fun lately playing with my new camera that I can’t help taking tempting pictures of my Ebony Perfection to tease your dinky dicks and torment your submissive souls with. And I know many of you have a boner already just from looking that the picture on the left. No wanky wanky just yet my pets. You won’t be easing the pain of that raging hard-on to that picture when there is something much more mouth watering in store for you.

A few of my slaves have asked me numerous times to put together picture packets of my luscious, thick ebony ass to purchase through Niteflirt. Lucky you that I have taken time out of my busy day to put together two picture packs for you to click, pay and stroke to. I am making them available to my loyal slaves only on my site first before I release them for the less deserving minions on Niteflirt. (evil laugh) So buy them now bitch. And surrender that cock and cash to its true owner-Me of course…DUH!! I have made updates to my clips4sale studio. But you can read all about my hot new videos in my next blog entry (licking my tongue at you). I’ve been such a greedy, bratty little fucking tease these past couple of days. And you boys can’t get enough.


Ass Fetish Picture Pack 1


Picture Pack 2

Have you thought of what you can do to please your Ebony Femdom Mistress? Well you know I am always looking for new slaves to serve me, spoil me, tribute me and give me all that I desire. My wishlist is up and being updated when I have the time. I want lots and lots of Christmas presents from you boys: Lingerie, corsets, leather high heel boots, sexy stiletto heel shoes, expensive tight fitting jeans, sweet smelling perfume from Juicy Couture and Chanel, fashionable, trendy handy bags, clutches, and hobos, jewelry, cash, and electronics. Pull out that wallet, get your credit cards, make tracks over to my wishlist and begin shopping for me now pets. I want it all so feed my greed!!

A slave’s guide to serving the Ebony Money Mistress-Goddess Monique

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“Mistress, how can I be of use to you?” “What can I do to please you?” “How can I make you happy, Princess?” I get these questions many times each day and the answer is always the same: TRIBUTE ME, SPOIL ME, PAMPER ME, SHOP FROM MY AMAZON WISH LIST, BUY ME SHOES, ADOPT A BILL, WORSHIP ME ON CAM (After you’ve proven your worth) ENDURE SEVERE EMASCULATION AND MALE EGO CRUSHING THROUGH MY MALE DEGRADATION AND HUMILIATION ASSIGNMENTS! That is how you please Goddess Monique. Flattery will get you little to no where with me if it isn’t met with some form of monetary tribute, gift, tithe or some form of service to me. I’m complimented on my gorgeous looks and sex appeal each day I walk out of my house and go about my day by strange men that I pass by. Men that will probably never see me again but couldn’t help but stop me and tell me how beautiful I am. But if you desire to be in my presence or have me acknowledge yours, then you need to show me your worth. So each day I will leave three things in my blog for some of you slaves to do to make your Goddess happy.

The first is sending a tribute

Slaves can also send an Amazon Gift Certificate to thedickslayer@yahoo.com

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Goddess POV update

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I have been getting quite a few emails and yahoo instant messages asking me when I am going to update my clips4sale studio with more fetish clips as well as requests for custom made clips. Well right now Goddess is extremely busy preparing for a wedding that is coming up this weekend. Don’t have a heart attack, I am not jumping the broom with anyone anytime soon and trust me, if I were, all of my well paying slaves would know so you can pitch in and pay for my honeymoon trip to Europe. There is much for me to do and I am still working with the fabulous Princess Lady Sheer in getting this website together so right now I just don’t have the time. However, something awesome will be available for you very soon. My fetish, humiliation, and hypnosis mps will be available on this website very soon along with some CBT Tasks and other humiliation assignments. Oh yes, this website will be transforming into the Fetish playground of your dreams and desires as I so love controlling, manipulating and humiliating the lot of you losers. So sit tight and wait patiently. Some more fetish videos will be coming soon to a computer screen near you.

Have you purchased a birthday gift for me from my wishlist, pet? If you have, good job, now go back to my wishlist and buy me something else as I adore being spoiled. And if you haven’t what the hell are you waiting for? Get over to my wishlist and get busy boys!

Shopping positions open for wishlist shopping pets

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Hello sluts! A very special day is approaching. It is the day that my presence was placed upon this Earth to give you sluts a purpose and new meaning to your lives. My birthday will be here in 1 month and 2 days. That’s right June 4th is my birthday and you boys are going to honor it by shopping for me on my birthday wishlist. I am not expecting 1 gift or 2 gifts. I am expecting my entire wishlist to be cleaned out with everything that I have on there to be purchased. Some boys have already inquired about what I may want for my birtday and what plans I might have for that weekend. Well I was planning on taking a trip to Miami Florida with some friends or maybe have a party at the 40/40 club in New York City. I honestly have no decided yet. As far as presents, well your hard earned cash going from your pockets to my hands is a wonderful start. I want everyday for the next month to feel like Christmas with the UPS man being my sexy Santa bringing packages of gifts that you pay pigs purchase. But the main thing I want is a 2010 Black Nissan Murano. And I know many of you boys are going to see to it that I get exactly what I want. So you can go to my spoil me page and click a Niteflirt tribute button to put towards the cost of my Nissan Murano. Your Ebony Femdom Fetish Money Mistress has made it easy for you to pay me. more options will be available soon. In the meantim, get over to my wishlist and get to spending!

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