Slayer Erotica- Silver Chains, Leather Crops & Black Cocks

Posted by monique | Male Humiliation and Degradation,Niteflirt Fetish Goddess,The Dyck Slayer | Monday 24 November 2014 1:20 am

As I begin to prepare for the release of my fifth novel (2nd Erotic novel) my creative juices have been flowing tremendously, so I have decided to bless some of you kinky sluts with  few short stories.

Some of you know that I am an author. For those who are my closest slaves, you even know the titles of my work and have been fortunate enough to see me at some of my book signings. But there are some of you who have no idea how wicked I can be when it comes to telling a compelling tale. Some of the stories I will be sharing with you will be based on some truths, some personal experiences that I have had during real time sessions, while most of the stories that I share with you will be strictly from my own twisted, sadistic, kinky imagination. The beauty about fiction is that all Fiction comes from some truth.

The tale that I am going to be sharing with you will be dished out in “parts” Today you will get part one. I will always give a little preview of the erotic tale, but in order for you to make it to the end, you’ll have to pay like all the rest. I’ve already unleashed this tale to some of the good boys who were fortunate enough to survive my cuts this weekend and they are already hooked, waiting for more. I bet some of those naughty sluts were even jerking off as they read. Of course they were!

So below is a snip it of the first tale- “Silver Chains, Leather Crops, and Black Cocks, which will be co-starring my partner in crime Duke, that many of you have heard of, some have had the pleasure of seeing photos of him and his marvelous dick but only a select few have met him during a rel time session as he always comes along as my personal guard. Get your dick wet with this kinky BDSM tale and let the ball busting games… BEGIN

Jinx waited anxiously for my arrival, eager to serve me on his hands and knees. He was stripped down to absolutely nothing but his skin suit adorned with flabby folds of skin, beastly hairs running up and down his meaty legs and covering his 34C cup man titties. He was nowhere near attractive and was aware of his less than appealing physical appearance, fully understanding that the only way he had a chance in hell of being in the presence of a gorgeous woman such as myself was to pay, and pay handsomely.

I stepped up to his door dressed in a short, black leather mini skirt barely covering the tight, roundness of my amble, ebony ass which was chased by a pair of sexy, long shapely legs that went on for days. Though I stand just below 6 ft tall, my 5 inch heels accentuated my tall statute making me appear even more tempting, dominant and sexy. I adjusted the strap to my black leather shoulder bag which held all of the items needed for taming and maming this pathetic, fat bitch and rang the door bell. My guard and sexy black stud stood close behind in part to guard my body but to also feel the electrifying heat escaping my ass and engulfing his crotch. I could faintly feel his erection as he moved in closer. My Black Stud Duke, standing at an intimidating 6 ft 5 inches, had wide shoulders, a broad chest and an almost perfect stomach. Not exactly wash board abs, but sexy enough to take any bitch’s breath away- male or female.

The door opened partially and I crossed my arms over my chest impatiently, wondering what the hell was Jinx doing.

“Um, Fat-Ass, you better open this door and greet me as you should.” I said to him in a commanding tone. He opened the door wider and I could see where he was almost trying to hide his naked, flabby body behind it. “Come from behind the door, Fat-Ass. Don’t play with me.” I snarled at him.

“Yes Mistress,” he stammered before apprehensively coming from behind the door. Duke and I both laughed when we saw his disgusting, pink 3 inch penis struggling to stand at attention. His erection was a joke and Duke and I spared no feelings as we laughed loudly at him.

“Damn, look at that little piece of shit,” Duke chuckled. “Little Fat fuck couldn’t butt fuck a rat.”

I laughed out loud as I pushed the door open and strutted inside with Duke following behind. Jinx closed the door and began walking behind us also when I stopped him.

“You know better, Fat-Ass. On your hands and knees. Crawl to me, bitch, and greet me as you should.” I ordered him.

Jinx dropped down to his hands and knees and crawled over to me. He kissed the toe of my stilleto heel, one after the other and then crawled behind me.

“May I have the honor of kissing your divine ass, Goddess Moniq…” His words were cut off when Duke aggressively put a silver choker around his neck which was attached to a 12 inch leash and then yanked on it. He gagged a tad as though he were choking and then whimpered.

I stuck my hand out with a seductive, yet sadistic grin on my face and Duke handed the leash to me. “Who’s your Goddess, Fat-Ass?” I asked seductively as I pulled him along with me while I made my way to our session chair. His fat, flabby ass dragged along behind me making a panting noise like a dog in heat.

“You are, Mistress…” Jinx replied and he perched himself up on his knees while I climbed onto the chair with my perfect, round ass up in the air.

“How bad do you want to worship this ass, bitch?” I asked him as I looked over my shoulder.

He was breathing deeply as he looked from my plump, juicy ass parked in front of him, back to my face. “Mistress… I’d do anything,” he said breathlessly.

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Niteflirt Goodies, New Fetish Mp3s, Black Female Supremacy

Goddess Monique has been on the prowl recruiting new submissive slaves to join my harem. I’ve been extremely busy preparing for my Fall and Winter book tours and book signings and just did an awesome radio interview to weeks ago. I bet many of you would just love to know who I am as an author wouldn’t you? Heh… keep wishing.

A new slave has found himself tangled in my web of seduction, manipulation and greed. The “Unlucky One” has been very lucky since stumbling across my path. His need for having a firm, strong hand of a dominant, ebony femdom mistress has been met in ways he always dreamed of. But the same way I can make dreams come true, I can do the same with nightmares. The “Unlucky One” is a bonafide black cock loving WHORE! Oh the things this little cock gobbler confessed to while on the phone with me. The way his breathing became shallow each time I sent him a link to a photo of a big, black throbbing schlong. The way he squealed when he saw gifs of strong, black, men stroking their pulsating meat sticks, oh I had him eating out of the palm of my greedy hands… or should I say I had him feeding the greed. It never ceases to amaze me how easily I can manipulate a submissive by praying on what pleases him, turning his desires into weaknesses effortlessly. I am definitely a fucking force to be reckoned with.

So Niteflirt has this “Goody” thing going on and I have made a few goodies for slaves to purchase. And if you expect to be taken seriously as my new hopeful bitch, you will purchase each of them graciously.

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My pale Fat Fuck Slave “Jinx”

Posted by monique | Clips4sale Videos,Fetish POV Clips,Male Humiliation and Degradation | Tuesday 1 May 2012 2:59 pm

Ahhh where do I begin? Your Dick Slaying Ebony Femdom Money Goddess has been very busy lately. I’ve been having fun creating fetish clips for losers. But I also have been going heavy on Niteflirt with humiliating the likes of you dorks. I’ve created a few humiliation assignments for fat bodies thanks to one of my latest conquests. He is a 33 year old virgin who I call “Jinx” and believe me, if you laid eyes on this porker you would see why this fat ass is a virgin. This sickening, fat fuck repulses me to no end. He has nasty sagging male boobs and I swear with the way the roles are positioned on his disgusting tub of lard gut, when he flexes for me (or attempts for that matter) his entire torso looks like a sleepy basset hound LMAO! He’s a greasy bi curious cock gobbling cum guzzler who insists he is going to go on a diet but everyday he is inhaling Papa Johns Pizza, bread sticks and wings like it’s his last meal before he’s put to death! I made the little fat fuck work out for me last night. I had him take his favorite dildo with the suction cup on the end and stand it straight up on the floor. I then made him get in a push up position with his legs crossed and each time he came down on the push-up, I made him put his mouth over the dildo. I could care less about his upper body strength but as long as those throat muscles are in top shape and his gag reflexes are at a bare minimum, he will live to suck cock another day. LMAO It was the funniest fucking thing last night.

As I said, I have been very busy making fetish clips and have added quite a few to my Clips4Sale Studio. One that is selling like crazy right now is my Jerk it While you Sniff it, a snazzy stockings and foot fetish clip I put together for slaves who insist on smelling my sweaty nylons after I come out of my six inch heels. So if you are wondering what you can do for me today, help my video make it to the top on Clips4sale by buying it, NOW!!

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Little Cocks…How I hate thee ~ The Dyck Slayer

Posted by monique | Male Humiliation and Degradation,Small Cock Humiliation | Thursday 15 December 2011 4:21 pm

I mentioned in one of my last blog entries that Slave Lil Dick sent me two pictures of his worthless baby penis that damn near killed my appetite. Ugh it was the most gross and sexually devastating thing I have seen in a while. But it let me know that condoms definitely need to be made in various sizes besides the regular and then the magnum. And what Slave Ryan inadvertently did was snitch on himself as I can clearly see from the pictures that he is no longer in chastity. Which means he freed himself without my command. And more than likely he has been pinching that disgusting little minced meat baby dick penis of his as well. Tsk Tsk Tsk Slave Lil Dick. I’m going to fuck you up very soon. I do not like or tolerate disobedient slaves. Being sneaky is a form of undermining me and I will not stand for it. You kept a spare key eh? Let’s see how your balls fair up when we meet for our next session. But any way….
I want you all to tell me what you think of this misfit midget dick loser in this baggy ass condom. A regular condom nonetheless. How fucking pathetic is this shit???
small cock humiliation
^^^^WTF to that shit. LOL What a sexual fuck up! Now you all let me know, should a baby penis fuck up like that be freed from any cock cage ever in life? Abso-fucking-lutely not. That mangled piece of shit is a total eye sore and should never see the light of day. Shit wash it in the dark as a matter of fact. There is another one that is even more pathetic but I think I will throw that one up on my wall of shame in the member’s area. Want to see it loser? Of course you do! Click the banner below and join my Femdom Palace today

This further let’s me know that condoms definitely are not one size fit all. I mean did you see how much space was left in that shit. WTF to that!!! Got damn he could probably squeeze his miserable balls in there at the same time. Jeez Louise Loser, no wonder you are still a virgin HAHAHAHAH!!
Condoms should be made like clothes. The same way I don’t want to see a super sized fat bitch in a skimpy dress is the same way tiny cocks should not be seen in condoms that are clearly too big for them. So condoms should come in sizes. Extra small for cocks under 5 inches. Small for cocks that are 5-7 inches. Medium for cocks 7 1/2 to 9 inches. Large for 9-10 inches and anything over than that is platinum dick and deserves the GOLD WRAPPER. MAGNUM BABY!! But because men make condoms and men will never admit to having a small cock because they think it takes away from their masculinity, that will not happen. I mean imagine how hilarious it would be if a man came up to the counter with a box of extra small condoms and a hot sales associate was behind the counter…wait…That idea has merit…hehehehehehe Later losers!!!

Big Dick Humiliation ~ The Dyck Slayer

Posted by monique | Male Humiliation and Degradation,The Dyck Slayer | Saturday 12 November 2011 9:18 am

What makes you think you are immune to the powers of this Ebony dick slaying Mistress just because you have what you think to be a normal sized dick? Oh, because your cock is 8 inches, that means you get a Dyck Slayer’s free pass? PSSST HAHAHAHAHA! No male-bitch is going to become an alpha male strictly based on his penis sized. Simply because you have a penis makes you the inferior sex. Why, you ask? Because 90% of you cock whores think with your dick which causes you to make some pretty dumb decisions in your life. You are ruled by the pleasures of having a cock. You’re penis leads you around on a sexual leash before I even get my hands on you. And because of that, numb-nuts, you are inferior, I am your keeper and will have you as my bitch. (smirking)

Dumb ass Alvin crawls to me on yahoo after doing a Google search for dominant black mistresses and finding this fetish diary. Reading it intrigued him and he foolishly assumed that I only prey on the weak limp dick bitch-boys. He says to me: Well Goddess, as I read through your blog I couldn’t help but to feel sorry for the limp dick losers as you called them because I figured maybe if they had a nice sized cock like mine, they wouldn’t be so submissive. (Oh…you think so…?) So of course for humor I asked him how big was his dick. I could tell by the way he typed his answer that his chest was poked out in pride and his dumb ass head (probably both) were up in the air in a snotty trust fund kid kind of manner who thinks he has one up and over on his teachers. He said a whopping 8 inches. PAAAAAAAA!!! I inserted the yahoo emotican that rolls around laughing to drive my point home. And he asked me why I was laughing at him. My response was THAT AIN’T SHIT!!! And then this is where dick bragging went wrong. He says to me, well mistress I think having a cock my size with my thickness is a big deal. How many of your tiny dick servants can suck the head of their own penis? (((crickets)))-Did he just say what I think he just said? Of course I called his bluff and he offered to show me if I didn’t believe him, sounding proud as if he would become my equal once he proved himself to be an alpha male with his big 8 inch dick. Pwaaaa. He did not have a Niteflirt account so I allowed him to tribute me another way which he gladly did just so he could “show off”. And this is where The Dyck Slayer kidnapped his manhood. Once he showed me he could suck the head of his own dick I put his ass back on the floor and had him continue to suck it, humiliating and degrading him telling him he was a typical dumb ass man who let his dick size and his money decide where he ranked among the scheme of things. I told him he was going to suck himself off until he ejaculated in his mouth. HAHAHAHHAHA! And he did, whimpering, whining, damn near crying when the first drops of pre-cum entered his cock sucking mouth. He begged me to have mercy on him as he claimed to learn his lesson. Oh no bitch, the lesson is learned when I decide that it’s learned. He sucked and sucked and…sucked some more until he started to cum. Oh his screams were delightful when it got in his mouth. He tried to dodge and I let him know it would be a lot worse if he didn’t eat it all up. And swallow it bitch. LOL! I knew he wanted to go gargle mouth wash or puke so I instructed him to leave another tribute and go on about his business. He ran like a bitch runs from an after school ass whipping. HAHAHHA! Who runs the world? GIRLS!! I later received this email from him:

Dear Goddess Monique,
I have never been humiliated, degraded or put in my place in such a fashion. I have served a few mistresses before but it was always in a manner of ass worship, foot worship things like that. I never crossed this line in BDSM because I thought other fetish kinks were for submissive men with small cocks who could only get attention from a beautiful Goddess if they humiliated themselves. I was wrong. And now I question my own submissiveness. Am I gay now after what you did to me? Does this mean I am a cock sucker? As humiliating as it was, the experience was so out of this world I can’t help but have another hard-on and crave to hear you in my ear again putting me in my place. Your name is well deserved Goddess. I hope to earn the right to speak with you again”

I saw that in my Niteflirt account met with a $200 tribute. What a degrading cock slaying early in the morning. Oh bitch-men, you will learn today got-damn it because I am going to teach you, break your ass down and rob you of your man-hood. You will learn that little dick midget bitches aren’t my only victims. I enjoy robbing men of their man-hood, shattering their egos and crushing their pride. Do you really want to know how much of a man you are?

Forced Black Cock Eating by The Dyck Slayer

Wouldn’t you just love for me to take you under my evil, sadistic wing, strap a collar around your neck with a leash connected to it, strip you of your clothes, your frivolous male pride, place you on your hands and knees and make you crawl to your destination? Make you crawl to where you belong-in front of a powerful, black mandingo cock serving as his cock sucker and my cuckold. Yes, that is a beautiful image embedded into your mind now, isn’t it? What better way to serve this dark, dick slaying money mistress than to put your mouth to work and submit to your new master-that beautiful black daddy dick- with me guiding you, instructing you, even forcing you if necessary. You won’t resist me as you know serving me any way I see fit is the best opportunity you could have ever hoped for. So yes bitch, you will suck cock, take cock in your ass, relinquish all rights to your useless, meaningless penis by locking it away in chastity with no hopes of getting pussy, or any orgasms by humping Mrs. Hand-Cunt. You will submit to me and become my bitch. Or you will suffer endlessly as I brutalize your cock and balls. (Evil & wicked laughter)

What can you do to please Goddess, today?” Hmm Let’s see…As you know I enjoy tributes as well as gift certificates. But I also want to expand my wall of dick slaying shame with more pictures of losers I have locked in chastity, emascualated by adorning them with make-up, panties and girly outfits as well as getting them to practice their cock sucking technique on a pretty, long rubber schlong. So crawl your ass over to my Humiliation Assignments and Tasks page and pick out an assignment, complete it, take a photo of your pathetic ass in action and send it to me so you can be added to my Dick Slaying Wall of Shame.
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What’s New, Goddess Monique?
I created a few new fetish mp3s which you can purchase from my Fetish Mp3 Store. CBT instructions, Small Cock Humiliation and my favorite since so many of you think you have a chance with me-Impotence Embarrassment. Buy them, listen to them and experience your emasculation-Dyck Slayer Style-as you listen to my voice.
A new Fetish Video has been added to my Clips4Sale store. Forced Black Cock Sucking

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Male Humiliation Assignment Store now Open!

Posted by monique | Male Humiliation and Degradation | Monday 10 October 2011 1:43 pm

I had been working the last week when time allowed me to, putting together some humiliating and degrading assignments for my adoring pets who crave to serve me and amuse me. And yesterday that Male Humiliation and Degradation store was launched and the lot of you slaves began snatching up those tasks like it was water and you were dehydrating in the desert. As I said on twitter, I was not surprised that the Self Bukakke task was the biggest seller of them all. It seems like the more perverse I make these assignments, the more you gross sluts come for more. Right now, these assignments can be purchased through Niteflirt so if you don’t have an account on Niteflirt and you wish to serve me, I suggest you haul ass over there and set one up.

I have had a few slaves recently ask me what it is that I am seeking in a slave and if I am looking to add more slaves to my “stable”. Absolutely. I am always seeking good, obedient and devoted slaves who are into the act of tributing, spoiling and pampering an Ebony Femdom Money Mistress Goddess such as myself. I also am seeking good submissives who enjoy male humiliation, small cock humilation, verbal abuse, cock and ball torture, ass, leg and ebony foot worship and more. If you think you fit the profile and have a deep yearning within to be at my heel as you serve me the way I deserve and in the manner I see fit, then by all means boldly crawl forward with a tribute FIRST. I am also doing R/T sessions now and seek paying slaves looking to do my bidding live and in person. I have made many opportunities available for you minions to become my servant bitches. But for now, I must go as I have much to do. Smooches Douches LOL