Blackmail- Fucked & Ruined

Posted by monique | Blackmail Fetish,Ebony Money Mistress | Wednesday 16 December 2015 11:29 am

When pets come to me begging for me to Blackmail them and force them into an impossible situation, I sometimes wonder if they are calling my bluff. “Like, bitch, do you NOT know who you are dealing with? I still have poor Peter under my heel and that bitch has been trapped for almost five years. I’ve shown up on his doorstep posing as a Mary Kay consultant and spoke to his wife just to show him I am not to be fucked with. I’m about my paper and the bossiest, flossiest bitch there is. So before you come sniffling around my stable wanting a taste of this Goddess’ absolute power, ask yourself if you are ready to have my 6 inch heel in your fucking neck as I make you my bitch. It’s a really simple question that’s not hard to answer. Let that marinate as you read on…

Christian is a new blackmail slave and man is he already knee deep in my entrapment and sinking fast from his slew of scandals. He is married and has been married for the last 7 years. But little does his wife know, he’s been fucking her younger cousin, a hot little 26 year old with big taste me tits and a tight little ass. But wait, it gets better. He’s been fucking her for the last 8 years! I don’t know whose dumber, the wife or the side bitch. She has no idea that a lot of the times she’s kissing this sneaky little bitch  that she’s tasting Ashley’s pussy on his mouth. And she has no idea that when she’s sucking his dick in the shower, she’s cleaning Ashley’s pussy juice off of his dick. But wait! It gets better! Ashley is pregnant! But wait it gets even better! Guess who just became friends with both of them on Facebook. Yuppers!! Me, bitches! And guess who’s going to drop the bomb tomorrow, congratulating Ashley on her upcoming bundle of joy on Facebook and tagging Lisa and Christian in the post if that sticking and moving baby making machine doesn’t have my $500 by 9am EST? Yuppers! ME! Oh I guess since I haven’t been around that much, you bitches thought ol’ Dick Slayer was slipping. Oh no honey, I’m even more ruthless than I was before.

Christian has been a bad boy. A very bad boy. Sometimes he’s fucking both his wife and “their” cousin in the same got damn day. I have an audio recording of him fucking Ashley while she stayed with them during the Thanksgiving Holiday and the wife was right down the fucking hallway! And I would hate to have to send wifey the photo of Ashley sucking the soul out of your dick in you and your wife’s bed while she was at the market picking up groceries for dinner. Do you really want to fuck with me, Christian? I think Rihanna said it best: BITCH, BETTER HAVE MY MONEY!

Now again, I ask you newbies who are reading this and your heart is in your throat, and you’re getting antsy wondering what’s going to happen to poor Christian, Ashley and Lisa. Will I really be heartless enough to drop such a bombshell on social media? Do I really have it in me to break up their marriage and expose his infidelities? Will Christian pay me in time before I’m forced to unleash the bitch in me? Find out next time on The Dick Slaying Chronicles. Shit is definitely about to get REAL!

Do you have an itch to be my next bitch? Call me on Niteflirt at 1-800- 863-5478 ext 0862529. Better yet, just press the call button!

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From Hypnosis to Blackmail- The Dyck Slayer Strikes Again

Posted by monique | Blackmail Fetish,Ebony Money Mistress | Monday 17 November 2014 11:50 am

It never ceases to amaze me that no matter how long I am gone, I still have loyal submissives on standby, eagerly awaiting my return so that they may serve me, spoil me, worship me and even suffer abject humiliation. What doesn’t surprise me is the various secret subs lurking in the shadows, admiring me from afar and patiently awaiting for me to acknowledge them so that they may begin serving on a more personal level. Which brings me to my latest conquest, Jeremy… Oops, did I just say his real name…?

Jeremy who went by the name of “Yolo homo” (wowzer) when he messaged me on Yahoo IM told me that he desired to be hypnotized more than anything. He loved being put under a pretty woman’s spell and made to do whatever she wanted him to do. I have to agree with one of my flirty friends that a guy saying he wants to be hypnotized is just his way of doing all of the nefarious, fucked up kinky shit he’s dreamed of but not being held responsible for his actions. I call this behavior Kinkishly Insane.  I had him call me at $5.99/min on Niteflirt and began working my charms on him and before he knew what was happening, he was already under my spell. This weak little bitch was spilling his guts about shit he never imagined telling anyone. I had him zombified, babbling like a horny buffoon, telling me how he used to spy on his step sister and jerk off to fantasies of her fucking him in the ass with a strap-on. Oh Jeremy is indeed a naughty boy. So naughty that he even took pictures of himself engaging in one of his favorite acts of faggotry- sucking cock. My naughty Yolo Homo sent me the pictures to “make me a believer” (idiot LOL) and even gave me his phone number  (732 *** **27)-(beware Jeremy, this shit is about to get real) as well as his address to his quaint little apartment in New Jersey. Before he knew it, I was creating an ad on Back Page with the picture edited in a tasteful way but to let onlookers know exactly what he was doing, while advertising his oral talents. I took a screen shot of the ad and sent it to him letting him know not only will I post the ad if he doesn’t complete his assignment (field trip to his local adult theater/glory hole for more cock sucking adventures) and advertise it on this very blog which has over 3k readers, many of which are in the Tri-State area. The clock is ticking for Yolo Homo. He has 22hrs left.

I swayed away from Blackmail for a bit as I do hate when losers contact me wanting to talk about Blackmail hypothetically. Hypothetically will only last but so long before you begin to annoy the fuck out of me and then I have to dismiss you once I see the only intention you have is wasting my time. I still dabble with the few who are bold enough to take a walk on the wild side and enjoy the cat and mouse games I set up for many of my blackmail pets to keep them in line. Tormenting and torturing little dick souls is so amusing!

Anywho- I am unlocking the doors to my Blackmail Realm and allowing new pets to purchase a blackmail application and submit it to me. I will be available on Niteflirt to talk about other fetish kinks outside of Consensual Blackmail. Call me prepared to serve, on your knees, respectfully understanding your place as my bottom bitch.

The holidays are coming so I am expecting my slaves to get on the ball with money tributes, amazon gift certificates and amazon presents. I will be updating my wishlist this week and I am expecting my boys to spend spend spend like they do every year. Do not disappoint me!

Does the idea of engaging in a consensual blackmail fetish-ship with me heighten your libido? Purchase an application, fill it out in its entirety and send it back. Only the serious need to apply.



Ebony Money Mistress Site Update

Posted by monique | Blackmail Fetish,Ebony Money Mistress,Goddess Update | Wednesday 11 July 2012 2:58 pm

I’ve been made aware that my photos, videos and mp3s are uploading a little slow on my website which means a change needs to be made. (Deep sigh). Therefore I will be working dilligently over the next couple of days to insure that my site is running in perfect condition. I don’t like the idea of my slaves and submissives not being able to enjoy all of the fetish goodies that I have in my member’s area as well as the new goodies I will be adding this week. So if you notice the site down for a bit, do not be alarmed, I more than likely will be transitioning from one hosting package to another. Be patient my pets, the Femdom palace will be back up and running smoothly as it should be. In other news…
It seems that Peter has been quite busy trying to be a prominent money slave. He has adopted 2 bills, which I will be updating on the site as well, and sent an Amazon gift certificate to cover the charges of a new Michael Korr handbag that I want which I was disappointed to see this morning that there aren’t anymore in stock. So we will have to make our way over to Neiman Marcus or Nordstroms.
I’ve noticed a few new slaves can’t get enough of my Fetish videos and have been buying them like it’s cold water in the middle of a heat wave. So I will now be posting the video of the day for you boys to buy, worship and wank your miserable cock to.

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Peter the Blackmail Slut has returned

Posted by monique | Blackmail Fetish,Ebony Money Mistress | Monday 9 July 2012 1:17 pm

For those of you who have been keeping up with my blog and my dick slaying adventures, you are well aware of my Blackmail slave Peter. He was a trapped soul of mine who literally turned his life over to my grubby little hands. I knew everything about him; his affair with one of his co-workers, the townhouse he was paying for her to live in along with the 2010 Nissan Maxima that he purchased for her. I knew where he lived and even went to his house posing as an Avon seller and met his pale fat whore of a wife. I had that loser by the balls and had him scared to fart in the wrong direction. LOL! August of last year he paid a nice chunk of cash to escape my wrath and allegedly severed all ties…until recently.

Peter recently purchased access to my member’s area. He sent a $200 tribute on Saturday and then sent another $300 today under a different Niteflirt name that I had never seen before. I didn’t realize it was him until I also noticed he filled out ANOTHER Consensual Blackmail Application! He also sent me the following email…

Goddess Monique,
It has been awhile since we’ve spoken. I cannot tell you how tempting it is to call you on your $9.99 Niteflirt line and confess all of the things I have been doing. I miss being owned by you, hearing your devious laugh, knowing that you were taking my money and shopping, enjoying your life as you held the power to destroy mine. I swore I would never return to this fetish and I would stay far away from you but I can’t. I am drawn to you, to your power, to your control. I think of the day you showed up to my house and I am reminded how real your are with blackmail and the idea that you could show up at anytime arouses me. I’m begging you to allow me to serve you again. I will do whatever you ask of me whenever you ask. I know I can be a good bitch, your good bitch, if I am given a second chance.
Your loyal blackmail pet, Peter

Wow Peter. I thought your little bitch ass had slithered away for good. But I am not surprised you have returned. I remember very well how weak you were for me. How easily it was to wrap you around my finger, control your cock, brainwash your mind and strong fuck your wallet. You were a delicious victim and I will savor the taste of sweet victory as I own you again.

How can you become one of my blackmail pets? Well the answer is simple. You first have to have the balls to walk on the dark side with me. You must not fear or question the unknown. You simple must be willing to do, to surrender, to suffer and sacrifice. Consensual Blackmail can be as easy or as hard as you make it. Only the serious need to apply as I do not have time to entertain fake subs and their endless questions of “what if?” You come prepared to serve me, or you don’t come at all. Right now, you can feel a knot in your stomach, your cock is hardening and you feel compelled to come to me. No need to fight this. Don’t bother trying to resist me. I was designed to be irresistible.

Fill out your Consensual Blackmail Application now and take a walk on the dark and wild side.

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Blackmail Trap gets Heated

Posted by monique | Blackmail Fetish,Ebony Foot Fetish | Friday 4 November 2011 10:38 pm

Well well well! Things are starting to get pretty interesting with my blackmail pet, Peter. For those of you who do not know who Peter is, you need to scroll back a few entries and read up on him. Peter is a blackmail bitch who got himself in way deeper than he expected. You see, Peter was used to some of these bubble gum mistresses that toy with fun and games and little pussy parlor tricks. He had no idea how trendy, crafty and nifty I am when sucking in a blackmail fetish victim. And now he is paying dearly.

A couple of months ago, Peter thought he was going to bullshit me and not make one of his weekly payments like he is supposed to. I guess he thought I wasn’t going to take action. Dumb ass. I have so much on him, if I wanted to I could sink little Richard’s (oops did I just say his real name hahahahahaha) ship at the drop of a hat. As I stated in a previous blog entry I made a trip to Peter’s house and met his fat ass wife as I posed as a Mary Kay sales agent. (LOL)! I left a business card with my name and telephone number after telling the wife that Peter referred her because she constantly complained about her blemished skin and crow feet eyes. HAHAHAHA The look on her face was priceless. After wifey chewed him a new ass hole for daring to tell a little black gal such lies, Peter sent his weekly $500 tribute and quickly tucked his tail like a good bitch. Well…something wicked this way comes again HAHAHAHAHA

I don’t know if Peter sent his step-daughter my way figuring another female would do well in taming me and getting me back under control. (Big fucking miscalculation on his end) Or if his step-daughter had been suspicious of his behavior and was suspicious of the visit I made to the house a few months back. But the bitch called me. At first I told her she had the wrong number but she insisted she spoke with “Monique” the Mary Kay consultant. When I told her she had the wrong number she hollers “No bitch, I know you’re fucking my dad and it ends today…” WOAAAAAAAH This bitch really just tried to get fly with me like I’m some Clueless movie Extra from tinsil town. I quickly had to put her in check letting her know I knew who was really fucking her step-dad as well as a few of her dirty little secrets. That bitch was shut down instantaneously. Now I’m not into the whole recording calls, I’ve done it a couple times and used it against a slave during out Blackmail Rendevous. But this bitch had to be recorded. I’m going to polish it up a little and release it sometime this weekend. Along with a slutty little picture that her dear old step dad gave me a while back when divulging some of his own dirt. Peter, if you sent this bitch my way, you have no idea who you are fucking with. You have no idea how merciless I am and can be when I’m tested. Pussy, I pass with flying colors meanwhile your ass is about to fail so badly I may need to put your ass in remedial blackmail class so you can quickly learn who runs this shit and who gets run over. Now on the other hand, if you didn’t send that fat long titty having pale bitch my way, you’re still going to suffer. Hell both of you are going to suffer as I enjoy teaching the both of you the folly of your pathetic ways. Stay tune losers, this shit is about to get CRAZY!! Oh and PS Peter so you know that I’m not bullshitting you, I didn’t forget about the birth mark just above your step-daughters ass that you like to treat as a bullz-eye when shooting your spunk PUNK! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

And the Votes are in: The fate of Andrew Davidson

Posted by monique | Blackmail Fetish,Ebony Money Mistress,Goddess Update,Real Time Sessions | Monday 3 October 2011 10:38 pm

So as some of you know, I was recently in a car accident a couple of weeks ago because some dick head by the name of Andrew Davidson decided he wanted to be a speed demon and smashed into the back of the Buick Lacrosse that I was driving. Now for those of you who aren’t on the up and up, I suggest you read back a few entries and catch your asses up. But to brief you biscuit heads, this dick suck smashed into the back of my car when I was coming from a meeting involving the publication of my novel. He acted as if he didn’t want to give me his information I guess because I was a mere woman (big mistake). I have a PI in my pocket and called him up to provide him with the license plate and had him do a trace. First and last name, date of birth, address, telephone number EVERYTHING came back in under 5 minutes. That little dick suck soon realized I was not to be fucked with LOL. He quickly changed his tone wanting to wheel and deal offering to pay for any damages (the back of that Lacrosse was tore the fuck up) stating “no need to drag this out in long legal proceedings” I told him I would give it some thought, gave him my business card and took pictures of the back of his car as well as the damage to my car and snuck a pic of him too (shhhh). I asked you all if you thought I should make him into one of my latest blackmail bitches and the votes are in. A whopping 88 % basically told me to rake his ass over the coles and 7 % said I should leave him alone and let the law handle it. 5 % were indecisive but turned on by the idea. Now you all know I am as ruthless as it comes and will not pass up an opportunity to make one of you my victims. But this is not some slave that I met in the fetish realm. This is a matter that involves my real name, my address and other personal information. Now I am very crafty and considering how eager he is to compensate me, I better tread carefully. But believe you me, this is going to be very interesting.

I decided to add a little something to my website. Another way for you slaves to fulfill my needs and make my life more easy and relaxing while forking over your hard earned cash to a more worthier cause. You now have the ability to choose one of my monthly expenses and pay for it. After all, why should I have to when the purpose of you men is to PROVIDE and that is exactly what you shall do for me. So visit my Bill Pay page and pick a bill that you definitely know you will be able to pay each month like a good devoted slave. Fill out my contact form letting me know which bill you want to take responsibility for and I will allow you to send your payments to me. If there isn’t a bill you are confident you can be respponsible for, I suggest you click one of the tribute buttons beneath the picture of that Black, sexy, Chic Mercedes-Benz CLS Class to help pay for my new car. Yes your Goddess is top dollar so it is only right that I am behind the wheel of a savvy top notch vehicle. Click and Pay!

Goddess is also back on the scene for Real Time Sessions. So if you would like to book one, I suggest you fill out the contact form to schedule your session with me. Keep in mind this is ALL FETISH and your opportunity to serve me as I see fit. That’s all for now, dorks. I’m off for a lovely massage by my guy friend and a couple of rounds of hot steamy sex, which I know you aren’t getting any of. LOL! It sucks to be you right now. Dueces!!

Findom Goddess Update “I am not to be fucked with”

Posted by monique | Blackmail Fetish,Goddess Update | Saturday 24 September 2011 12:55 pm

Now and again I try to take time out of my busy schedule to update pets and onlookers with what is going on in Goddess life. This week was pretty good and adventurous (up to Thursday night at least). Every single day, the sexy Puerto Rican UPS delivery man was at my door like an Autumn Santa bringing gifts that some of you slaves purchased and things that I purchased with the gift certificates that many of you have been sending. Maybe I will take pictures of my packages since I have not had the time to unload them and put them in their respectful places. For new slaves who are curious as to where they can send gift certificates, send them to

I am sure that my latest blackmail slave Toilet Bitch is wondering what I am up to and when I am going to strike next. Well slut, you continue being on guard. I have been cooking up a special assignment for you. And it will be ready for you Monday afternoon. So keep an eye on your Niteflirt inbox. (wicked witch laughter).

I’m sure lots of you were wondering what happened with Peter. It’s going to be a long time before Peter is free from my grasps. He has spent so much time complaining about his fat ass wife. How his fat ass wife does not turn him on the way that I do. How his fat ass wife has blemishes on her face, on her flabby long orangutan titties and her flabby ass has more dents than a totalled car. I enjoy listening to him compare my gorgeous body to the mac truck of a wife that he has. Peter decided to call my bluff a couple of weeks ago. I don’t know, maybe he forgot that I am not one to be fucked with. But Peter didn’t send his usual weekly tribute like he was supposed to. So I took a little trip to Somersdale avenue in NJ and decided to knock on his door. A fat hag of a woman with horribly blemished skin answered the door with an old Frank Sinatra faded white t-shirt on, sweat pants and stringy blonde hair down past her shoulders. It was upsetting that a man some what successful like Peter was straddled with a fat cunt trailor trash whore for a wife. I smiled and told her I was a Mary Kay consultant (LOL) and was asked to give her a free facial and sample products by Peter because she had voiced her concern about her blemished skin. I could see the embarassment on her face. Of course she claimed not to like Mary Kay and did not think her skin needed treatment. I told her my name was “Monique” and offered her a business card in case she changed her mind before going on my way. Why would I do that some of you may ask. Because of course she would go back to Peter and tell him that a Mary Kay consultant by the name of Monique stopped by per his request offering to give assistance for her blemished skin. That would A) let him know I was there and could strike at any moment B) Let his wife know he had voiced his dislike for her appearance and get his ass into a heap of trouble. (evil laughter). Peter messaged me on yahoo as I was en route back to my home letting me know that the tribute would be in the mail and arrive within the next 2 days. Good boy Peter. I am not to be fucked with.

Thursday was supposed to be my first Real Time session in 6 months with “Slave LIL Dick”, a small dicked virgin who has been dying for me to kick his balls and mangle his pathetic cock for the last 3 years. Finally we’re all set to have our R/T ball kicking session, even developed a nice card game to make things interesting. I have the perfect pair of black boots to kick the shit out of him with. I had a meeting to go to with my editing team for the book I’m almost ready to release in November. The meeting ran longer than expected because people don’t seem to understand that when I want something I GET IT. There is no swaying me to do what YOU want or THINK I should do. I have this mapped out down to the smallest detail, all they have to do is follow my lead and make sure that what I want to happen, happens. Now I have to come back to Philly later than anticipating and I finally get on I76 when this fucking douchebag comes flying down a ramp to merge into the lane. Instead of yielding like the sign clearly says, this Action Jackson dick head thinks he’ll be able to just glide right on in and hit the back of the car I was driving. Damn near sent me into a wall thank goodness for Alloy Wheels and new brakes. Would you believe right before this fuckhead hit me, he had the balls to honk his horn at me as if I was in the way. Then the sonuva bitch acted like he didn’t want to give me his information. Ha! He must not know who the hell I am. I took his plate numbers and contacted my PI “Martino” and gave the plates to him along with the make and model of the car. “Andrew Davidson”. I smiled at Mr. Davidson and told him his first and last name, date of birth, mailing address as well as the address the car was registered to. I even have his phone number. His face hit the fuck pavement. I don’t think I’m going to have a problem out of Mr. Davidson. Need I say more? I am not to be fuck with. So “Slave LIL Dick” and I are going to have to reschedule. He better thank his lucky balls because after getting the back of my car hit by that speeding douchebag, I would have kicked his fucking balls as if I was kicking Mr. Davidson’s ass.

Considering I have Mr. Davidson’s information and he is trying to keep this from turning into a lawsuit for his piss poor driving and judgement being the cause of the accident not to mention the tremendous back and knee pain I am experiencing. Should I turn him into my newest blackmail victim? Send your votes to Vote yes if I should make him my newest blackmail bitch vote no if I should leave the poor bastard alone. LOL!

Blackmail with a Black Mistress

Posted by monique | Blackmail Fetish,Ebony Money Mistress,Uncategorized | Sunday 18 September 2011 8:08 pm

After the fight last night, after the bets, the money, partying, dancing, drinking and having a good time with my friends, I came home and decided to check emails and wasn’t surprised to see a few Amazon Gift Certificates along with some clips4sale purchases and sales on Niteflirt. But I noticed I had some other emails from unknown servants seeking blackmail. Tsk Tsk Tsk. Some of you still have no idea how dangerous and ruthless I am. Poor Peter is still in so deep with hopes of getting out…at least not without making a handsome tribute for his release. This young slave who I will nickname Toilet face claimed that it had been hard for him to find a real mistress who was truly into Blackmail and knew what she was doing. I explained to him that a lot of slaves bull shit about being into Blackmail only to renig or slither away like a little bitch before even filling out the application. So I figured I would switch up the approach and had him provide me with a few minor details along with his fetish kinks that he would be utterly embarrassed for certain people to learn about him. He gave me the information graciously and I proceeded to assign him a “Blackmail Introductory Task” based on his fetish kinks to see if he had the balls to do it, if he was serious about the blackmail and if he was ready for some severe edge play. He completed the task and I must say, the name Toilet face fits him appropriately. LOL! I have some pix of this slave that I told him would put on my blog as I debut him as my newest blackmail bitch once he purchased my Consensual Blackmail Application, filled it out and sent it back. He did so like a good little bitch.

Here is one of the photos of my toilet slave bitch

Ewww, can you imagine that being your boyfriend and kissing that mouth after he licked a toilet bowl!! Gross. I wonder what his sister would think if this picture fell into her hands…

Blackmail slut number 2 emailed me telling all about his dreams of being pimped out totally, turned out on Tranny cock and how he has such a deep fixation on sucking a Tranny cock. He did a little 5 minute recording telling all of this information. I’m awaiting it’s return so that my friends and I can laugh at this bafoon.

All in all this weekend has been awesome despite learning about my the demise of my fellow flirt friend. You losers still manage to amuse me as I sit pretty and collect your funds.

Seeking Consensual Blackmail from a sexy devious Ebony Femdom Princess? Looking to divulge in secret acts that would cost you dearly if those acts were made known to the wrong people? Does your cock get hard at the idea of having control of your life snatched away from you little by little? Proceed by purchasing my Consensual Blackmail Application

Peter, my blackmail bitch ((((UPDATE))))

Posted by monique | Blackmail Fetish,Ebony Money Mistress | Wednesday 1 June 2011 10:15 am

Ahh, Peter, Peter, Peter. You are such a devoted submissive with a lot of secrets that I could use against you to destroy your marriage, set fire under your ass for insubordination, and what would your friends and peers think if they found out you have an extreme fetish for sucking BIG BLACK COCK!!! Yikes!! So much for the football jock at ***** high-school in ********* New Jersey. HAHAHA!!!! Peter read my blog and realized I was talking about him and called me endlessly today. Little did he know, I was out shopping with his money for my birthday gifts and just did not have time to talk to the little panicking whimpering pup. LOL!! I finally raised my price to $12.99 on my financial domination line and he messaged me on yahoo begging me to talk to him. You see, Peter underestimated my devious nature. Peter thought that it would be all fun and games and la dee da with me. SORRY Peter! You better think again. I am ruthless by nature. This is chess Peter not checkers! He was frantic that I recorded our conversation with him making such…freakish confessions. And that is when the negotiations began. He offered 1k per week to keep me from leaking that recording to you all. 1k per week Peter??? Wow!!! You must really want to keep your faggot rendezvous in the closet for real. I agreed for now. And Peter sent the first $500 today assuring me that the other 500 would be in my Niteflirt account on my birthday which is June 4th. You better SUCKER! Or little by little, our conversation is going to make its way onto my websire for all of my submissives to hear. Ta Ta for now suckers. I must make my way over to the spa to begin my pampering for my birthday.

Feast your eyes on this losers and the day is just beginning!! Feed my greed!!! Click the photo

Peter, My Blackmail Bitch

Posted by monique | Blackmail Fetish,Niteflirt Fetish Goddess | Sunday 22 May 2011 10:14 am

Peter, Peter Peter. Tsk Tsk Tsk. Some of you slaves really do underestimate my power, my vindictive nature, my greed and most importantly, how evil I can become when it comes to getting what I want and what I am entitled to! Peter called my Niteflirt listing today at $2.59/min. LOL! Peter knows that he is not allowed to call this listing. Why should he get to talk to me at a cheaper rate when it is already established that he is my cash bitch? No Peter. You will pay me at $9.99/min. I hung up on that ass LOL! So Peter messages me on yahoo whining asking me why I won’t talk to him. I told him we can talk but his insolence will cost him. I half expected him not to call. But the domme in me knew that he could not resist and would be crawling to me on his ashy hands and knees, groveling. And yup 5 minutes later he was calling my Financial Domination Line. HAHAHAH! Peter insisted that he had to talk to me. That he had been waiting for days for my lines to finally be on so he could tell me all about the really bad thing that he had done. The minute I knew a juicy confession was about to be shared I turned on my audio recorder. Peter, that little closet fag had stumbled across his wife’s sex toy collection that she had been hiding. At first he was angry because he felt that his wife did not need toys. When he told me that his cock was every whopping bit of 6 inches I had to explain to him that no 6 inch dick could ever satisfy a real woman. He confessed that he partially suspected that which is what prompted him to do what he did next…Now I could just spill the beans and tell you all what Peter did with his wife’s toys. I could even post one of the pictures that he sent to me showing what that little pervert was doing with one toy in particular. But I think I will make you losers hang on to the edge of your seats for this one while I format our conversation into an mp3. It will be up on my website in the near future for you boys to buy and hear our confession. And Peter, I will be expecting a call back from you later today for your “training”.

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