Obliterated Cock- Dick Slayed

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Oooh, fucktards, I have created a nightmarish hypno mp3 that will surely fuck with your head in an unbelievable fashion. I love mind fucking my closet sissies who tell me our conversations about sucking cock is nothing more than a fantasy and they would never do it in real life. Losers who swear that they love pussy more than anything in the world, just once in a while they like thinking about sucking cock while they are stroking their pathetic cocks. Bitch please! I know what you really are, and with that knowledge, this sexy hypno will lure you in a dejavu type nightmare with your cock and balls being obliterated until you have a faggish awakening. So I pose this question to you closet fags; Are you willing to sacrifice your cock and balls to keep living a lie, or to save your cock and balls from being obliterated by The Dick Slayer will you give into your secret desire and suck some cock? Buy this 15 minute mp3 and be sure to leave feedback on my page. One thing’s for certain and two things for sure, you will never look at being in the dark the same way again…

Obliterated Cock
MP3 Audio Download

15 minute nightmare hypno. It’s like dejavu again and again each time your balls are obliterated until you have a faggish awakening

15 mins

Looking forward to some good wallet rapings this weekend. After listening to my dirty ass worship mp3, “butt muncher” came crawling into my YIM begging to worship my hot ass. This guy is soooo fucking ugly. I swear to God his ass is so ugly you would have to tie a pork chop around his neck so a dog will play with him. He’s not ugly, he’s FUGLY (Fucking Ugly).I charge him extra to do cam to cam that’s how much of an eye sore he is. Facially challenged and has a body like a old cutlass 88 LMFAO. So he paid $200 for a 45 minute cam show. And even that wasn’t enough!
And of course, Finding Nemo couldn’t wait to buy the mp3. He sent a (yawn) $50 tribute afterwards telling me how hard he came listening to me “silky voice”. Good for you loser! I’ve gotten a few amazon gift certificates from drive by losers who are trying to see how dangerous I am. I would divulge but looking at my Rolie it’s about that time for me to get showered and dressed so I can hit a party up tonight. Ciao losers!

Dirty boys who crave a dirty ass!

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Booty Goddess

Hey fuck-heads! Peep the ass over to your left. That shit is booty-licious! And this is why subs come to me in droves, blowing up my yahoo and my skype to get the opportunity to worship that thick, ebony ass via webcam. Last night a loser begged me to worship my ass on cam. I told him that I had just finished playing double dutch (what’chu know about that??? LOL) with some of the neighborhood young girls (I kicked their little asses too. Don’t they know I’m from North Philly!) and was a wee bit sweaty and needed to take a shower. Here is where the shit got interesting.

Finding Nemo (nickname for him since he is a little dick loser) insisted that it was okay. He did not mind I’m thinking “Da fuck?”. Now of course I’ve heard of guys who have ass fetishes that LOVE a smelly, musky ass. I’m not new to this, I’m true to this. But the shower was for my personal benefit as it was hot as shit here in Philly yesterday and I just wanted to cool off, clean up, fix myself an adult water ice that I had marinating in the freezer (Jose Cuervo in a bucket of Italian Water Ice on a hot day is EVERYTHING!!) and chill-ax. “Finding Nemo” kept begging and begging. So fuck it, you want to worship my sweaty ass. You want to see my ass glistening from the sweat and lotion combo. I told him he was going to pay. The longer I had to sit musky and sweaty for his sick, cock stroking enjoyment, the more he was going to have to pay. Most sluts would have just taken the quick fix of maybe a 15 minute cam show, but he somehow saw that as a sexy punishment and that heightened his excitement. He happily paid $300 to watch me on cam. Lucky for him I had a sexy thong on. He grunted and moaned and begged to stroke, offered more money if I put my thong in a zip-lock bag and mailed it to him so he could sniff his way into ass heaven and suck on my thong strap (ewww SICK FUCK!) He was so pathetic. LOL. After his time was up, He was left with serious blue balls. No way was I going to let him get off on that shit. Bitch please!

But non-the-less, that prompted my latest fetish mp3 which is selling like cold water to the thirsty on this hot ass day. It’s for all of you dirty boys who crave the smell of a dirty, musky, smelly, sweaty ass. No matter how extreme or how mundane you butt sniffers are, this mp3 will have you cumming all over yourself. And I bet you will be listening to it again and again while stroking again and again

Dirty Ass Worship
MP3 Audio Download

This is strictly for sluts who crave a sweaty, musky ass. The sluts whose
cocks grow harder and harder when they hear “dirty hole”. The sluts who
whimper with joy feeling the moisture from my ass touching
their nostrils. Buy this mp3and become my newest ass bitch!

10 mins

I expect ALL of my sluts to buy this mp3 right now. You should be clicking and paying as we speak! I love seeing my niteflirt balance rise continuously and I love the notifications gmail sends to my phone when niteflirt notifies me that another one of you spent your hard earned cash on me! So click, pay, stroke, and tribute!

Below are some gifts that my boyfriend and I want from my wishlist. So get out your wallets and start shopping for us now. If you aren’t able to buy it from my wishlist, send an amazon gift certificate that includes shipping costs to thedickslayer@yahoo.com. Chop Chop!



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Niteflirt Goodies, New Fetish Mp3s, Black Female Supremacy

Goddess Monique has been on the prowl recruiting new submissive slaves to join my harem. I’ve been extremely busy preparing for my Fall and Winter book tours and book signings and just did an awesome radio interview to weeks ago. I bet many of you would just love to know who I am as an author wouldn’t you? Heh… keep wishing.

A new slave has found himself tangled in my web of seduction, manipulation and greed. The “Unlucky One” has been very lucky since stumbling across my path. His need for having a firm, strong hand of a dominant, ebony femdom mistress has been met in ways he always dreamed of. But the same way I can make dreams come true, I can do the same with nightmares. The “Unlucky One” is a bonafide black cock loving WHORE! Oh the things this little cock gobbler confessed to while on the phone with me. The way his breathing became shallow each time I sent him a link to a photo of a big, black throbbing schlong. The way he squealed when he saw gifs of strong, black, men stroking their pulsating meat sticks, oh I had him eating out of the palm of my greedy hands… or should I say I had him feeding the greed. It never ceases to amaze me how easily I can manipulate a submissive by praying on what pleases him, turning his desires into weaknesses effortlessly. I am definitely a fucking force to be reckoned with.

So Niteflirt has this “Goody” thing going on and I have made a few goodies for slaves to purchase. And if you expect to be taken seriously as my new hopeful bitch, you will purchase each of them graciously.

The first Goody set is an Ebony Fetish Video and Mp3 Bundle set- 2 fetish videos and 3 fetish mp3s $30. Buy it now!

The second Goody set is an Ebony Worship Bundle $15. Buy it now!

The third Goody set is for my Foot Freaks who enjoys perfect wrinkled soles and arches. Buy it now!

Lastly, my newest fetish mp3 is just what white boys need as a seductive incentive to being my servant bitch. “Worship Me, white boy!” Has already sold over 300 copies since releasing it last night to my Niteflirt followers and now it is time for you to become one of my collective. Purchase this mind fucking experience now $20!

Worship Me, white boy!
MP3 Audio Download

Your desire to serve a dominant ebony
femdom Goddess is so compelling you can no longer ignore the lure of my
beauty. You naturally feel submissive in my presence, white boy, with a
burning desire to helplessly submit to me. Fall down to your knees and
crawl to me to be my pet, my submissive, my servant basking in the
warming glow of Black Female Supremacy. Yes, Serve me white boy. Start
by buying this mp3


10 mins

If you are here to serve me, you must be into the following: Black Female Supremacy, Ebony Mistress, Black Femdom Mistress, Money Slavery, Financial Domination, Tease and Denial, Cock and Ball Torture, Guided Masturbation, Amazon Wishlist Shopping and Gift Certificate Purchasing, Foot Worship, Ass Worship, Small Cock Humiliation, Black Cock Worship, Consensual Blackmail, Female Domination, Cum Eating Instructions, and whatever else I say. Understand that this is not your typical phone-sex experience as I am not a phone-sex girl. This is phone DOMINATION, pure and unadulterated. Come prepared to serve or it’s your ass!

Forced Black Cock Eating by The Dyck Slayer

Wouldn’t you just love for me to take you under my evil, sadistic wing, strap a collar around your neck with a leash connected to it, strip you of your clothes, your frivolous male pride, place you on your hands and knees and make you crawl to your destination? Make you crawl to where you belong-in front of a powerful, black mandingo cock serving as his cock sucker and my cuckold. Yes, that is a beautiful image embedded into your mind now, isn’t it? What better way to serve this dark, dick slaying money mistress than to put your mouth to work and submit to your new master-that beautiful black daddy dick- with me guiding you, instructing you, even forcing you if necessary. You won’t resist me as you know serving me any way I see fit is the best opportunity you could have ever hoped for. So yes bitch, you will suck cock, take cock in your ass, relinquish all rights to your useless, meaningless penis by locking it away in chastity with no hopes of getting pussy, or any orgasms by humping Mrs. Hand-Cunt. You will submit to me and become my bitch. Or you will suffer endlessly as I brutalize your cock and balls. (Evil & wicked laughter)

What can you do to please Goddess, today?” Hmm Let’s see…As you know I enjoy tributes as well as gift certificates. But I also want to expand my wall of dick slaying shame with more pictures of losers I have locked in chastity, emascualated by adorning them with make-up, panties and girly outfits as well as getting them to practice their cock sucking technique on a pretty, long rubber schlong. So crawl your ass over to my Humiliation Assignments and Tasks page and pick out an assignment, complete it, take a photo of your pathetic ass in action and send it to me so you can be added to my Dick Slaying Wall of Shame.
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What’s New, Goddess Monique?
I created a few new fetish mp3s which you can purchase from my Fetish Mp3 Store. CBT instructions, Small Cock Humiliation and my favorite since so many of you think you have a chance with me-Impotence Embarrassment. Buy them, listen to them and experience your emasculation-Dyck Slayer Style-as you listen to my voice.
A new Fetish Video has been added to my Clips4Sale store. Forced Black Cock Sucking

I will be adding it to my Fetish Video Clips store for you to purchase through Niteflirt. But for now, crawl over to my C4s Studio and buy it now!

Call me on Niteflirt for fetish Chat, Cock and Ball torture, Cuckolding fantasies, Male degradation and Humiliation, Feminization and More. $2.99/min. New callers get your first 3 minutes for free when you sign up.

Small Cock Humiliation Fetish Mp3s

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Eww you all know I hate a midget dick loser. Gross, pencil dick, shriveled up tiny cocks, losers that are hung like fleas with their teeny baby dicks make me absolutely sick! Nevertheless, I get a kick out of humiliating, tormenting, and teasing you whether it’s just by verbal abuse with me telling you how worthless you are, how inadequate you are and how your pathetic ass couldn’t buy pussy with that baby dick, the bitch would more than likely take your money, laugh at you and leave. Or if I just virtually cuckold you with my favorite 9 1/2 inch dildo (how pathetic that a rubber dick gets more pussy than you?) Or telling you all about my tall, very sexy, built like a running back boy-toy with a “make me scream and claw his back as I squirt all over him” 10 inch dick. Ha many of you losers feel even smaller when I tell you about my stallion lover. You’re jealous, I know. You wish you were him (dream on). And all you can do is wish you could at least sit outside my door or hide underneath my bed as we get it on. LOL! You pathetic bitch!

Listen to how even more pathetic you are with this Small Cock Humiliation Mp3. I’ll be loading it to my Fetish Mp3 page to my website. If you aren’t an exclusive member on my Niteflirt customer list, don’t panic bitch, I’m making it available for you here and now. So click it, pay for it, listen closely and shrink into an even smaller non-existant bitch than you already are. LOL HAHAHAHAHAHA!!

Seeking to serve an Ebony Femdom Fetish Money Mistress? Good boy, as I am looking for new submissive slaves to serve me as I see fit, endure my bittersweet and degrading abuse through completion of Male Humiliation and Degradation Assignments and Tasks, and Shopping Pets to spoil, pamper and tribute me. If you are a true submissve slave with a belief in female superiority, enjoys having that cash extracted by a dominant Ebony Princess and wish to spoil and tribute, send a tribute through Niteflirt to begin your world-wind slave boy adventure!