New Recruits, Cash Pets & Humiliation

One of my mini dick minions came crawling out of the dark crevices of his pathetic existence wanting to do another real time session with me. You would think after I had him fearing for his little dick’s life, kicking and punching it until it became black and blue, that he would steer clear of my dick slaying abilities. But this true to form pain slut has come crawling back for more. But you have a strike against you, slave ryan, as you rudely hung up on me during our Niteflirt call while I was in the middle of speaking after I was kind enough to even answer your call. Your first fuck up was seeking out a cheaper listing on Niteflirt to avoid paying my higher rates. For that, I should block you…maybe I will. Sometimes you sluts have to learn the hard way.

I’m getting requests for custom fetish videos that I may fulfill between today and tomorrow. Just be patient. Bob the slob is proving to be a nasty sonuva bitch. Licking toilet bowl seats and lapping up his ball snot for my amusement while paying me to do so. That shit cracks me the fuck up every time. Nasty little fat bastard. This morning he sent a drive-by $75 tribute. Woopty fucking do, fat ass. You know damn well anything less than $100 from you is not worth me batting my eye-lashes at. While I will still take that shit and stick it in my bra, don’t bore me with the petty tributes. Excite me with something a little more financially enticing. So check your niteflirt inbox and pay that mail ASAP you little fat fuck!

I have a few newbies and a few returns. Slave Silver or something like that sent a cute little amazon gift certificate for $25 yesterday. I didn’t even notice that little shit until I was cleaning out my inbox and almost deleted it LOL. I’ll throw that in the baby amazon pot until it accumulates to pay for something nice. Or maybe I’ll buy some dvds or socks. See how easily I almost over looked your little token of whatever the hell that was. If you want to be noticed, you need to send gift certificates of a larger amount. $50 might get you noticed, $100 and more will make you a little more memorable. You don’t want me to start referring to you as what’cha’ma’call’em LMAO. And then there is Oliver with the nasty bald spot in the top of his head. One day I’m going to make him shave that shit off. I hate the way he combs some of his hair to the side to try to cover up that shit. It looks RI-DAMN-DICULOUS!! LOL! I got the Gucci bag in the mail and I must say it is more fab in person than on line. That bag was $1,100 but I still want the shoes. Maybe I will where them to the Kevin Hart show next month with whatever fly ass lay I have one of you sluts buy for me. So I will be updating my private and public wishlist very soon and I expect you, Oliver, as well some of you other sluts to whip out those credit cards and start spending. I want to fill my truck with endless packages and gifts from you bitches by next Friday or it’s going to be some hardcore wallet fucking going on. That may happen anyway… LOL here is the pic of the hot bag!











Sooo I have recruited a few foot fetish freaks. Begging to see my perfect peds on cam, requesting that I take pictures when I get pedicures and praying that I allow them to access to my worn stockings, nylons, and socks for them to sniff and wank to. Maybe… just maybe if you tribute me enough Alek, you might be lucky enough to gain such a treat. But for now, you can settle for this












Toes and finger nails matching. “Boss Shit”. Until next time! Pwah!

Subbie Bitch Shoe Shopping * Hot Leg Worship

Posted by monique | Amazon Wishlist shopping,Clips4sale Videos,Ebony Foot Fetish | Wednesday 13 June 2012 6:12 pm

Hot, Stallion, Ebony legs. Thick shapely thighs, slender musclar calves are stunning in this leg fetish video I made for a snotty little pervert who confessed his inability to controll a habit of looking at his bosses hot legs when she walks through the office. He begged me to make this video of my long ebony legs. He damn near had an orgasmic stroke when I told him how tall I am and then showed him the way my long legs stretch up to the heavens. He leaned so close to the monitor to get a good view I thought he was going to tumble through my screen and fall onto my floor LOL! It was absolutely hilarious listening to him panting like some mutt in heat as he excessively begged to stroke his measely cock. His love for long, stallion legs was not the only thing he confessed to. He also confessed how obsessed he becomes with shoe shopping for fabulous Mistresses like myself. We had ourselves a nice little session where he bought me 4 pairs of shoes.

He is becoming more and more addicted to me each day. I haven’t had a chance to take pictures of the fabulous ankle boots with tan colored fur and skinny stiletto heel along with the strappy 5 inch platforms that he bought for my birthday. He knows what it takes to keep this Ebony Femdom Mistress happy.

Blackmail Trap gets Heated

Posted by monique | Blackmail Fetish,Ebony Foot Fetish | Friday 4 November 2011 10:38 pm

Well well well! Things are starting to get pretty interesting with my blackmail pet, Peter. For those of you who do not know who Peter is, you need to scroll back a few entries and read up on him. Peter is a blackmail bitch who got himself in way deeper than he expected. You see, Peter was used to some of these bubble gum mistresses that toy with fun and games and little pussy parlor tricks. He had no idea how trendy, crafty and nifty I am when sucking in a blackmail fetish victim. And now he is paying dearly.

A couple of months ago, Peter thought he was going to bullshit me and not make one of his weekly payments like he is supposed to. I guess he thought I wasn’t going to take action. Dumb ass. I have so much on him, if I wanted to I could sink little Richard’s (oops did I just say his real name hahahahahaha) ship at the drop of a hat. As I stated in a previous blog entry I made a trip to Peter’s house and met his fat ass wife as I posed as a Mary Kay sales agent. (LOL)! I left a business card with my name and telephone number after telling the wife that Peter referred her because she constantly complained about her blemished skin and crow feet eyes. HAHAHAHA The look on her face was priceless. After wifey chewed him a new ass hole for daring to tell a little black gal such lies, Peter sent his weekly $500 tribute and quickly tucked his tail like a good bitch. Well…something wicked this way comes again HAHAHAHAHA

I don’t know if Peter sent his step-daughter my way figuring another female would do well in taming me and getting me back under control. (Big fucking miscalculation on his end) Or if his step-daughter had been suspicious of his behavior and was suspicious of the visit I made to the house a few months back. But the bitch called me. At first I told her she had the wrong number but she insisted she spoke with “Monique” the Mary Kay consultant. When I told her she had the wrong number she hollers “No bitch, I know you’re fucking my dad and it ends today…” WOAAAAAAAH This bitch really just tried to get fly with me like I’m some Clueless movie Extra from tinsil town. I quickly had to put her in check letting her know I knew who was really fucking her step-dad as well as a few of her dirty little secrets. That bitch was shut down instantaneously. Now I’m not into the whole recording calls, I’ve done it a couple times and used it against a slave during out Blackmail Rendevous. But this bitch had to be recorded. I’m going to polish it up a little and release it sometime this weekend. Along with a slutty little picture that her dear old step dad gave me a while back when divulging some of his own dirt. Peter, if you sent this bitch my way, you have no idea who you are fucking with. You have no idea how merciless I am and can be when I’m tested. Pussy, I pass with flying colors meanwhile your ass is about to fail so badly I may need to put your ass in remedial blackmail class so you can quickly learn who runs this shit and who gets run over. Now on the other hand, if you didn’t send that fat long titty having pale bitch my way, you’re still going to suffer. Hell both of you are going to suffer as I enjoy teaching the both of you the folly of your pathetic ways. Stay tune losers, this shit is about to get CRAZY!! Oh and PS Peter so you know that I’m not bullshitting you, I didn’t forget about the birth mark just above your step-daughters ass that you like to treat as a bullz-eye when shooting your spunk PUNK! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Ebony Fetish Clips4Sale POV Videos

Posted by monique | Clips4sale Videos,Ebony Foot Fetish,Ebony Money Mistress,Goddess Update | Saturday 29 October 2011 8:44 pm

The moment that many of you losers have been waiting for. I have extended my fetish clips store on my website by adding 12 new clips for you to buy, drool and wank to. I know you will be wanking your miserable maggot cock as catching a boner is inevitable when seeing my sexy dominant ass in action. Everything from male humilation POV clips to foot worship, and ass worship has been included in my clip store. Buy them all now and add them to your collection. You know you want to as this tentalizing gorgeous Ebony Princess is too much for you to resist.
I have made some changes and updates to my website as I prepare to launch the members area for you to pay to join. So many of you have been messaging me wondering when I will make this available to you. I’ve been busy working on other projects and just have not had the time. But soon my pets. Just be patient. After all, what else can you do?
I checked my website email from the contact forms that many of you fill out and I find myself junking a good chunk of them as they are from losers who have not grasped the idea that I am a MONEY MISTRESS meaning you better be in the act of spoiling, pampering, paying, tributing and/or shopping for me if you wish to gain an ounce of my attention. I am not interested in a friendship outside of a BDSM power exchanging relationship. If that is not something you are into, do not message me. I could care less how intoxicated you become from my gorgeous ass. Flattery will get you no where unless it is coupled with cold hard cash! The only Real Time session you should be inquiring about is the possibility of worshiping me, enduring gut wrenching pain as I mangle your balls, shopping trips as you spoil and pamper me live and in person, you know- sessions along those lines. We will not be going to lunch, dinner nor breakfast as your pathetic ass is not fit to be my man or my companion. Just a weak little piggy bank for me to crack open and extract all of the cash that I want from you. Nevertheless, some of you feel the need to try anyways. Poor bastards. You don’t have a chance in hell.

Right now I am only seeking money slaves, submissives who are true believers of female supremacy, male submission and female domination, slaves who wish to spoil, pamper and hand over that cash with undying loyalty no questions asked. If that is you, then proceed with a tribute. A handsome tribute that shows just how much you wish to be of use to me. That is all for now piggies. Dueces!!

New foot fetish clip for foot worshipers and foot freaks. Buy it from my clips4sale studio