Blackmail- Fucked & Ruined

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When pets come to me begging for me to Blackmail them and force them into an impossible situation, I sometimes wonder if they are calling my bluff. “Like, bitch, do you NOT know who you are dealing with? I still have poor Peter under my heel and that bitch has been trapped for almost five years. I’ve shown up on his doorstep posing as a Mary Kay consultant and spoke to his wife just to show him I am not to be fucked with. I’m about my paper and the bossiest, flossiest bitch there is. So before you come sniffling around my stable wanting a taste of this Goddess’ absolute power, ask yourself if you are ready to have my 6 inch heel in your fucking neck as I make you my bitch. It’s a really simple question that’s not hard to answer. Let that marinate as you read on…

Christian is a new blackmail slave and man is he already knee deep in my entrapment and sinking fast from his slew of scandals. He is married and has been married for the last 7 years. But little does his wife know, he’s been fucking her younger cousin, a hot little 26 year old with big taste me tits and a tight little ass. But wait, it gets better. He’s been fucking her for the last 8 years! I don’t know whose dumber, the wife or the side bitch. She has no idea that a lot of the times she’s kissing this sneaky little bitch  that she’s tasting Ashley’s pussy on his mouth. And she has no idea that when she’s sucking his dick in the shower, she’s cleaning Ashley’s pussy juice off of his dick. But wait! It gets better! Ashley is pregnant! But wait it gets even better! Guess who just became friends with both of them on Facebook. Yuppers!! Me, bitches! And guess who’s going to drop the bomb tomorrow, congratulating Ashley on her upcoming bundle of joy on Facebook and tagging Lisa and Christian in the post if that sticking and moving baby making machine doesn’t have my $500 by 9am EST? Yuppers! ME! Oh I guess since I haven’t been around that much, you bitches thought ol’ Dick Slayer was slipping. Oh no honey, I’m even more ruthless than I was before.

Christian has been a bad boy. A very bad boy. Sometimes he’s fucking both his wife and “their” cousin in the same got damn day. I have an audio recording of him fucking Ashley while she stayed with them during the Thanksgiving Holiday and the wife was right down the fucking hallway! And I would hate to have to send wifey the photo of Ashley sucking the soul out of your dick in you and your wife’s bed while she was at the market picking up groceries for dinner. Do you really want to fuck with me, Christian? I think Rihanna said it best: BITCH, BETTER HAVE MY MONEY!

Now again, I ask you newbies who are reading this and your heart is in your throat, and you’re getting antsy wondering what’s going to happen to poor Christian, Ashley and Lisa. Will I really be heartless enough to drop such a bombshell on social media? Do I really have it in me to break up their marriage and expose his infidelities? Will Christian pay me in time before I’m forced to unleash the bitch in me? Find out next time on The Dick Slaying Chronicles. Shit is definitely about to get REAL!

Do you have an itch to be my next bitch? Call me on Niteflirt at 1-800- 863-5478 ext 0862529. Better yet, just press the call button!

Call Button
Scared to talk to me on the phone? Don’t let being a pussy keep you from the hottest Femdom Goddess on Niteflirt. Purchase my slave application and indulge in a spicy online, femdom relationship with your new favorite Goddess.

When contacting me, make sure you make it worth my time. Even if it requires you spending your last dime!

Dirty boys who crave a dirty ass!

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Booty Goddess

Hey fuck-heads! Peep the ass over to your left. That shit is booty-licious! And this is why subs come to me in droves, blowing up my yahoo and my skype to get the opportunity to worship that thick, ebony ass via webcam. Last night a loser begged me to worship my ass on cam. I told him that I had just finished playing double dutch (what’chu know about that??? LOL) with some of the neighborhood young girls (I kicked their little asses too. Don’t they know I’m from North Philly!) and was a wee bit sweaty and needed to take a shower. Here is where the shit got interesting.

Finding Nemo (nickname for him since he is a little dick loser) insisted that it was okay. He did not mind I’m thinking “Da fuck?”. Now of course I’ve heard of guys who have ass fetishes that LOVE a smelly, musky ass. I’m not new to this, I’m true to this. But the shower was for my personal benefit as it was hot as shit here in Philly yesterday and I just wanted to cool off, clean up, fix myself an adult water ice that I had marinating in the freezer (Jose Cuervo in a bucket of Italian Water Ice on a hot day is EVERYTHING!!) and chill-ax. “Finding Nemo” kept begging and begging. So fuck it, you want to worship my sweaty ass. You want to see my ass glistening from the sweat and lotion combo. I told him he was going to pay. The longer I had to sit musky and sweaty for his sick, cock stroking enjoyment, the more he was going to have to pay. Most sluts would have just taken the quick fix of maybe a 15 minute cam show, but he somehow saw that as a sexy punishment and that heightened his excitement. He happily paid $300 to watch me on cam. Lucky for him I had a sexy thong on. He grunted and moaned and begged to stroke, offered more money if I put my thong in a zip-lock bag and mailed it to him so he could sniff his way into ass heaven and suck on my thong strap (ewww SICK FUCK!) He was so pathetic. LOL. After his time was up, He was left with serious blue balls. No way was I going to let him get off on that shit. Bitch please!

But non-the-less, that prompted my latest fetish mp3 which is selling like cold water to the thirsty on this hot ass day. It’s for all of you dirty boys who crave the smell of a dirty, musky, smelly, sweaty ass. No matter how extreme or how mundane you butt sniffers are, this mp3 will have you cumming all over yourself. And I bet you will be listening to it again and again while stroking again and again

Dirty Ass Worship
MP3 Audio Download

This is strictly for sluts who crave a sweaty, musky ass. The sluts whose
cocks grow harder and harder when they hear “dirty hole”. The sluts who
whimper with joy feeling the moisture from my ass touching
their nostrils. Buy this mp3and become my newest ass bitch!

10 mins

I expect ALL of my sluts to buy this mp3 right now. You should be clicking and paying as we speak! I love seeing my niteflirt balance rise continuously and I love the notifications gmail sends to my phone when niteflirt notifies me that another one of you spent your hard earned cash on me! So click, pay, stroke, and tribute!

Below are some gifts that my boyfriend and I want from my wishlist. So get out your wallets and start shopping for us now. If you aren’t able to buy it from my wishlist, send an amazon gift certificate that includes shipping costs to Chop Chop!



For my complete wishlist, click the banner and spoil me the way I should be

New Recruits, Cash Pets & Humiliation

One of my mini dick minions came crawling out of the dark crevices of his pathetic existence wanting to do another real time session with me. You would think after I had him fearing for his little dick’s life, kicking and punching it until it became black and blue, that he would steer clear of my dick slaying abilities. But this true to form pain slut has come crawling back for more. But you have a strike against you, slave ryan, as you rudely hung up on me during our Niteflirt call while I was in the middle of speaking after I was kind enough to even answer your call. Your first fuck up was seeking out a cheaper listing on Niteflirt to avoid paying my higher rates. For that, I should block you…maybe I will. Sometimes you sluts have to learn the hard way.

I’m getting requests for custom fetish videos that I may fulfill between today and tomorrow. Just be patient. Bob the slob is proving to be a nasty sonuva bitch. Licking toilet bowl seats and lapping up his ball snot for my amusement while paying me to do so. That shit cracks me the fuck up every time. Nasty little fat bastard. This morning he sent a drive-by $75 tribute. Woopty fucking do, fat ass. You know damn well anything less than $100 from you is not worth me batting my eye-lashes at. While I will still take that shit and stick it in my bra, don’t bore me with the petty tributes. Excite me with something a little more financially enticing. So check your niteflirt inbox and pay that mail ASAP you little fat fuck!

I have a few newbies and a few returns. Slave Silver or something like that sent a cute little amazon gift certificate for $25 yesterday. I didn’t even notice that little shit until I was cleaning out my inbox and almost deleted it LOL. I’ll throw that in the baby amazon pot until it accumulates to pay for something nice. Or maybe I’ll buy some dvds or socks. See how easily I almost over looked your little token of whatever the hell that was. If you want to be noticed, you need to send gift certificates of a larger amount. $50 might get you noticed, $100 and more will make you a little more memorable. You don’t want me to start referring to you as what’cha’ma’call’em LMAO. And then there is Oliver with the nasty bald spot in the top of his head. One day I’m going to make him shave that shit off. I hate the way he combs some of his hair to the side to try to cover up that shit. It looks RI-DAMN-DICULOUS!! LOL! I got the Gucci bag in the mail and I must say it is more fab in person than on line. That bag was $1,100 but I still want the shoes. Maybe I will where them to the Kevin Hart show next month with whatever fly ass lay I have one of you sluts buy for me. So I will be updating my private and public wishlist very soon and I expect you, Oliver, as well some of you other sluts to whip out those credit cards and start spending. I want to fill my truck with endless packages and gifts from you bitches by next Friday or it’s going to be some hardcore wallet fucking going on. That may happen anyway… LOL here is the pic of the hot bag!











Sooo I have recruited a few foot fetish freaks. Begging to see my perfect peds on cam, requesting that I take pictures when I get pedicures and praying that I allow them to access to my worn stockings, nylons, and socks for them to sniff and wank to. Maybe… just maybe if you tribute me enough Alek, you might be lucky enough to gain such a treat. But for now, you can settle for this












Toes and finger nails matching. “Boss Shit”. Until next time! Pwah!

Fuck you, Pay Me!

Posted by monique | Ebony Money Mistress | Wednesday 13 May 2015 12:50 pm
Fuck You, Pay Me- Money Domme

Fuck You, Pay Me- Money Domme

I’m going to keep this blog post nice and short, straight to the point. I think over the last two years since I have not been as deep into Niteflirt and other aspects of the fetish industry as I used to be (priorities have changed, new author and other good shit going on) that I have become a bit nicer than usual. And as the saying goes, people will take your kindness (nice-ness <— yeah I made that word up, shut your ass up!) for weakness and try to get over on you. The femdom/BDSM industry is no different. With that being said, I seem to have attracted a few bitches who think they don’t have to pay me for my time and attention. I seem to have attracted these new age wanna be submissives and sluts who think they will waste my time with bullshit questions, meaningless conversation, bullshitting and playing around without tributing, spending money on me or anything else. Now while I still have quite a collection of sluts that I have allowed to serve me over the years, who continue to serve, tribute and send gifts, sometimes without me even having to remind them to do so, a few decepticons have managed to slither their way in under my radar. So I see that not only must I revert to my old ways, but I must become even more bitchy and even more heartless to keep the fake subs at bay. With that being said, this morning, I created THE BOMB Financial Domination Mp3- FUCK YOU, PAY ME! And I mean that shit literally. I will be revising my rules and creating another blog post to let sluts know what is allowed and what will not be tolerated any longer. You will serve me the way I command and demand you to serve me or you can get the fuck out of my face. Plain and simple. Click the button below and purchase my new findom mp3 for $35. If you can’t afford to pay it, borrow the money, make your wife/girlfriend pay for it, I don’t give a fuck. But don’t come whining and crying to me begging me to slash the price, asking me to cut you a break and spewing some bullshit, sob story about how your funds are tight because again, I don’t give a fuck. I don’t want to hear it. Stop making excuses for why you can’t serve me the way I deserve to be served, pampered and spoiled and start finding solutions for how you can serve, pamper and spoil me. Otherwise, get the fuck out of my face until you have the means to serve this top notch domme. Do we have an understanding? DOPE!

Financial Domination Mp3 letting little pay piggies know to relinquish that cash like a good money slave. Fuck you, pay Me!

Also, my phone rates for Niteflirt has gone back to the original rate of $4.99/min. I will be posting rules about my phone lines as well in the next blog post. Let me warn you ahead of time. If you do not have the funds or the time for at least a 30 minute call, save your breath for the next bitch. Do not waste my time with some 2 minute or 5 minute bullshit call. Make sure you have the funds to carry out a 30 minute call prior to trying to connect with me. If I hear the cock blocking Niteflirt bitch come on the line 5 minutes into the call, I will block your disrespectful ass and there will be a $100 unblock fee that you will need to pay in order to be allowed back in my good graces. Cut throat like a muthafucka! POW! That’s all for today bitches. Deuces!

Let’s Be Clear…

Posted by monique | Ebony Money Mistress,Goddess Update,I'm just saying,Real Time Sessions,The Dyck Slayer | Saturday 22 November 2014 9:16 am

As I go through my inbox in my Niteflirt accounts as well as my customer lists, I have become conscious of the fact that many of you have been laying dormant for quite some time without serving in one form or another. Some of you have not called, some of you have not sent a tribute, some of you have not so much as purchased a daily worship fetish clip. So that brings my question, what the fuck are you here for? This question, by no means, is not for those who consistently show their devotion on a daily basis. This question, by no means, is not for those who have tried to call but was not successful in reaching me as I was either on a call on my private fetish line or was simply too busy to interact with you. This is for those who have been sitting idly by not doing a damn thing for however long its been. I have no time for listless, lazy, wanna-be slaves who sit hoping and praying I toss out a freebie. Some of you cheap bastards have been spoiled by these bubblegum dommes throwing out $2 videos $.50 photos and $1 fetish mp3s and think that is how things are done now. HA! Not on this end. Never has been, and never will be. If you wish to be in my presence, to have your pathetic existence acknowledged by me, you will pay or you can keep it fucking moving. Yes, I am aware that some of you are intimidated by me and are afraid to approach. For you pussies, you can serve in a distant capacity.

I plan to decrease my customer list in the order of who has spent the most, who has been consistent with their servitude and who has been wasting space, oxygen and my fucking time and you dick sucks will be removed expeditiously. I won’t go through the motions of deleting you because that will give you the opportunity to come back and waste more time, more space and more oxygen. I’m just going to simply block your ass.

So this is how I will determine who stays and who hits the fucking bricks. I am sending out a daily worship clip today. It might be new, it might not be. It depends on how I feel as it is my fucking prerogative. I will also post the tribute of the day as well as the opportunity to send an Amazon Gift Certificate of at least $25. You have 3 opportunities to show your devotion. If you don’t/won’t/can’t- no skin off my back. Find yourself a domme who will pacify your ass and keep it moving.

In other news- Recently I have been asked if I will begin Real Time Sessions again. The answer to that, until further notice, is NO! I am a best selling author of four novels and will be releasing a fifth one early 2015. I don’t have the time. I have book tours, book signings, and appearances to make as a guest speaker and I just don’t have the time.

Some of you have also been asking if I will be making new fetish POV clips both custom and non custom. The answer to that question is SOON. Again, I have been very busy and just don’t have time to sit down for that purpose. I may record a few fetish mp3s today and if time allows me to before I head out to do some holiday shopping, maybe I will do a short clip. Maybe…

How can you get me on the phone? Right now it’s hit and miss. Sometimes I am logged in with the intention to take calls. Sometimes I am only logged in because I know there are subs out there who just like to purchase and aren’t really looking to chat. So it is hit or miss. I might answer if I’m not busy, I might not.

Will I be camming? Maybe, maybe not. Again, that is something that you will just have to be patient about.

Have I answered your questions? If not, send me an email on Niteflirt and maybe I will respond… maybe I won’t. Again, it’s my fucking prerogative. Below you will find the worship clip that I mentioned earlier in this post. You will also find a link to send a tribute as well as the option to send an Amazon gift certificate. Do yourself a favor, don’t get caught on my bad side. Smooches, bitches
The Ebony Seductress

Be a good boy and send a $50 tribute
Amazon Gift Certificates can be sent to

From Hypnosis to Blackmail- The Dyck Slayer Strikes Again

Posted by monique | Blackmail Fetish,Ebony Money Mistress | Monday 17 November 2014 11:50 am

It never ceases to amaze me that no matter how long I am gone, I still have loyal submissives on standby, eagerly awaiting my return so that they may serve me, spoil me, worship me and even suffer abject humiliation. What doesn’t surprise me is the various secret subs lurking in the shadows, admiring me from afar and patiently awaiting for me to acknowledge them so that they may begin serving on a more personal level. Which brings me to my latest conquest, Jeremy… Oops, did I just say his real name…?

Jeremy who went by the name of “Yolo homo” (wowzer) when he messaged me on Yahoo IM told me that he desired to be hypnotized more than anything. He loved being put under a pretty woman’s spell and made to do whatever she wanted him to do. I have to agree with one of my flirty friends that a guy saying he wants to be hypnotized is just his way of doing all of the nefarious, fucked up kinky shit he’s dreamed of but not being held responsible for his actions. I call this behavior Kinkishly Insane.  I had him call me at $5.99/min on Niteflirt and began working my charms on him and before he knew what was happening, he was already under my spell. This weak little bitch was spilling his guts about shit he never imagined telling anyone. I had him zombified, babbling like a horny buffoon, telling me how he used to spy on his step sister and jerk off to fantasies of her fucking him in the ass with a strap-on. Oh Jeremy is indeed a naughty boy. So naughty that he even took pictures of himself engaging in one of his favorite acts of faggotry- sucking cock. My naughty Yolo Homo sent me the pictures to “make me a believer” (idiot LOL) and even gave me his phone number  (732 *** **27)-(beware Jeremy, this shit is about to get real) as well as his address to his quaint little apartment in New Jersey. Before he knew it, I was creating an ad on Back Page with the picture edited in a tasteful way but to let onlookers know exactly what he was doing, while advertising his oral talents. I took a screen shot of the ad and sent it to him letting him know not only will I post the ad if he doesn’t complete his assignment (field trip to his local adult theater/glory hole for more cock sucking adventures) and advertise it on this very blog which has over 3k readers, many of which are in the Tri-State area. The clock is ticking for Yolo Homo. He has 22hrs left.

I swayed away from Blackmail for a bit as I do hate when losers contact me wanting to talk about Blackmail hypothetically. Hypothetically will only last but so long before you begin to annoy the fuck out of me and then I have to dismiss you once I see the only intention you have is wasting my time. I still dabble with the few who are bold enough to take a walk on the wild side and enjoy the cat and mouse games I set up for many of my blackmail pets to keep them in line. Tormenting and torturing little dick souls is so amusing!

Anywho- I am unlocking the doors to my Blackmail Realm and allowing new pets to purchase a blackmail application and submit it to me. I will be available on Niteflirt to talk about other fetish kinks outside of Consensual Blackmail. Call me prepared to serve, on your knees, respectfully understanding your place as my bottom bitch.

The holidays are coming so I am expecting my slaves to get on the ball with money tributes, amazon gift certificates and amazon presents. I will be updating my wishlist this week and I am expecting my boys to spend spend spend like they do every year. Do not disappoint me!

Does the idea of engaging in a consensual blackmail fetish-ship with me heighten your libido? Purchase an application, fill it out in its entirety and send it back. Only the serious need to apply.



Ebony Money Mistress Site Update

Posted by monique | Blackmail Fetish,Ebony Money Mistress,Goddess Update | Wednesday 11 July 2012 2:58 pm

I’ve been made aware that my photos, videos and mp3s are uploading a little slow on my website which means a change needs to be made. (Deep sigh). Therefore I will be working dilligently over the next couple of days to insure that my site is running in perfect condition. I don’t like the idea of my slaves and submissives not being able to enjoy all of the fetish goodies that I have in my member’s area as well as the new goodies I will be adding this week. So if you notice the site down for a bit, do not be alarmed, I more than likely will be transitioning from one hosting package to another. Be patient my pets, the Femdom palace will be back up and running smoothly as it should be. In other news…
It seems that Peter has been quite busy trying to be a prominent money slave. He has adopted 2 bills, which I will be updating on the site as well, and sent an Amazon gift certificate to cover the charges of a new Michael Korr handbag that I want which I was disappointed to see this morning that there aren’t anymore in stock. So we will have to make our way over to Neiman Marcus or Nordstroms.
I’ve noticed a few new slaves can’t get enough of my Fetish videos and have been buying them like it’s cold water in the middle of a heat wave. So I will now be posting the video of the day for you boys to buy, worship and wank your miserable cock to.

Niteflirt Fetish Fun with The Ebony Femdom Goddess Monique
Cuckolding, Feminization, Sissy Dress-Up, Cock & Ball Torture, Cock Tease & Orgasm Denial, Guided Masturbation, Webcam, Forced Bi, Strap-On Training, Ass Fetish, Foot Worship, Big Black Cock Worship, Financial Domination, Consensual Blackmail, Female Supremacy, Ball Kicking, Face Slapping, Fetish POV Video Clips, Fetish Mp3s, Erotic Hypnosis, Forced Cum Eating, Self Bukkake
$2.99/min No Minute Minimum

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Peter the Blackmail Slut has returned

Posted by monique | Blackmail Fetish,Ebony Money Mistress | Monday 9 July 2012 1:17 pm

For those of you who have been keeping up with my blog and my dick slaying adventures, you are well aware of my Blackmail slave Peter. He was a trapped soul of mine who literally turned his life over to my grubby little hands. I knew everything about him; his affair with one of his co-workers, the townhouse he was paying for her to live in along with the 2010 Nissan Maxima that he purchased for her. I knew where he lived and even went to his house posing as an Avon seller and met his pale fat whore of a wife. I had that loser by the balls and had him scared to fart in the wrong direction. LOL! August of last year he paid a nice chunk of cash to escape my wrath and allegedly severed all ties…until recently.

Peter recently purchased access to my member’s area. He sent a $200 tribute on Saturday and then sent another $300 today under a different Niteflirt name that I had never seen before. I didn’t realize it was him until I also noticed he filled out ANOTHER Consensual Blackmail Application! He also sent me the following email…

Goddess Monique,
It has been awhile since we’ve spoken. I cannot tell you how tempting it is to call you on your $9.99 Niteflirt line and confess all of the things I have been doing. I miss being owned by you, hearing your devious laugh, knowing that you were taking my money and shopping, enjoying your life as you held the power to destroy mine. I swore I would never return to this fetish and I would stay far away from you but I can’t. I am drawn to you, to your power, to your control. I think of the day you showed up to my house and I am reminded how real your are with blackmail and the idea that you could show up at anytime arouses me. I’m begging you to allow me to serve you again. I will do whatever you ask of me whenever you ask. I know I can be a good bitch, your good bitch, if I am given a second chance.
Your loyal blackmail pet, Peter

Wow Peter. I thought your little bitch ass had slithered away for good. But I am not surprised you have returned. I remember very well how weak you were for me. How easily it was to wrap you around my finger, control your cock, brainwash your mind and strong fuck your wallet. You were a delicious victim and I will savor the taste of sweet victory as I own you again.

How can you become one of my blackmail pets? Well the answer is simple. You first have to have the balls to walk on the dark side with me. You must not fear or question the unknown. You simple must be willing to do, to surrender, to suffer and sacrifice. Consensual Blackmail can be as easy or as hard as you make it. Only the serious need to apply as I do not have time to entertain fake subs and their endless questions of “what if?” You come prepared to serve me, or you don’t come at all. Right now, you can feel a knot in your stomach, your cock is hardening and you feel compelled to come to me. No need to fight this. Don’t bother trying to resist me. I was designed to be irresistible.

Fill out your Consensual Blackmail Application now and take a walk on the dark and wild side.

Cuckolding, Black Cock Worship, Forced Bi, Feminization, Sissy Dress-up, Male Humiliation Assignments, Fetish Webcam, Anal Training, Strap-on Training, Erotic Hypnosis, Consensual Blackmail, Financial Domination, Amazon Wishlist Shopping, Face Slapping, Self Bukkake, Guided Masturbation, Cock Tease & Orgasm Denial, Forced Cum Eating, Ass Fetish, Foot Worship, Nylon Stockings, Sheer Pantyhose & High Heel Fetish.
Niteflirt Phonesex $2.99/min No minute minimum.

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No amount of Hate stops my Cash Flow

Posted by monique | Ebony Money Mistress,Goddess Update,I'm just saying,O/T | Friday 6 July 2012 11:24 pm

Lately I just haven’t had the time to update my blog but with all of the new exciting things that are going on right now, I will definitely make the time. There is so much to tell you but first let me get this off of my chest…

For the last 5 years since I have gotten into the femdom and findom area of fetish I have stayed pretty low key. I’m not like most dommes who boast and brag about large cash tributes. I mostly keep my business and triumphs to myself as I know there are vindictive females in this business who will target the ones who are successful. I guess they use this tactic to “knock off the competition.” I’ve seen it heavily with a friend of mine in this industry and she shares stories on the tacky tactics these bitches use daily. For whatever reason lately I am being targeted by a specific flirt who is far too pathetic to even be mentioned in my blog. I don’t know her, doubt that I’ve ever spoken with her because I keep my circle spandex tight. But I notice she has been sniffing around my Niteflirt page, clicking on buttons, stalking my website and my blog to see what I have been up to. Twice this cunt has contacted Niteflirt with false accusations that I have violated their TOS when I have not. What pisses me off about Niteflirt is that they don’t even do their homework to verify these accusations. They take the “snitching” as the gospel truth and suspend listings. I have always been the kind of person who lives my life according to the “what ifs”. What if my account is stuck on busy while a customer is trying to call me during a steamy game of raise the rate?-This has happened numerous times which is the reason why I have created back up accounts. So the 1st time Niteflirt suspended my account it didn’t dent my pockets. I actually netted over $2500 in the 3 days my account was down. So good looking bitch. I guess she wasn’t satisfied or maybe her money just isn’t flowing the way she would like it to so here she comes again, sniffing around on my Niteflirt page, clicking buttons to see what I am doing with the cuckolding fetish and this bitch spent 98 minutes in my damn website. (Confused face). I suspected some foolery was about to jump off. But as I said, I always have a back up. So the bitch reported one of my Niteflirt buttons have my ebonymoneymistress url in it (which it didn’t and how would she know unless she purchased membership-which she didn’t), Niteflirt did not do their homework and suspended my Financial Domination listing. All I could do was laugh. Because right after that 8 slaves actually purchased membership to my website and I received a lovely $500 tribute from “CandyMan”. Good job. LOL. So I laughed and laughed and laughed some more. I dont even market my financial domination listing. Why bother when I take calls for $9.99/min and pull $300 in under an hour. So as I continue to rise higher on the site, ole girl continues to ponder on what to do next to take me down when she should be focused on her own business and how to make her own money.

This is the nasty side of the business with females who have too much time on their hands because they don’t have the knowledge, finesse or creativity to use the time wisely to bank like myself and quite a few other successful dommes. It’s sad and pathetic. This blog entry will be the last I speak on it. I only give a fuck about my pockets and how I can continue to fatten my bank account. Sloppy no life having bitches are non fucking factors. So anyway…(dismissed)

This is for my haters. Since the drama is floating my way without me being flashy. I might as well give you bitches something to really be mad about

Return of The Dyck Slayer

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I know, I know, I KNOW!! I have read your emails, I have seen your yahoo messages. I know you all have so eagerly, so patiently and so desperately awaited my return. And indeed my return is long over due. Where shall I begin…?

First off I had to take a mini break. I did not expect my 2 week break to turn into a 4 month disappearance. I originally stepped away to help take care of my uncle who had been in an accident and sustained a head injury. I am a very optimistic person and always try to see the bright side of every situation. All my life, my uncle had been a very up beat man, live, free spirit. A cool breeze some old heads may even refer to him as. He was always dressed sharp with a fly hat and whenever I would see him on the avenue I would say “Hi Uncle Jelly Roll!” He would look at me, point and shout out “HEYYYYYY (pause) Gorgeous!” LOL! Sadly my uncle passed away. I watched that man go from being live and up beat to a withered shadow of his former self. The fall that started it brought on an aneurysm which led to a stroke which brought on numerous seizers that ultimately brought about his demise. At his funeral, I rocked a hat. And since he loved the poetry I wrote as a teenager, I read one for him. And as they lowered him into his final resting place all I could think to say was…”Bye Gorgeous”. My uncle is resting not too far from my cousin who unfortunately was murdered a year before my uncle passed. I took this picture in memory of him

I miss my Uncle deeply…After that, I took time out to spend with family, enjoy life away from this fetish realm and just breathe. Sometimes a break is necessary. And though I made time for a couple of my well paying slaves, I more so just needed time away until I felt like coming back. And well…here I am boys. Welcome me with open wallets, presents, worship and gratitude!
I was kind enough to create an awesome ass video for you ebony ass lovers. Wasn’t that nice of me? (giggle) Right now, the only place to get it is in my clips4sale studio. I simply just don’t feel like uploading it to niteflirt right now but it will be available in my member’s area soon. So open those wallets boys and get ready to spend spend SPEND until your cock and my greedy palms are content! Visit my clips4sale Studio NOW! More goodies will be coming soon this week. So keep checking back. I know you will!

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