New Recruits, Cash Pets & Humiliation

One of my mini dick minions came crawling out of the dark crevices of his pathetic existence wanting to do another real time session with me. You would think after I had him fearing for his little dick’s life, kicking and punching it until it became black and blue, that he would steer clear of my dick slaying abilities. But this true to form pain slut has come crawling back for more. But you have a strike against you, slave ryan, as you rudely hung up on me during our Niteflirt call while I was in the middle of speaking after I was kind enough to even answer your call. Your first fuck up was seeking out a cheaper listing on Niteflirt to avoid paying my higher rates. For that, I should block you…maybe I will. Sometimes you sluts have to learn the hard way.

I’m getting requests for custom fetish videos that I may fulfill between today and tomorrow. Just be patient. Bob the slob is proving to be a nasty sonuva bitch. Licking toilet bowl seats and lapping up his ball snot for my amusement while paying me to do so. That shit cracks me the fuck up every time. Nasty little fat bastard. This morning he sent a drive-by $75 tribute. Woopty fucking do, fat ass. You know damn well anything less than $100 from you is not worth me batting my eye-lashes at. While I will still take that shit and stick it in my bra, don’t bore me with the petty tributes. Excite me with something a little more financially enticing. So check your niteflirt inbox and pay that mail ASAP you little fat fuck!

I have a few newbies and a few returns. Slave Silver or something like that sent a cute little amazon gift certificate for $25 yesterday. I didn’t even notice that little shit until I was cleaning out my inbox and almost deleted it LOL. I’ll throw that in the baby amazon pot until it accumulates to pay for something nice. Or maybe I’ll buy some dvds or socks. See how easily I almost over looked your little token of whatever the hell that was. If you want to be noticed, you need to send gift certificates of a larger amount. $50 might get you noticed, $100 and more will make you a little more memorable. You don’t want me to start referring to you as what’cha’ma’call’em LMAO. And then there is Oliver with the nasty bald spot in the top of his head. One day I’m going to make him shave that shit off. I hate the way he combs some of his hair to the side to try to cover up that shit. It looks RI-DAMN-DICULOUS!! LOL! I got the Gucci bag in the mail and I must say it is more fab in person than on line. That bag was $1,100 but I still want the shoes. Maybe I will where them to the Kevin Hart show next month with whatever fly ass lay I have one of you sluts buy for me. So I will be updating my private and public wishlist very soon and I expect you, Oliver, as well some of you other sluts to whip out those credit cards and start spending. I want to fill my truck with endless packages and gifts from you bitches by next Friday or it’s going to be some hardcore wallet fucking going on. That may happen anyway… LOL here is the pic of the hot bag!











Sooo I have recruited a few foot fetish freaks. Begging to see my perfect peds on cam, requesting that I take pictures when I get pedicures and praying that I allow them to access to my worn stockings, nylons, and socks for them to sniff and wank to. Maybe… just maybe if you tribute me enough Alek, you might be lucky enough to gain such a treat. But for now, you can settle for this












Toes and finger nails matching. “Boss Shit”. Until next time! Pwah!

Hot Black Boot Worship Video

Posted by monique | Clips4sale Videos,Foot and Shoe Fetish | Monday 11 June 2012 9:43 am

Awww my poor servants have missed me. What can I say? I am a very busy dick slaying mistress. When I’m not slaying cock, molesting wallets, corrupting minds and destroying egos, I’m out enjoying life, partying with friends or laying back enjoying a good movie. Neverthelss, you pumps sniff around my page, my blog, my Clips4Sale page and my website hoping that I throw you a crumb to add light to your dark and pathetic existance. Now and again I do just to keep you pups hanging on.

Most of you know I am a very tall, curvacious and gorgeous ebony femdom princess. I have a very commanding presence and my beauty is quite compelling. What most men love about me most is my long, shapely and sexy legs. A slave of mine is such a devoted pup that he often buys me lots of shoes and boots. He loves to see me model in them in my videos and my pictures. I took the liberty of filming myself in the hot black boots that he bought me The picture above is just a taste of what’s to come. The real thrill is in my boot fetish video that you boys will buy so you too can witness the glory of my long ebony legs.
This video can be purchased from my Clips4sale Studio along with many other fetish goodies. Buy it now like a good boy and submit to my boot seduction!

Ebony Money Mistress Fetish Videos

Posted by monique | Ebony Money Mistress,Foot and Shoe Fetish,Goddess Update | Thursday 8 December 2011 10:12 am

I know all of you are digging this picture aren’t you. Ha! There is a hot video to go along with it as well as other photos. I’ve been under the weather recently and just had no desire to do any fetish videos or Mp3s. But that didn’t stop the endless emails and IM’s from a few of my loyal submissive slaves and admirers wondering when and how they can serve me as well as if I had any new fetish mp3s and videos. Well, yesterday I was feeling much better and turned out some hot pictures which I will be adding on my website for slaves to purchase through Niteflirt. I know many of you just can’t get enough of my plump round ass and look forward to any opportunity I give you to worship it.  (Evil laughter) I received an email from one slave saying how much he craved to have me beat his face with my ass and if he had to choose the way he died it would be from me smothering him to death with my thick, ebony ass. He stated the last thing he wanted to hear before he took his final breath were my cynical giggles. I couldn’t help but laugh at the little ass bitch. It never ceases to amaze me how creative some of your minds work as well as the things you say to me. His email prompted me to do another ass fetish video yesterday which is selling rather well on clips4sale. I will be posting on my website for you to purchase as well. But for now, just feast your fucking eyes on this delectable ebony ass, drool over my beauty and surrender that cash before you even think of wanking that miserable cock to my ebony perfection.

When you wake up in the morning, the first thing on your pea brain should be: How can I serve Goddess Monique today? What can I do to put a smile on Goddess Monique’s gorgeous face? Christmas is coming soon so gifts are always a good way to please me and stay in my good graces. So simply crawl your way over to my Amazon Wishlist and begin shopping for me like a good pet.

Gift certificates and Niteflirt tributes are always welcomed. But in the mean time, to experience degrading wallet expenditures, humiliating money extractions and other forms of fetish fun, surrender yourself to me on Niteflirt by calling my femdom line

That is all for now, slaves. But trust there will be more to come.

Ebony Femdom Fetish POV Clips

Posted by monique | Foot and Shoe Fetish,Goddess Update | Thursday 27 October 2011 2:02 am

I know so many of you have been waiting patiently for the day that I graced your computer screens with my beautiful, elegant self, degrading, humiliation, teasing, taunting and brainwashing your little minds. It has been quite a few months since I put together any fetish clips because I have been busy working on my novel, preparing for its release and doing a couple R/T sessions who sorry saps who enjoy my brutal treatment live and in person. But now I am back and you can bet your submissive ass that these fetish clips are just what little groveling bitches like you need and deserve.

So I made this fetish clips just talking my femdom shit about how you losers will continue to faithfully serve me and endure the ill treatment I feel like dishing out as well as pay me for it. Middle finger in the air, Beautiful cleavage and my flawless mocha skin. Yeah you bitches are weak as I flaunt my power. Female Supremacy with an Ebony femdom is far too much for you to resist.

I recently was approached by a foot slave who begged me to take pictures of my pretty feet. Of course you know I don’t do favors nor do I do anything for free. So I charged the foot bitch. And he paid $250 for pictures of my pretty pink painted toes and soft soles

Oh that little foot bitch drooled, whined, and whimpered over my peds LOL! I rarely engage in foot fetishes but his begging was rather cute and his money was even cuter. (evil giggles) For now that is all of the teasing I will do for you. Now get your ass over to my clips4sale studio and purchase my new videos. You know you can’t resist!

Boot worship for Boot Bitches

Posted by monique | Foot and Shoe Fetish | Tuesday 1 March 2011 3:45 pm

Foot and lovers get your fetish fix when watching my Hot POV clip of me in a pair of Sexy knee length black suede boots that one of my most devoted slave sluts bought for me. They are perfect for weak little wimps that enjoy being put into the position on their hands and knees to suck on my heels, sniff the bottoms of sublime boots after I’ve strutted up and down the street and maybe even sniff the inside once I take them off. MMMM what a DELIGHTFUL treat! Crawl to me Boot bitch!!!

Purchase this video from my clips4sale studio in 1080p. Your Goddess looks absolutely stunning in HD! 

Don’t forget to vote for me losers!

Chastity Mistress
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