Obliterated Cock- Dick Slayed

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Oooh, fucktards, I have created a nightmarish hypno mp3 that will surely fuck with your head in an unbelievable fashion. I love mind fucking my closet sissies who tell me our conversations about sucking cock is nothing more than a fantasy and they would never do it in real life. Losers who swear that they love pussy more than anything in the world, just once in a while they like thinking about sucking cock while they are stroking their pathetic cocks. Bitch please! I know what you really are, and with that knowledge, this sexy hypno will lure you in a dejavu type nightmare with your cock and balls being obliterated until you have a faggish awakening. So I pose this question to you closet fags; Are you willing to sacrifice your cock and balls to keep living a lie, or to save your cock and balls from being obliterated by The Dick Slayer will you give into your secret desire and suck some cock? Buy this 15 minute mp3 and be sure to leave feedback on my page. One thing’s for certain and two things for sure, you will never look at being in the dark the same way again…

Obliterated Cock
MP3 Audio Download

15 minute nightmare hypno. It’s like dejavu again and again each time your balls are obliterated until you have a faggish awakening

15 mins

Looking forward to some good wallet rapings this weekend. After listening to my dirty ass worship mp3, “butt muncher” came crawling into my YIM begging to worship my hot ass. This guy is soooo fucking ugly. I swear to God his ass is so ugly you would have to tie a pork chop around his neck so a dog will play with him. He’s not ugly, he’s FUGLY (Fucking Ugly).I charge him extra to do cam to cam that’s how much of an eye sore he is. Facially challenged and has a body like a old cutlass 88 LMFAO. So he paid $200 for a 45 minute cam show. And even that wasn’t enough!
And of course, Finding Nemo couldn’t wait to buy the mp3. He sent a (yawn) $50 tribute afterwards telling me how hard he came listening to me “silky voice”. Good for you loser! I’ve gotten a few amazon gift certificates from drive by losers who are trying to see how dangerous I am. I would divulge but looking at my Rolie it’s about that time for me to get showered and dressed so I can hit a party up tonight. Ciao losers!

Dirty boys who crave a dirty ass!

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Booty Goddess

Hey fuck-heads! Peep the ass over to your left. That shit is booty-licious! And this is why subs come to me in droves, blowing up my yahoo and my skype to get the opportunity to worship that thick, ebony ass via webcam. Last night a loser begged me to worship my ass on cam. I told him that I had just finished playing double dutch (what’chu know about that??? LOL) with some of the neighborhood young girls (I kicked their little asses too. Don’t they know I’m from North Philly!) and was a wee bit sweaty and needed to take a shower. Here is where the shit got interesting.

Finding Nemo (nickname for him since he is a little dick loser) insisted that it was okay. He did not mind I’m thinking “Da fuck?”. Now of course I’ve heard of guys who have ass fetishes that LOVE a smelly, musky ass. I’m not new to this, I’m true to this. But the shower was for my personal benefit as it was hot as shit here in Philly yesterday and I just wanted to cool off, clean up, fix myself an adult water ice that I had marinating in the freezer (Jose Cuervo in a bucket of Italian Water Ice on a hot day is EVERYTHING!!) and chill-ax. “Finding Nemo” kept begging and begging. So fuck it, you want to worship my sweaty ass. You want to see my ass glistening from the sweat and lotion combo. I told him he was going to pay. The longer I had to sit musky and sweaty for his sick, cock stroking enjoyment, the more he was going to have to pay. Most sluts would have just taken the quick fix of maybe a 15 minute cam show, but he somehow saw that as a sexy punishment and that heightened his excitement. He happily paid $300 to watch me on cam. Lucky for him I had a sexy thong on. He grunted and moaned and begged to stroke, offered more money if I put my thong in a zip-lock bag and mailed it to him so he could sniff his way into ass heaven and suck on my thong strap (ewww SICK FUCK!) He was so pathetic. LOL. After his time was up, He was left with serious blue balls. No way was I going to let him get off on that shit. Bitch please!

But non-the-less, that prompted my latest fetish mp3 which is selling like cold water to the thirsty on this hot ass day. It’s for all of you dirty boys who crave the smell of a dirty, musky, smelly, sweaty ass. No matter how extreme or how mundane you butt sniffers are, this mp3 will have you cumming all over yourself. And I bet you will be listening to it again and again while stroking again and again

Dirty Ass Worship
MP3 Audio Download

This is strictly for sluts who crave a sweaty, musky ass. The sluts whose
cocks grow harder and harder when they hear “dirty hole”. The sluts who
whimper with joy feeling the moisture from my ass touching
their nostrils. Buy this mp3and become my newest ass bitch!

10 mins

I expect ALL of my sluts to buy this mp3 right now. You should be clicking and paying as we speak! I love seeing my niteflirt balance rise continuously and I love the notifications gmail sends to my phone when niteflirt notifies me that another one of you spent your hard earned cash on me! So click, pay, stroke, and tribute!

Below are some gifts that my boyfriend and I want from my wishlist. So get out your wallets and start shopping for us now. If you aren’t able to buy it from my wishlist, send an amazon gift certificate that includes shipping costs to thedickslayer@yahoo.com. Chop Chop!



For my complete wishlist, click the banner and spoil me the way I should be

Ebony Ass Clapping Fetish Clip

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Oh My God Becky, Look At her BUTT!! LOL! Yes! Look at my big, round bootylicious ass. You can look, I might let you smell it, I might even intoxicate you by letting a smelly fart escape my perfect round hole and blow into your ugly face (ewwww LOL) but you will NEVER in this life time or the next put your disgusting, chicken choking monkey paws on my perfect ass. Nah Nah Na-Boo Boo!! HAHAHAHA! Now that the weather is warming up over here in my neck of the woods I have been tormenting the boys with tight skirts, tight form fitting jeans and tights. I was going on my usual jog with my ear phones in and stoppped at a corner continuing to jog in place until I had the green light to run across and could hear the 2 men waiting at the corner grovel over my eyes. “Damn her ass phat as SHIT!!” I purposely stopped jogging and non-chalantly made it clap for a brief moment before jogging on my way. I know I caused an instant boner with those bozos. LOL! As I’ve told you losers many times before, I was not designed to be resistible.<br>So anyway…I made a hot new ass worship video for my ass lovers and decided I was going to give you 8 minutes of me clapping, shaking and jiggling my ass. Oh yes, my tight ass gave a round of applause which will command your cock to give me a standing ovation. There is no way you will be able to resist my perfect plump ass. You will fall to your knees, crawl to me and submit as a good booty bitch boy should. How on Earth could any man in his right mind resist an ass like mine?

Right now this video is available on my Niteflirt page as well as my Clips4sale Studio with more to come as I know you boys have missed me dearly while I was away and surely can’t get enough of me. That’s all for now bitches! See you in traffic! Vrum VRUMMMM!!!

Return of The Dyck Slayer

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I know, I know, I KNOW!! I have read your emails, I have seen your yahoo messages. I know you all have so eagerly, so patiently and so desperately awaited my return. And indeed my return is long over due. Where shall I begin…?

First off I had to take a mini break. I did not expect my 2 week break to turn into a 4 month disappearance. I originally stepped away to help take care of my uncle who had been in an accident and sustained a head injury. I am a very optimistic person and always try to see the bright side of every situation. All my life, my uncle had been a very up beat man, live, free spirit. A cool breeze some old heads may even refer to him as. He was always dressed sharp with a fly hat and whenever I would see him on the avenue I would say “Hi Uncle Jelly Roll!” He would look at me, point and shout out “HEYYYYYY (pause) Gorgeous!” LOL! Sadly my uncle passed away. I watched that man go from being live and up beat to a withered shadow of his former self. The fall that started it brought on an aneurysm which led to a stroke which brought on numerous seizers that ultimately brought about his demise. At his funeral, I rocked a hat. And since he loved the poetry I wrote as a teenager, I read one for him. And as they lowered him into his final resting place all I could think to say was…”Bye Gorgeous”. My uncle is resting not too far from my cousin who unfortunately was murdered a year before my uncle passed. I took this picture in memory of him

I miss my Uncle deeply…After that, I took time out to spend with family, enjoy life away from this fetish realm and just breathe. Sometimes a break is necessary. And though I made time for a couple of my well paying slaves, I more so just needed time away until I felt like coming back. And well…here I am boys. Welcome me with open wallets, presents, worship and gratitude!
I was kind enough to create an awesome ass video for you ebony ass lovers. Wasn’t that nice of me? (giggle) Right now, the only place to get it is in my clips4sale studio. I simply just don’t feel like uploading it to niteflirt right now but it will be available in my member’s area soon. So open those wallets boys and get ready to spend spend SPEND until your cock and my greedy palms are content! Visit my clips4sale Studio NOW! More goodies will be coming soon this week. So keep checking back. I know you will!

Irresistable Ebony Ass for Butt Sluts

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I have been having so much fun lately playing with my new camera that I can’t help taking tempting pictures of my Ebony Perfection to tease your dinky dicks and torment your submissive souls with. And I know many of you have a boner already just from looking that the picture on the left. No wanky wanky just yet my pets. You won’t be easing the pain of that raging hard-on to that picture when there is something much more mouth watering in store for you.

A few of my slaves have asked me numerous times to put together picture packets of my luscious, thick ebony ass to purchase through Niteflirt. Lucky you that I have taken time out of my busy day to put together two picture packs for you to click, pay and stroke to. I am making them available to my loyal slaves only on my site first before I release them for the less deserving minions on Niteflirt. (evil laugh) So buy them now bitch. And surrender that cock and cash to its true owner-Me of course…DUH!! I have made updates to my clips4sale studio. But you can read all about my hot new videos in my next blog entry (licking my tongue at you). I’ve been such a greedy, bratty little fucking tease these past couple of days. And you boys can’t get enough.


Ass Fetish Picture Pack 1


Picture Pack 2

Have you thought of what you can do to please your Ebony Femdom Mistress? Well you know I am always looking for new slaves to serve me, spoil me, tribute me and give me all that I desire. My wishlist is up and being updated when I have the time. I want lots and lots of Christmas presents from you boys: Lingerie, corsets, leather high heel boots, sexy stiletto heel shoes, expensive tight fitting jeans, sweet smelling perfume from Juicy Couture and Chanel, fashionable, trendy handy bags, clutches, and hobos, jewelry, cash, and electronics. Pull out that wallet, get your credit cards, make tracks over to my wishlist and begin shopping for me now pets. I want it all so feed my greed!!

The Dyck Slayer-I Slay, You PAY!!

Mmmm Nothing compliments an Autumn day here in Philly like COLD HARD CASH! But things can quickly heat up when that cash is coupled with a slave who is willing and able to serve, suffer and sacrifice for his Ebony Dyck Slaying Mistress, Goddess Monique. PrincessAddict comes and goes every now and then but when he comes, he comes ready to serve with a cock to offer as his sacrifice and his wallet to pay for that sacrifice. PrincessAddict has a smoking fetish. Not only is he a pack a day Malboro man but he loves when his Mistress sits parched on her throne, dominant legs crossed, leather strappy high heel boot covered feet swinging back and forth lightly, slender Newport Menthol trapped between 2 perfectly manicured fingers as he awaits patiently on his hands and knees to be treated like a pathetic human ashtray. But yesterday I was not in the mood to ONLY have him flicker his own ashes in his mouth and swallow them down like fiery candy. And I wasn’t going to do the lame “stick out your tongue so I can put out my butt” routine. No we played a game of heads or tails. Heads, he mashed his flaming cigarette out on the head of his dick. Tails: he mashed his flaming cigarette out on his shriveled up balls. Ooooh Princess Addict became so excited I could see his pathetic mini meat standing at attention on camera. His hands shook with excitement as he took trembling drags on his smoke. About mid-way through, I told him to flip his quarter. And so he did. And it landed on heads. He said but Mistress, I haven’t finished my cigarette. I told him don’t question me, bitch. Put the fucking cigarette tip to your dick and feel that flame. I laughed at his screams. He tributed like a good bitch and the game went on a little longer. But then I quickly became bored as most Geminis do so I had him send me another tribute and then sent him to fetch his jar of Vaseline. He greased his balls up wondering what my twisted and sadistic mind could be up to now. HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE! I made him grab his cigarette light and sit on the very edge of his chair so that his nasty hair balls hung over the edge. And then I made him flicker that flame. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Your nuts roasting over an open fire (In my Nat King Cole voice) Ball hairs burning from the roots. HAHAHAHA! He screamed, winced, begged, pleaded Goddess what can I do to end this suffering…? My response: Send me a tribute bitch. A nice one. He said right away & sent a fabulous tribute through Niteflirt. $$$$ That’s right bitches. I Slay, You Pay. (giggle)

An ass fetish boy came to me yesterday begging to see me on cam as he just can’t get enough of my perfect round ass encased in a pair of sexy black nylons.

So I teased and taunted him, dyck slaying his miserable carcass of a penis in another way. I teased him with my lucious round ass in those nylons until he damn near started crying. He wanted so badly to stroke. He needed me to part my sexy full lips and grant him permission to stroke. He NEEDED me to allow him his 5 seconds of fame as he shot his nasty load all over himself. He needed to do something to make ME happy, FIRST. What’s the magic words, asspig? “Goddess, how can I end this suffering?” Me: Simply bitch, send a tribute. A nice one. (giggle) And so he did. And so I ended his suffering…for all of about 5 minutes. That’s about how long his stroking lasted before he bust his pathetic nut. But I got that cock rock hard again with a picture of me in a sexy red thong with my ass covered in shea butter, glistening in the light. I think I heard him scream….Queen of Blue Ball Itis-The Dyck Slayer. I slay, YOU PAY!!! Later bitches. (wicked laughter)

Thick Ebony Ass-Tease Queen Fetish Videos

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Would you look at that big, beautiful, round succulent ass! Great God almighty, that’s enough to make you pitiful losers lose your breath. How can you possibly NOT want to fall to your knees and serve this tempting ebony goddess. LOL! This week I tormented and teased so many cocks and denied so many orgasms it was hilarious. Fucking fun for me and total Blue Ball-itis destruction for you losers. I so enjoy teasing you bitch boys with my kick ass body and bringing you to your knees, forcing you to succomb to your addiction to a powerful Ebony Goddess while falling hopelessly in love with me. And I say HOPELESSLY as you will NEVER truely have me. But that won’t stop you from pursuing me more and more each day.

Take poor Lex for instance. He has a thing for mocha colored women with a sassy attitude, dominating personality and a smart mouth to match. I whipped his ass good as I dug deep into the crevices of his mind and learned how he just thinks he is the prettiest male bitch walking around since Fabio’s punk ass. All the women love him at first site. Yet he doesn’t have a girlfriend. The reason that is is because his dick is ridiculously small and his sex game is non existant. HAHAAHAHA!! I lit into his two-pump chump ass with a fierceness he has never witnessed and he loved every minute of it. He also loved seeing my hot, thick Ebony ass on cam as well. He got down on his rusty ass knees and kissed the computer monitor as if he was kissing my ass. He confessed just how unworthy he is and admitted that he knew that no matter how handsome his face was, he was only good enough to have his face treated as a throne while a thick ebony ass like mine was placed upon it as a queen like myself sat lovely and gorgeous! So I made a little ass video for the rest of you inadequate ass sniffing big black booty lovers. And you can buy it from my clips4sale studio. I will be adding it to my website to purchase through Niteflirt as well. But for now, here is a little preview…BITCHES (sticking my tongue out at you losers)

A$$ilicious Money Goddess

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A tall, dark chocolate Ebony Money Goddess with a wicked maniacal imagination, cock torturing, dick slaying femdom princess is one hell of a combination But add to that a rocking, round, tight plump ass and you have yourself a deadly weapon sure to bring you little bitches to your knees. This week I slid back into things with a little teasing, denying, mind fucking, wallet raping, dick slaying action. Niteflirt still has not corrected the error with getting my calls to me so as I said previously, other arrangements were made. There’s more than one way to kill a cat besides skinning it and I murdered all 9 lives of that pussy this week. LOL! I was shocked the I had some packages in my UPS Store box as I have been so busy lately I haven’t been paying much attention to what you slaves buy me. But never the less there were quite a few things waiting for me and I can’t wait to take pictures and shoot videos in them. Sexy laced thigh highs, leather ankle boots, gorgeous lingerie and other little trinkets. Good job shopping pets. Keep Goddess happy and continue to shop until you drop.

I have a new ass slave who just can’t get enough of my luscious ass. He has paid top dollar to see this quality ebony ass on camera numerous times this weeks. I tease and milked his wallet good.

and will continue to do so this weekend so make sure you have your Greendot reloaded and be prepared to send those amazon gift certificates like a good boy.
I feel it necessary to remind some of you slaves that I do not get into the habit of talking, chatting, messaging or wasting my time on sluts who have no intention of paying. If you want my attention, you need to either send a $50 tribute through Niteflirt or Amazon Gift Certificate before I spend an ounce of my time on you. Don’t waste my time yacking about how you yearn to pay me, or how you crave to be owned and drained. Talk that shit to another domme that has time on her hands to waste. With me, it is a will and do relationship. You WILL pay me or you WONT talk to me. You WILL serve me as I deserve to be served or you WON’T get my attention. I WILL ignore you if you do not show respect by sending me a tribute. It is as simple as that. If you do not understand that, then you do not understand the meaning behing financial domination.

Ebony Ass Control for Butt sniffers

Posted by monique | Ass Fetish | Monday 28 February 2011 12:29 am

Ebony Ass QueenFall down on your rusty knees and breath in the intoxicating, addictive scent of my beautiful black, thick ebony ass. Pull out that wallet and continue to click again and again as I command your cock, your wallet and control every ounce of pathetic bitchness that exists within you. Ahh yes! Your surrender brings me satisfaction.

I learned very young the power behind having a big lucious ass. Wearing mini skirts and high heels, strutting down the street and in the mall catching men take double looks or even stare longer than usual because the shape of my ass was just a beauty they needed to behold as long as possible. I would even go as far to say that they were trying to memorize the look of my ass for their own jack off purposes. And now you little ass bitches have fallen prey to the control my ass has over you. The messages that I get marveling over my tight ebony ass are endless. My best selling clips in my clips4sale studio are of the ones showcasing my gorgeous ass. If you think you will escape it’s beauty, you are in serious denial. If you think you won’t find yourself coming back to my site, pouring over my pictures, buying videos again and again because you just won’t be able to get enough. If you’ve never had an ass addiction before, upon entering my site, you will have an ass infatuation. I dare you to resist me. Go on. Just try.