Niteflirt Goodies, New Fetish Mp3s, Black Female Supremacy

Goddess Monique has been on the prowl recruiting new submissive slaves to join my harem. I’ve been extremely busy preparing for my Fall and Winter book tours and book signings and just did an awesome radio interview to weeks ago. I bet many of you would just love to know who I am as an author wouldn’t you? Heh… keep wishing.

A new slave has found himself tangled in my web of seduction, manipulation and greed. The “Unlucky One” has been very lucky since stumbling across my path. His need for having a firm, strong hand of a dominant, ebony femdom mistress has been met in ways he always dreamed of. But the same way I can make dreams come true, I can do the same with nightmares. The “Unlucky One” is a bonafide black cock loving WHORE! Oh the things this little cock gobbler confessed to while on the phone with me. The way his breathing became shallow each time I sent him a link to a photo of a big, black throbbing schlong. The way he squealed when he saw gifs of strong, black, men stroking their pulsating meat sticks, oh I had him eating out of the palm of my greedy hands… or should I say I had him feeding the greed. It never ceases to amaze me how easily I can manipulate a submissive by praying on what pleases him, turning his desires into weaknesses effortlessly. I am definitely a fucking force to be reckoned with.

So Niteflirt has this “Goody” thing going on and I have made a few goodies for slaves to purchase. And if you expect to be taken seriously as my new hopeful bitch, you will purchase each of them graciously.

The first Goody set is an Ebony Fetish Video and Mp3 Bundle set- 2 fetish videos and 3 fetish mp3s $30. Buy it now!

The second Goody set is an Ebony Worship Bundle $15. Buy it now!

The third Goody set is for my Foot Freaks who enjoys perfect wrinkled soles and arches. Buy it now!

Lastly, my newest fetish mp3 is just what white boys need as a seductive incentive to being my servant bitch. “Worship Me, white boy!” Has already sold over 300 copies since releasing it last night to my Niteflirt followers and now it is time for you to become one of my collective. Purchase this mind fucking experience now $20!

Worship Me, white boy!
MP3 Audio Download

Your desire to serve a dominant ebony
femdom Goddess is so compelling you can no longer ignore the lure of my
beauty. You naturally feel submissive in my presence, white boy, with a
burning desire to helplessly submit to me. Fall down to your knees and
crawl to me to be my pet, my submissive, my servant basking in the
warming glow of Black Female Supremacy. Yes, Serve me white boy. Start
by buying this mp3


10 mins

If you are here to serve me, you must be into the following: Black Female Supremacy, Ebony Mistress, Black Femdom Mistress, Money Slavery, Financial Domination, Tease and Denial, Cock and Ball Torture, Guided Masturbation, Amazon Wishlist Shopping and Gift Certificate Purchasing, Foot Worship, Ass Worship, Small Cock Humiliation, Black Cock Worship, Consensual Blackmail, Female Domination, Cum Eating Instructions, and whatever else I say. Understand that this is not your typical phone-sex experience as I am not a phone-sex girl. This is phone DOMINATION, pure and unadulterated. Come prepared to serve or it’s your ass!

Masturbation & Forced Cum Eating Ewww!!

Posted by monique | Clips4sale Videos,Fetish POV Clips,Forced Cum Eating | Wednesday 18 April 2012 11:01 pm

Your Dick Slaying Ebony Mistress has been up to no good lately, being naughty, wicked, and maniacal with a down right dirty, twisted and perverse imagination. But that is the reason that you boys love me so much: I keep it VERY interesting. A long time ago, I started the idea of the “Jack Off Junky”: a minion who masturbates multiple times a day, sometimes mindlessly not even realizing that his hand is moving towards his cock to stroke himself and ease the stiffy brought on by a gorgeous woman sucha as myself. A couple of dommes followed in my footsteps, remixed it as their own but at the end of the day no one can torture, tease and manipulate a cock stroking moron quite like me. That is indeed part of what makes me The Dick Slayer. Some of you have become so desperate when stroking for me, so needy for an orgasm that you beg, whimper and plead almost sounding as if you are on the brink of tears LOL! That shit is hilarious. My favorite phrase is when you losers insist that you will DO ANYTHING I askof you as long as you are allowed to cum. Well….that is indeed a dangerous phrase to use with a sadistic and twisted femdom of my caliber. Many of you I have put to the test to see if you truly would do anything and many of you have. The ultimate DOERS OF ANYTHING are my nasty little cum eaters. My gross little self bukkake cum pigs that love feeling the heat of that hot sticky cock grease shooting into their faces, getting into their mouths or even licking it from their hands and fingers. Yes, you nasty little perverse bitches are my absolute favorite. So I made a masturbation/forced cum eating fetish clip just for you boys

I’m totally not surprised that some of you nasty cum suckers started buying this video clip like you were a dehydrated soul in the Saharah Desert and my video was the coldest frostiest beverage and the only thing able to quench your thirst. Right now this video is only available on but will be added to my member’s area this weekend with my other fetish clips. Stroke it until you cum and then make sure you lap up every single drop! Ewww you nasty, sick cum slurping FUCK!!

Dreaming of a White Christmas? ~ Self Bukkake

Posted by monique | Cock and Ball torture,Forced Cum Eating,Self Bukkake | Sunday 25 December 2011 10:41 am

Merry Christmas losers! Happy Holidays! Feliz Navidad and all of that good shit. I know some of you are all alone right now and have been lingering on my site this weekend, feeding your addiction and need to serve me. And a few of you actually conjured up the balls to serve me personally instead of indirectly. I have a new cum-slut, a nasty, greasy cock sauce eating money slave who humiliated himself so disgustingly last night all for my amusement. He was into so much; forced intox, CBT, cock tease and orgasm denial, and finally, serving himself a facial and being forced to eat his nasty ball-snot. Ewwww BITCH!!! Since this is the Christmas season, my torturing him had a Christmas theme. “Deck the Balls” “His Nuts Roasting Over an Open Fire” and the ending “Dreaming of a White Christmas”. We decked his balls by clamping wooden clothing pins to his balls. Oh how I wanted pictures of all of those clothing pins adorning his miserable balls. But his whimpering, wincing and screams delighted me to no end. After taking the clothes pins off, I had him tie his balls up with shoe strings nice and tightly. And then he grabbed that nut cracker and I made him squeeze…and squeeze…and squeeze some more while he sang Jingle Bells for me. LMFAO!!! It was the most hilarious thing I heard and saw on cam. The way he slapped his leg I thought he was giving testimony in church. I let him take a brief break and had him play craps with some dice, rolling 3 times and the highest number he got was the number of shots he had to take. Lucky bastard rolled a 6. So I let him cool his heels with his 6 shots of Pinnacle. But then things quickly heated up when I ordered him to grease his balls up with some vegetable oil and get his cigarette lighter. HAHAHAHAHAH!!! I ordered him to get into a squatting position and he licked that flame under his oily balls. That fucker screamed as the flame snapped, crackled, and popped! Woooo! His screams were music to my ears. Shut the fuck up and take it pain slut!!! He was so hot (literally LOL) and turned on he was begging and pleading for me to let him stroke. I did for a little bit. But then I had him take his sneakers and bang his balls as if I were ball kicking his maggot ass. LOL! I let him cool off by rubbing ice cubes over his smoking balls and sore cock. and then the encore of him getting into position and jacking his cock until he shot that fucking load in his mouth with me screaming for him to swallow it down was fucking magnificent. “Are you dreaming of a white Christmas, bitch? Are you? Well here it is! Take it fucker, take it and swallow it!”

Check that loser out! Good job bitch!!! I am always thrilled at how you boys humiliate yourselves for my amusement. *Wink* I will be keeping my Niteflirt listing live for you sluts to call me. That’s my Christmas gift to you losers. Enjoy!