Let’s Play Catch-Up

Posted by monique | Goddess Update | Sunday 28 August 2011 8:20 pm

Goddess rocked a short cut this summer and it was fabulous!!!

Where are you Goddess Monique? Where have you been? Are you taking calls? Are you camming? Any new videos? Any new humiliation assignments? Any new fetish mp3s? Awww you poor little losers. It amazes me the lengths that you go through to reach out to me. From my niteflirt inbox to my yahoo messenger and when you can’t get me there, you flood my yahoo email and then my private email associated with this site. Where have I been? I believe I’ve been gone since my birthday in June. I celebrated the entire month of June. So many of my facebook friends had parties for me it was crazy. I actually had to miss a few to make it to others at more popular clubs and lounges. So the entire month of June was spent partying like a rock star, celebrating with friends and family and getting summer started with a bang. My intentions were to make a few videos here and there to keep you losers drooling and addicted like the fiends you are but I just didn’t have the time. Quite a few of you were hoping to do real time sessions with me but um…too many of you idiots really thought I was going to let you know where I rest my head and that shit just wasn’t going to happen.

There were a couple of slave that I stayed in touch with. Good paying, tributing slaves that know their place and understand where they rank in the scheme of things. I made time for them doing a few custom mp3s and a few fetish cam shows, but the rest of you who just wanted to hang around praying for a piece of my attention got left behind. Instead of praying for a piece of my attention you should have been paying for my attention. LOL. Pay me or get away from me.

July I toyed around with my blackmail slut. It seems many of you were hoping that I released the conversations that I had on tape with me and Peter. I could have, and would have if Peter had gotten out of hand. But at the end of the day Peter just wanted to be controlled instead of always being the controlling one. He wanted to be literally strangled by the balls and that was enjoyable. He still serves me like a good little pup. I think what scares him is how I had the balls to show up to his house and saw his fat ass wife LOL. And even though I didn’t make a shit load of videos, devoted boys hung out at my Clips4Sale studio and bought my clips as well as purchased my fetish mp3s and humiliation assignments through Niteflirt.

August was more of a laid back month. As many of my slaves know, I am a published author. I spent the majority of this month re-typing and editing my first novel that was published as I now have the ability to buy back my rights from the publishing company I originally signed to back in 2007. So I have been working feverishly to put this together and I have also started a new novel that has some of my fans addicted and yearning for more. Some of you have asked me what is my pen name, what is the name of my novel and where can you get it. That is something you will not find out for a long time simply because I am not ready for my fetish life to collide with my personal. But soon, you all will know as my name is becoming a bit popular and there will only be a matter of time before someone recognizes me.

Will I make any fetish clips soon? Absolutely. I will begin filming possibly in the next two weeks once I have completed the editing of my novel and prepare for its release. Am I going to be taking calls on Niteflirt? Well recently that has become a problem. For some reason my calls are not being routed to me properly. I’ve always used the same number but for the last month when I check on tributes that you guys are sending me as well as purchases for videos and mp3s and assignments I am noticing that my status is changed to away yet there is nothing on my caller ID from Niteflirt to indicate I missed a call. Now I have used a landline number as well as my cell number but it’s still the same. Therefore other arrangments must be made. So I advise that any of you who are trying to place calls to me, instant message me on yahoo FIRST so that we can make other arrangements. I don’t give a rats ass what those other chicks are talking, I refuse to have my money fucked with. So until Niteflirt gets their shit together, I will be working my Plan B. I find it funny ( and I should have remembered from seeing the forum prior to the Niteflirt transition) that bitches are quick to scan your profile looking for anything out of the ordinary to them so they can try to discredit you. If you don’t have a solution, shut the fuck up and go on about your business. If you aren’t losing calls or money, shut the fuck up and keep it moving. I guarantee that if any of those ‘loyal phone girls’ were not getting their calls, they damn sure would work another angle to make sure they made their money. So they can miss me with the bullshit. But as always I ensure I learn a lesson from every experience. And the lesson learned from this is, keep any issues I’m having on Niteflirt between me and NF Customer Service. Because bitches are too much of a headache and I don’t have the time. Later Sluts!

Fetish and Humiliation Mp3s

Posted by monique | Goddess Update | Wednesday 25 May 2011 5:58 pm

I’ve been getting a lot of emails and yahoo messages from slaves and submissives asking when I will be available for a verbal humiliation session. I find it funny how some of you dorks can not get enough of my rude and sinister behavior when it comes to how I treat the lot of you. I’ve been very busy lately and will only be available on Niteflirt when I feel like being available. And just because you see the pretty button saying Yes taking calls does not mean I will always answer. I’ll talk to you losers when I feel like it. However, if you are craving some verbal humiliation, small cock humiliation, forced femme instructions, cock and dildo sucking training, anal training, cock and ball torture, hypnosis and more, keep a look out on my website as I will be adding all of these fetish mp3s to the website for your humiliation enjoyment. Until then, just sit back and wait patiently for your Goddess to grace you with my perfect presence.

Have you purchased a birthday gift for me yet from my Amazon Wishlist? If you have, good boy. Now go back to my wishlist and purchase another gift as I love getting presents delivered to my home on a regular basis. And if you haven’t bought me a birthday present yet, you need to haul ass over to my wishlist and get to shopping. Now!! Don’t walk, RUN!!!

Goddess POV update

Posted by monique | Amazon Wishlist shopping,Goddess Update | Thursday 19 May 2011 1:14 pm

I have been getting quite a few emails and yahoo instant messages asking me when I am going to update my clips4sale studio with more fetish clips as well as requests for custom made clips. Well right now Goddess is extremely busy preparing for a wedding that is coming up this weekend. Don’t have a heart attack, I am not jumping the broom with anyone anytime soon and trust me, if I were, all of my well paying slaves would know so you can pitch in and pay for my honeymoon trip to Europe. There is much for me to do and I am still working with the fabulous Princess Lady Sheer in getting this website together so right now I just don’t have the time. However, something awesome will be available for you very soon. My fetish, humiliation, and hypnosis mps will be available on this website very soon along with some CBT Tasks and other humiliation assignments. Oh yes, this website will be transforming into the Fetish playground of your dreams and desires as I so love controlling, manipulating and humiliating the lot of you losers. So sit tight and wait patiently. Some more fetish videos will be coming soon to a computer screen near you.

Have you purchased a birthday gift for me from my wishlist, pet? If you have, good job, now go back to my wishlist and buy me something else as I adore being spoiled. And if you haven’t what the hell are you waiting for? Get over to my wishlist and get busy boys!

Rules Reiterated:

Posted by monique | Goddess Update | Wednesday 13 April 2011 12:37 pm

There comes a time when repeating ones self becomes a bit redundant and annoying. But for the uninformed, let me run it down to you again. This is a financial domination site for slaves into the act of tributing, spoiling, shopping and serving a young Ebony Femdom Goddess. This site is also for pain slut pets who enjoy the thrills of having a strong Mistress dishing out bitter sweet verbal humiliation, painful torture to your worthless cock and balls and loves the thrill ride of me crushing their manhood to shit. If you are NOT into the act of tributing, if you think you are going to waste my time in yahoo chat sessions asking me trivial questions don’t fucking bother. I will ignore you with the quicks. What some of you sluts fail to realize is I am don’t give two shits about you. We are not friends. We will never be friends. Friendship is not apart of a true BDSM relationship. You are here to serve ME! To enrich my life. Your job is to provide for ME, keep me satisfied and entertained. You can either get with that or you can get to stepping.
Broke? Tough! Either find a new means to make my cash or don’t come back until you do. If you message me on yahoo, you better not do so until you have sent a tribute via Niteflirt or send an amazon gift certificate to thedickslayer@yahoo.com. Other wise you WILL NOT get any attention from me. You can buy every single clip from my c4s store and it will not matter to me because my site does not cater to clip-whores. That is just an added incentive. Tribute, tips, gifts, CASH is the only way. Pay me FIRST or I will pay you no mind. Are you ready slave? Let’s GO!!

Goddess is under the weather

Posted by monique | Goddess Update | Monday 7 March 2011 3:25 pm

I know some of you frequent my site every day, multiple times a day eagerly awaiting an update on what evil fetish doings I have been up to. What seductive POV clips might I have put together making you even more addictive than before. When can you schedule a real time domination session with me and blah blah blah. Well you’ll just have to stick around and find out. Right now, Goddess is under the weather, sick with the flu. It sucks since it comes at a time when I have some kick ass ideas for some new foot worship, titty tease, nylon stocking, small cock humiliation, cock and ball torture, and tease and denial POV clips for you losers. But contrary to what many of you may think, I am human. Which means even I may fall prey to gross germs. LOL! But never fear. I will be back at it later on in the week. Hopefully I will kick this flu like I kick a fuckers balls and all will be as it should be. In the meantime, you bitches know what you should be doing, what you better be doing, and what I should not have to remind you to do if you truly insist on being a good little slave slut for ME. You can always enjoy me on my clips4sale studio and watch numerous clips as I tease the fuck out of you. Or send your usual tributes and gifts through amazon and/or Niteflirt. For those of you who insist on breaking one of my rules by continuously trying to chat with me on yahoo and sending me pointless emails ought to make tracks and do something worth my while. Otherwise, your attention and freebie seeking ass will be dismissed with the quicks once I am back at my perfect self. Do you remember Janet Jackson’s Rhythm Nation Album? There was a song in particular that should ring bells whenever you enter my site or dare to message me on yahoo. “What have you done for ME lately?” Get busy BITCH!!!

Catch me on Niteflirt!!

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