And the Votes are in: The fate of Andrew Davidson

Posted by monique | Blackmail Fetish,Ebony Money Mistress,Goddess Update,Real Time Sessions | Monday 3 October 2011 10:38 pm

So as some of you know, I was recently in a car accident a couple of weeks ago because some dick head by the name of Andrew Davidson decided he wanted to be a speed demon and smashed into the back of the Buick Lacrosse that I was driving. Now for those of you who aren’t on the up and up, I suggest you read back a few entries and catch your asses up. But to brief you biscuit heads, this dick suck smashed into the back of my car when I was coming from a meeting involving the publication of my novel. He acted as if he didn’t want to give me his information I guess because I was a mere woman (big mistake). I have a PI in my pocket and called him up to provide him with the license plate and had him do a trace. First and last name, date of birth, address, telephone number EVERYTHING came back in under 5 minutes. That little dick suck soon realized I was not to be fucked with LOL. He quickly changed his tone wanting to wheel and deal offering to pay for any damages (the back of that Lacrosse was tore the fuck up) stating “no need to drag this out in long legal proceedings” I told him I would give it some thought, gave him my business card and took pictures of the back of his car as well as the damage to my car and snuck a pic of him too (shhhh). I asked you all if you thought I should make him into one of my latest blackmail bitches and the votes are in. A whopping 88 % basically told me to rake his ass over the coles and 7 % said I should leave him alone and let the law handle it. 5 % were indecisive but turned on by the idea. Now you all know I am as ruthless as it comes and will not pass up an opportunity to make one of you my victims. But this is not some slave that I met in the fetish realm. This is a matter that involves my real name, my address and other personal information. Now I am very crafty and considering how eager he is to compensate me, I better tread carefully. But believe you me, this is going to be very interesting.

I decided to add a little something to my website. Another way for you slaves to fulfill my needs and make my life more easy and relaxing while forking over your hard earned cash to a more worthier cause. You now have the ability to choose one of my monthly expenses and pay for it. After all, why should I have to when the purpose of you men is to PROVIDE and that is exactly what you shall do for me. So visit my Bill Pay page and pick a bill that you definitely know you will be able to pay each month like a good devoted slave. Fill out my contact form letting me know which bill you want to take responsibility for and I will allow you to send your payments to me. If there isn’t a bill you are confident you can be respponsible for, I suggest you click one of the tribute buttons beneath the picture of that Black, sexy, Chic Mercedes-Benz CLS Class to help pay for my new car. Yes your Goddess is top dollar so it is only right that I am behind the wheel of a savvy top notch vehicle. Click and Pay!

Goddess is also back on the scene for Real Time Sessions. So if you would like to book one, I suggest you fill out the contact form to schedule your session with me. Keep in mind this is ALL FETISH and your opportunity to serve me as I see fit. That’s all for now, dorks. I’m off for a lovely massage by my guy friend and a couple of rounds of hot steamy sex, which I know you aren’t getting any of. LOL! It sucks to be you right now. Dueces!!

You’re Fired!! Goddess is dumping Slaves

Posted by monique | Ebony Money Mistress,Goddess Update,I'm just saying | Saturday 1 October 2011 11:24 am

I enjoy the boxes of gifts, gift certificates and monetary tributes that I receive from a few of my slaves. To me, it shows their devotion and understanding of what their purpose is when it comes to serving me. Some slaves still don’t get that I will not have my time wasted with mindless, worthless chit chat on yahoo. One way or another you will serve me. Whether it is through humiliation tasks that I assign with you PAYING me for those assignments or if you are just a natural pay pig who tributes for my attention or shops from my wishlist. You will never get my attention for FREE or for a special discounted price as I am not a special discounted mistress. Therefore the bulk of you are now fired and you know who you are. If you occasionally pop in to my yahoo messager with meaningless chit-chat, trivial questions and false pretenses of being an adequate servant of mine, your ass has to go. If you think sending a one time tribute should be enough for you to get my attention all of the time, your ass is gone too. There is no one time tribute, any time you want my attention you tribute FIRST and then you begin speaking to me. Otherwise you will be ignored like the inadequate pup that you are.

I would rather have the few that tribute me properly than the many who waste my time. Now you can extricate yourselves expeditiously off of my site if you have no intentions of spoiling and enriching the life of their EBONY MONEY MISTRESS

Tributes are accepted through Niteflirt as well as through gift certificates such as Amazon, Victoria’s Secret, Neiman Marcus ETC. All gift certificates should be sent to and tributes should never be LESS than $50

Blackmail with a Black Mistress

Posted by monique | Blackmail Fetish,Ebony Money Mistress,Uncategorized | Sunday 18 September 2011 8:08 pm

After the fight last night, after the bets, the money, partying, dancing, drinking and having a good time with my friends, I came home and decided to check emails and wasn’t surprised to see a few Amazon Gift Certificates along with some clips4sale purchases and sales on Niteflirt. But I noticed I had some other emails from unknown servants seeking blackmail. Tsk Tsk Tsk. Some of you still have no idea how dangerous and ruthless I am. Poor Peter is still in so deep with hopes of getting out…at least not without making a handsome tribute for his release. This young slave who I will nickname Toilet face claimed that it had been hard for him to find a real mistress who was truly into Blackmail and knew what she was doing. I explained to him that a lot of slaves bull shit about being into Blackmail only to renig or slither away like a little bitch before even filling out the application. So I figured I would switch up the approach and had him provide me with a few minor details along with his fetish kinks that he would be utterly embarrassed for certain people to learn about him. He gave me the information graciously and I proceeded to assign him a “Blackmail Introductory Task” based on his fetish kinks to see if he had the balls to do it, if he was serious about the blackmail and if he was ready for some severe edge play. He completed the task and I must say, the name Toilet face fits him appropriately. LOL! I have some pix of this slave that I told him would put on my blog as I debut him as my newest blackmail bitch once he purchased my Consensual Blackmail Application, filled it out and sent it back. He did so like a good little bitch.

Here is one of the photos of my toilet slave bitch

Ewww, can you imagine that being your boyfriend and kissing that mouth after he licked a toilet bowl!! Gross. I wonder what his sister would think if this picture fell into her hands…

Blackmail slut number 2 emailed me telling all about his dreams of being pimped out totally, turned out on Tranny cock and how he has such a deep fixation on sucking a Tranny cock. He did a little 5 minute recording telling all of this information. I’m awaiting it’s return so that my friends and I can laugh at this bafoon.

All in all this weekend has been awesome despite learning about my the demise of my fellow flirt friend. You losers still manage to amuse me as I sit pretty and collect your funds.

Seeking Consensual Blackmail from a sexy devious Ebony Femdom Princess? Looking to divulge in secret acts that would cost you dearly if those acts were made known to the wrong people? Does your cock get hard at the idea of having control of your life snatched away from you little by little? Proceed by purchasing my Consensual Blackmail Application

Tempting Ebony Mistress

Posted by monique | Ebony Money Mistress | Monday 12 September 2011 10:16 pm

Ahhh it feels good to be back in the swing of things. Slaying cocks, raping wallets, mind fucking, manipulating and brainwashing you little minions, bringing you to your knees as you become ever so weak for this Ebony Mistress.(evil wicked laugh) Earlier today I was shopping in Saks for a new Juicy Couture bag and needed a sales rep to reach up on a high shelf to pull down something. (Of course I could have reached it but why the hell should I when his little bitch ass was willing and able to do it for me) Now while this little pion was ontop of his step latter he couldn’t help looking down my blouse at my perfect, round tits as my cleavage showed in my low cut shirt. I could sense that this little twerp hadn’t had pussy since pussy had he and would probably cum all over himself if a girl showed him some live pussy LOL! I rolled my eyes and told the little pervert to cut his eyes somewhere else before I accidently knocked his ass off of the latter. And his response was: “Yes Ma’am!” HAAAAAA! See men recognize my strength and power both in and outside of this BDSM realm. He knew just from looking at my glamoous self and my demeanor and knew that I was an Ebony Strong Goddess that could own him just from licking my lips. LOL! So of course I was able to get something out of him since he decided to glimpse my greatness without my permission. Shout out to the Saks 5th Avenue sales associate in Franklin Mills Mall who used his employee discount so I can get my bag. I will enjoy those Gucci shoes Friday when you get paid as I know you won’t be able to resist sliding the pumps on and off of my soft pedicured feet you little freak LOL!

Peter, my blackmail bitch ((((UPDATE))))

Posted by monique | Blackmail Fetish,Ebony Money Mistress | Wednesday 1 June 2011 10:15 am

Ahh, Peter, Peter, Peter. You are such a devoted submissive with a lot of secrets that I could use against you to destroy your marriage, set fire under your ass for insubordination, and what would your friends and peers think if they found out you have an extreme fetish for sucking BIG BLACK COCK!!! Yikes!! So much for the football jock at ***** high-school in ********* New Jersey. HAHAHA!!!! Peter read my blog and realized I was talking about him and called me endlessly today. Little did he know, I was out shopping with his money for my birthday gifts and just did not have time to talk to the little panicking whimpering pup. LOL!! I finally raised my price to $12.99 on my financial domination line and he messaged me on yahoo begging me to talk to him. You see, Peter underestimated my devious nature. Peter thought that it would be all fun and games and la dee da with me. SORRY Peter! You better think again. I am ruthless by nature. This is chess Peter not checkers! He was frantic that I recorded our conversation with him making such…freakish confessions. And that is when the negotiations began. He offered 1k per week to keep me from leaking that recording to you all. 1k per week Peter??? Wow!!! You must really want to keep your faggot rendezvous in the closet for real. I agreed for now. And Peter sent the first $500 today assuring me that the other 500 would be in my Niteflirt account on my birthday which is June 4th. You better SUCKER! Or little by little, our conversation is going to make its way onto my websire for all of my submissives to hear. Ta Ta for now suckers. I must make my way over to the spa to begin my pampering for my birthday.

Feast your eyes on this losers and the day is just beginning!! Feed my greed!!! Click the photo

Welcome To My New Site!!!

Posted by monique | Ebony Money Mistress | Sunday 27 February 2011 12:47 am

The time has finally come for me to expand my femdom and fetish lifestyle with this new and trendy Financial Domination website. Here is where you will find everything that you have ever wanted, needed and desired in a true, dominant Ebony Femdom Fetish Money Goddess. I am greedy beyond comprehension, devious, manipulative and enjoy wallet fucking minion loser bitches until you ejaculate your crisp cash into my greedy silky palms. The degradation, blackmail, seduction and abject humiliation you will endure for my pure evil satisfaction will leave you broke, hard and desperate for more. Suffer you will since by no means am I ever merciful when it comes to over powering little wimpy white boys. LOL! Your erection means nothing to me as the only thing of interest that you could possibly pull out of your pants is your wallet. There are many ways for you to fork over your dollars to your sexy Ebony Goddess Monique. Shopping from my Amazon wishlist is one of many ways to show your adoration. Everyday is like Christmas to me when boxes, and boxes and EVEN MORE boxes are delivered at my door step. I am a Goddess and expect to be treated as such. Anything less than that would be uncivilized.
Of  course there are some ground rules that each and every one of you need to learn upon entrance of this Fetish Club so that my time is not wasted as well as yours.

Rule #1

This is not PHONE SEX!! You will NEVER engage in phone sex with me. The closest you will get is becoming my cuck and being placed outside of my bedroom door or under my bed as I have the mind blowing sex with a true stud like a Goddess such as myself deserves.

Rule #2

You will RESPECT my time, my worth, my website. I WILL NOT tolerate disrespectful little imps shooting off at the mouth, making useless idle chat on yahoo or skype without tributing or anything of the sort. Tributing, be it through Niteflirt, amazon gift certificates, kinkbomb tributes, greendot or for the more devoted and established slaves-Western Union or mailing me fan mail with cash inside- is the only way to get my attention. My time is money. If it does not make dollars. It does not make sense. Meaning it makes no sense for me to talk to you if there is nothing in it for me. Capisce?

Rule #3

My webcam shows consists of 3 things-WORSHIP, MALE HUMILIATION and/or IGNORE!!There will be times when I turn my cam on because I am wearing something absolutely HOT and want to show you exactly what you desperately want but will NEVER have, yet you will pay out the ass to get as much of it as you can before I take it away. LOL! That will be the Worshiping Cam. There will be other times when I am in a fiesty mood and want nothing more that to tear fire into little wimp ass loser white boys. Your pain and suffering tickles me to no end be it verbal, mental or physical I will fuck you up! And last but not least, there will definitely be times when I am editing videos, listening to music, dancing around and trying on new clothes or lingerie that you boys buy for me and I may turn my cam on just so you can watch what I am doing. You will pay me as I pay you NO MIND!! Private cam shows are always welcomed but you must schedule them ahead of time. You have 24hrs to make it to your cam session with me or your show is forfeited and the money is kept in my pockets. :-)  There are two ways for you to pay for cam sessions. You can either pay using the Niteflirt system or you can pay by sending Amazon Gift Certificates. If you are using the Niteflirt system, add on 30% as I will not be paying for the additional charges, you will. Cam shows are $50 for 10 minutes.

Rule #4

Any of the above rules are subject to change whenever I feel like it. New rules may be added as time goes on. Break any of the above rules or new rules that I add and you will be blocked and dismissed with the quicks! No amount of money will ever make me subject myself to disrespectful little runts . If female supremacy is not something that you believe in or you are not into the femdom fetish lifestyle, my site is not for you at ALL!! If you wish to learn more about me, kindly click on the ABOUT ME tab at the top of this page and read very carefully. Now if you are ready for your frivolous hard-on, meaningless cock and orgasm along with your hard earned cash to be owned entirely by this Hot, Sexy Ebony Femdom Money Mistress go to my Niteflirt page and send a tribute. Or send a $50 gift certificate to Let your addiction begin NOW!!

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