Let’s Be Clear…

Posted by monique | Ebony Money Mistress,Goddess Update,I'm just saying,Real Time Sessions,The Dyck Slayer | Saturday 22 November 2014 9:16 am

As I go through my inbox in my Niteflirt accounts as well as my customer lists, I have become conscious of the fact that many of you have been laying dormant for quite some time without serving in one form or another. Some of you have not called, some of you have not sent a tribute, some of you have not so much as purchased a daily worship fetish clip. So that brings my question, what the fuck are you here for? This question, by no means, is not for those who consistently show their devotion on a daily basis. This question, by no means, is not for those who have tried to call but was not successful in reaching me as I was either on a call on my private fetish line or was simply too busy to interact with you. This is for those who have been sitting idly by not doing a damn thing for however long its been. I have no time for listless, lazy, wanna-be slaves who sit hoping and praying I toss out a freebie. Some of you cheap bastards have been spoiled by these bubblegum dommes throwing out $2 videos $.50 photos and $1 fetish mp3s and think that is how things are done now. HA! Not on this end. Never has been, and never will be. If you wish to be in my presence, to have your pathetic existence acknowledged by me, you will pay or you can keep it fucking moving. Yes, I am aware that some of you are intimidated by me and are afraid to approach. For you pussies, you can serve in a distant capacity.

I plan to decrease my customer list in the order of who has spent the most, who has been consistent with their servitude and who has been wasting space, oxygen and my fucking time and you dick sucks will be removed expeditiously. I won’t go through the motions of deleting you because that will give you the opportunity to come back and waste more time, more space and more oxygen. I’m just going to simply block your ass.

So this is how I will determine who stays and who hits the fucking bricks. I am sending out a daily worship clip today. It might be new, it might not be. It depends on how I feel as it is my fucking prerogative. I will also post the tribute of the day as well as the opportunity to send an Amazon Gift Certificate of at least $25. You have 3 opportunities to show your devotion. If you don’t/won’t/can’t- no skin off my back. Find yourself a domme who will pacify your ass and keep it moving.

In other news- Recently I have been asked if I will begin Real Time Sessions again. The answer to that, until further notice, is NO! I am a best selling author of four novels and will be releasing a fifth one early 2015. I don’t have the time. I have book tours, book signings, and appearances to make as a guest speaker and I just don’t have the time.

Some of you have also been asking if I will be making new fetish POV clips both custom and non custom. The answer to that question is SOON. Again, I have been very busy and just don’t have time to sit down for that purpose. I may record a few fetish mp3s today and if time allows me to before I head out to do some holiday shopping, maybe I will do a short clip. Maybe…

How can you get me on the phone? Right now it’s hit and miss. Sometimes I am logged in with the intention to take calls. Sometimes I am only logged in because I know there are subs out there who just like to purchase and aren’t really looking to chat. So it is hit or miss. I might answer if I’m not busy, I might not.

Will I be camming? Maybe, maybe not. Again, that is something that you will just have to be patient about.

Have I answered your questions? If not, send me an email on Niteflirt and maybe I will respond… maybe I won’t. Again, it’s my fucking prerogative. Below you will find the worship clip that I mentioned earlier in this post. You will also find a link to send a tribute as well as the option to send an Amazon gift certificate. Do yourself a favor, don’t get caught on my bad side. Smooches, bitches
The Ebony Seductress

Be a good boy and send a $50 tribute
Amazon Gift Certificates can be sent to thedickslayer@yahoo.com

No amount of Hate stops my Cash Flow

Posted by monique | Ebony Money Mistress,Goddess Update,I'm just saying,O/T | Friday 6 July 2012 11:24 pm

Lately I just haven’t had the time to update my blog but with all of the new exciting things that are going on right now, I will definitely make the time. There is so much to tell you but first let me get this off of my chest…

For the last 5 years since I have gotten into the femdom and findom area of fetish I have stayed pretty low key. I’m not like most dommes who boast and brag about large cash tributes. I mostly keep my business and triumphs to myself as I know there are vindictive females in this business who will target the ones who are successful. I guess they use this tactic to “knock off the competition.” I’ve seen it heavily with a friend of mine in this industry and she shares stories on the tacky tactics these bitches use daily. For whatever reason lately I am being targeted by a specific flirt who is far too pathetic to even be mentioned in my blog. I don’t know her, doubt that I’ve ever spoken with her because I keep my circle spandex tight. But I notice she has been sniffing around my Niteflirt page, clicking on buttons, stalking my website and my blog to see what I have been up to. Twice this cunt has contacted Niteflirt with false accusations that I have violated their TOS when I have not. What pisses me off about Niteflirt is that they don’t even do their homework to verify these accusations. They take the “snitching” as the gospel truth and suspend listings. I have always been the kind of person who lives my life according to the “what ifs”. What if my account is stuck on busy while a customer is trying to call me during a steamy game of raise the rate?-This has happened numerous times which is the reason why I have created back up accounts. So the 1st time Niteflirt suspended my account it didn’t dent my pockets. I actually netted over $2500 in the 3 days my account was down. So good looking bitch. I guess she wasn’t satisfied or maybe her money just isn’t flowing the way she would like it to so here she comes again, sniffing around on my Niteflirt page, clicking buttons to see what I am doing with the cuckolding fetish and this bitch spent 98 minutes in my damn website. (Confused face). I suspected some foolery was about to jump off. But as I said, I always have a back up. So the bitch reported one of my Niteflirt buttons have my ebonymoneymistress url in it (which it didn’t and how would she know unless she purchased membership-which she didn’t), Niteflirt did not do their homework and suspended my Financial Domination listing. All I could do was laugh. Because right after that 8 slaves actually purchased membership to my website and I received a lovely $500 tribute from “CandyMan”. Good job. LOL. So I laughed and laughed and laughed some more. I dont even market my financial domination listing. Why bother when I take calls for $9.99/min and pull $300 in under an hour. So as I continue to rise higher on the site, ole girl continues to ponder on what to do next to take me down when she should be focused on her own business and how to make her own money.

This is the nasty side of the business with females who have too much time on their hands because they don’t have the knowledge, finesse or creativity to use the time wisely to bank like myself and quite a few other successful dommes. It’s sad and pathetic. This blog entry will be the last I speak on it. I only give a fuck about my pockets and how I can continue to fatten my bank account. Sloppy no life having bitches are non fucking factors. So anyway…(dismissed)

This is for my haters. Since the drama is floating my way without me being flashy. I might as well give you bitches something to really be mad about

You’re Fired!! Goddess is dumping Slaves

Posted by monique | Ebony Money Mistress,Goddess Update,I'm just saying | Saturday 1 October 2011 11:24 am

I enjoy the boxes of gifts, gift certificates and monetary tributes that I receive from a few of my slaves. To me, it shows their devotion and understanding of what their purpose is when it comes to serving me. Some slaves still don’t get that I will not have my time wasted with mindless, worthless chit chat on yahoo. One way or another you will serve me. Whether it is through humiliation tasks that I assign with you PAYING me for those assignments or if you are just a natural pay pig who tributes for my attention or shops from my wishlist. You will never get my attention for FREE or for a special discounted price as I am not a special discounted mistress. Therefore the bulk of you are now fired and you know who you are. If you occasionally pop in to my yahoo messager with meaningless chit-chat, trivial questions and false pretenses of being an adequate servant of mine, your ass has to go. If you think sending a one time tribute should be enough for you to get my attention all of the time, your ass is gone too. There is no one time tribute, any time you want my attention you tribute FIRST and then you begin speaking to me. Otherwise you will be ignored like the inadequate pup that you are.

I would rather have the few that tribute me properly than the many who waste my time. Now you can extricate yourselves expeditiously off of my site if you have no intentions of spoiling and enriching the life of their EBONY MONEY MISTRESS

Tributes are accepted through Niteflirt as well as through gift certificates such as Amazon, Victoria’s Secret, Neiman Marcus ETC. All gift certificates should be sent to thedickslayer@yahoo.com and tributes should never be LESS than $50

Obama offed Osama…???

Posted by monique | I'm just saying | Monday 2 May 2011 11:38 pm

I’m going to step away from the usual femdom fetish scene to speak briefly on the recent event that has America so hype. So last night apparently, after ten years of searching high and low and not being able to find Bin Ladin, not only do we find him but kill him too? And America is celebrating. I can partially understand the celebration, after all he was the mastermind behind the 911 attacks that killed over 3,000 Americans. No one will ever forget where they were and what they were doing when the second plane hit the World Trade Center. But there is something that Americans are forgetting. And this is something too important to over look. This is a man who had GOONS carrying out suicide missions. Flying planes into buildings. These people clearly don’t give a fuck. Why America keeps fucking with them I don’t know. Those are true ride or die people. Who’s riding with Obama like that? Why go to war with a country who has soldiers trained to do suicide missions??? Not just the men, but women and children!!! Do you really think his death is going to criple Al Qaeda? Not hardly. So America, don’t celebrate so prematurely. We may have won the fight but we surely did not win the fucking war. I feel a retaliation coming. And what’s sad is, America will more than likely be so busy celebrating, we won’t realize what’s happening until it is too late. Before we try to go into another country and dictate how they should be running things, we need to be taking care of our own. The South was just desecrated by tornados that left hundreds dead, and thousands homeless. Take care of HOME first and worry about the rest later.

What the Fuck is up with the Ebony Section on Niteflirt???

Posted by monique | I'm just saying | Tuesday 8 March 2011 1:58 am

I normally don’t blog about things outside of my own personal gain and my own personal enjoyment as well as what’s new with my site, clips4sale and kinkbomb. But tonight I feel a need to step outside of the ordinary, take a stand atop my soap box and ask a very serious question: WHAT THE FUCK IS UP WITH THE EBONY SECTION ON NITEFLIRT??? Something has definitely changed in the way money is made on Niteflirt since I first stepped on the scene in 2008. And though I will never knock anybody’s hustle, I will knock using illiteracy, lack of class and racial degradation as a tool to make money when there are a PLETHORA of other ways to do so. I don’t normally scan the categories anymore. Since bidding is no more and the bulk of my money no longer comes from Niteflirt but from other sources I figure what’s the point. But since starting a new profile and placing myself in the Ebony category plus the business that boomed on the account when I turned my phone lines on I figured i would check my placement. As I’m scanning through damn near every other listing had some form of “slang” or chicken scratch chicken head name with a number instead of a word, slut this whore that “nigger slave whore” bang my big blakk booty…what in all the hell? Chick spelled CHIK. Suck for your buck spelled SUK4YABUCK WHAT THE FUCK LOL! And let’s not go to the pictures. Yes I’m coming at some of you bitches HARD!! If you are going to take pictures please, no pictures in a room that is clearly dirty with clothes thrown all over the floor, shit jacked up on a dresser. Please PLEASE, you can get a pack of Outre 12 inch Yakki for $19.99. I should NOT be able to see nappy edges hanging out of what is supposed to be a lace front wig boo. That’s a no no. And the braids…I can understand wanting that sister girl look but please remember who the main clientele is! To some this may seem like a pointless rant. And I’m sure a few will deem this as hating. Trust me boo, don’t even entertain the thought. I’m not hating that ass I’m trying to educate that ass, bestow some class on that ass and turn your business into flash instead of a stop cop and bop snatch and grab. LOL!

I treat marketing in phonesex (whether you’re on the BDSM and Fetish side of things or the Vanilla side of things) like I would treat marketing myself for my next boyfriend. Do I want a cheap man? Hell no! Do I want a 2 pump chump that will only come around when I throw a crumb his way (ie: a free minute) or when he has a couple bucks left in his account and is bored so he figures he’ll spend it on Bone-queesha. Motha f–ka PLEASE! Do I want someone who sees me as an option or the number one priority. Depending on how you value yourself maybe you don’t mind being an option. But I’m the NUMBER ONE PRIORITY. Don’t get me wrong .99/min isn’t bad. I came in on a content account at .99/min and made bank (at least back then in my eyes) But then I started noticing that the very guy who would spend 6 hrs on the phone with me at .99/min was spending the same amount of time on the phone with girls at 2.99/min and higher. I learned quick that if it don’t make dollars it don’t make sense. Kudos to Lovely Miss Kytten and The Goddess Leesa for teaching me to working smarter not HARDER!

But back to the point of this blog. These black chicks don’t need to sell themselves short to make SALES. If you present yourself as a hoodrat, you’re going to make hoodrat change. If you present yourself as an uneducated, section 8 phone smut, well…need I say more?

That’s my rant for the night. That shit really boggled my mind-stretch marks, busted weaves, trashy rooms, broken english, like what the hell??? This is still a business!!! Treat it as such! SMH Niteflirt used to be so classy. What happened???