New Recruits, Cash Pets & Humiliation

One of my mini dick minions came crawling out of the dark crevices of his pathetic existence wanting to do another real time session with me. You would think after I had him fearing for his little dick’s life, kicking and punching it until it became black and blue, that he would steer clear of my dick slaying abilities. But this true to form pain slut has come crawling back for more. But you have a strike against you, slave ryan, as you rudely hung up on me during our Niteflirt call while I was in the middle of speaking after I was kind enough to even answer your call. Your first fuck up was seeking out a cheaper listing on Niteflirt to avoid paying my higher rates. For that, I should block you…maybe I will. Sometimes you sluts have to learn the hard way.

I’m getting requests for custom fetish videos that I may fulfill between today and tomorrow. Just be patient. Bob the slob is proving to be a nasty sonuva bitch. Licking toilet bowl seats and lapping up his ball snot for my amusement while paying me to do so. That shit cracks me the fuck up every time. Nasty little fat bastard. This morning he sent a drive-by $75 tribute. Woopty fucking do, fat ass. You know damn well anything less than $100 from you is not worth me batting my eye-lashes at. While I will still take that shit and stick it in my bra, don’t bore me with the petty tributes. Excite me with something a little more financially enticing. So check your niteflirt inbox and pay that mail ASAP you little fat fuck!

I have a few newbies and a few returns. Slave Silver or something like that sent a cute little amazon gift certificate for $25 yesterday. I didn’t even notice that little shit until I was cleaning out my inbox and almost deleted it LOL. I’ll throw that in the baby amazon pot until it accumulates to pay for something nice. Or maybe I’ll buy some dvds or socks. See how easily I almost over looked your little token of whatever the hell that was. If you want to be noticed, you need to send gift certificates of a larger amount. $50 might get you noticed, $100 and more will make you a little more memorable. You don’t want me to start referring to you as what’cha’ma’call’em LMAO. And then there is Oliver with the nasty bald spot in the top of his head. One day I’m going to make him shave that shit off. I hate the way he combs some of his hair to the side to try to cover up that shit. It looks RI-DAMN-DICULOUS!! LOL! I got the Gucci bag in the mail and I must say it is more fab in person than on line. That bag was $1,100 but I still want the shoes. Maybe I will where them to the Kevin Hart show next month with whatever fly ass lay I have one of you sluts buy for me. So I will be updating my private and public wishlist very soon and I expect you, Oliver, as well some of you other sluts to whip out those credit cards and start spending. I want to fill my truck with endless packages and gifts from you bitches by next Friday or it’s going to be some hardcore wallet fucking going on. That may happen anyway… LOL here is the pic of the hot bag!











Sooo I have recruited a few foot fetish freaks. Begging to see my perfect peds on cam, requesting that I take pictures when I get pedicures and praying that I allow them to access to my worn stockings, nylons, and socks for them to sniff and wank to. Maybe… just maybe if you tribute me enough Alek, you might be lucky enough to gain such a treat. But for now, you can settle for this












Toes and finger nails matching. “Boss Shit”. Until next time! Pwah!

Slayer Erotica- Silver Chains, Leather Crops & Black Cocks

Posted by monique | Male Humiliation and Degradation,Niteflirt Fetish Goddess,The Dyck Slayer | Monday 24 November 2014 1:20 am

As I begin to prepare for the release of my fifth novel (2nd Erotic novel) my creative juices have been flowing tremendously, so I have decided to bless some of you kinky sluts with  few short stories.

Some of you know that I am an author. For those who are my closest slaves, you even know the titles of my work and have been fortunate enough to see me at some of my book signings. But there are some of you who have no idea how wicked I can be when it comes to telling a compelling tale. Some of the stories I will be sharing with you will be based on some truths, some personal experiences that I have had during real time sessions, while most of the stories that I share with you will be strictly from my own twisted, sadistic, kinky imagination. The beauty about fiction is that all Fiction comes from some truth.

The tale that I am going to be sharing with you will be dished out in “parts” Today you will get part one. I will always give a little preview of the erotic tale, but in order for you to make it to the end, you’ll have to pay like all the rest. I’ve already unleashed this tale to some of the good boys who were fortunate enough to survive my cuts this weekend and they are already hooked, waiting for more. I bet some of those naughty sluts were even jerking off as they read. Of course they were!

So below is a snip it of the first tale- “Silver Chains, Leather Crops, and Black Cocks, which will be co-starring my partner in crime Duke, that many of you have heard of, some have had the pleasure of seeing photos of him and his marvelous dick but only a select few have met him during a rel time session as he always comes along as my personal guard. Get your dick wet with this kinky BDSM tale and let the ball busting games… BEGIN

Jinx waited anxiously for my arrival, eager to serve me on his hands and knees. He was stripped down to absolutely nothing but his skin suit adorned with flabby folds of skin, beastly hairs running up and down his meaty legs and covering his 34C cup man titties. He was nowhere near attractive and was aware of his less than appealing physical appearance, fully understanding that the only way he had a chance in hell of being in the presence of a gorgeous woman such as myself was to pay, and pay handsomely.

I stepped up to his door dressed in a short, black leather mini skirt barely covering the tight, roundness of my amble, ebony ass which was chased by a pair of sexy, long shapely legs that went on for days. Though I stand just below 6 ft tall, my 5 inch heels accentuated my tall statute making me appear even more tempting, dominant and sexy. I adjusted the strap to my black leather shoulder bag which held all of the items needed for taming and maming this pathetic, fat bitch and rang the door bell. My guard and sexy black stud stood close behind in part to guard my body but to also feel the electrifying heat escaping my ass and engulfing his crotch. I could faintly feel his erection as he moved in closer. My Black Stud Duke, standing at an intimidating 6 ft 5 inches, had wide shoulders, a broad chest and an almost perfect stomach. Not exactly wash board abs, but sexy enough to take any bitch’s breath away- male or female.

The door opened partially and I crossed my arms over my chest impatiently, wondering what the hell was Jinx doing.

“Um, Fat-Ass, you better open this door and greet me as you should.” I said to him in a commanding tone. He opened the door wider and I could see where he was almost trying to hide his naked, flabby body behind it. “Come from behind the door, Fat-Ass. Don’t play with me.” I snarled at him.

“Yes Mistress,” he stammered before apprehensively coming from behind the door. Duke and I both laughed when we saw his disgusting, pink 3 inch penis struggling to stand at attention. His erection was a joke and Duke and I spared no feelings as we laughed loudly at him.

“Damn, look at that little piece of shit,” Duke chuckled. “Little Fat fuck couldn’t butt fuck a rat.”

I laughed out loud as I pushed the door open and strutted inside with Duke following behind. Jinx closed the door and began walking behind us also when I stopped him.

“You know better, Fat-Ass. On your hands and knees. Crawl to me, bitch, and greet me as you should.” I ordered him.

Jinx dropped down to his hands and knees and crawled over to me. He kissed the toe of my stilleto heel, one after the other and then crawled behind me.

“May I have the honor of kissing your divine ass, Goddess Moniq…” His words were cut off when Duke aggressively put a silver choker around his neck which was attached to a 12 inch leash and then yanked on it. He gagged a tad as though he were choking and then whimpered.

I stuck my hand out with a seductive, yet sadistic grin on my face and Duke handed the leash to me. “Who’s your Goddess, Fat-Ass?” I asked seductively as I pulled him along with me while I made my way to our session chair. His fat, flabby ass dragged along behind me making a panting noise like a dog in heat.

“You are, Mistress…” Jinx replied and he perched himself up on his knees while I climbed onto the chair with my perfect, round ass up in the air.

“How bad do you want to worship this ass, bitch?” I asked him as I looked over my shoulder.

He was breathing deeply as he looked from my plump, juicy ass parked in front of him, back to my face. “Mistress… I’d do anything,” he said breathlessly.

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Niteflirt Goodies, New Fetish Mp3s, Black Female Supremacy

Goddess Monique has been on the prowl recruiting new submissive slaves to join my harem. I’ve been extremely busy preparing for my Fall and Winter book tours and book signings and just did an awesome radio interview to weeks ago. I bet many of you would just love to know who I am as an author wouldn’t you? Heh… keep wishing.

A new slave has found himself tangled in my web of seduction, manipulation and greed. The “Unlucky One” has been very lucky since stumbling across my path. His need for having a firm, strong hand of a dominant, ebony femdom mistress has been met in ways he always dreamed of. But the same way I can make dreams come true, I can do the same with nightmares. The “Unlucky One” is a bonafide black cock loving WHORE! Oh the things this little cock gobbler confessed to while on the phone with me. The way his breathing became shallow each time I sent him a link to a photo of a big, black throbbing schlong. The way he squealed when he saw gifs of strong, black, men stroking their pulsating meat sticks, oh I had him eating out of the palm of my greedy hands… or should I say I had him feeding the greed. It never ceases to amaze me how easily I can manipulate a submissive by praying on what pleases him, turning his desires into weaknesses effortlessly. I am definitely a fucking force to be reckoned with.

So Niteflirt has this “Goody” thing going on and I have made a few goodies for slaves to purchase. And if you expect to be taken seriously as my new hopeful bitch, you will purchase each of them graciously.

The first Goody set is an Ebony Fetish Video and Mp3 Bundle set- 2 fetish videos and 3 fetish mp3s $30. Buy it now!

The second Goody set is an Ebony Worship Bundle $15. Buy it now!

The third Goody set is for my Foot Freaks who enjoys perfect wrinkled soles and arches. Buy it now!

Lastly, my newest fetish mp3 is just what white boys need as a seductive incentive to being my servant bitch. “Worship Me, white boy!” Has already sold over 300 copies since releasing it last night to my Niteflirt followers and now it is time for you to become one of my collective. Purchase this mind fucking experience now $20!

Worship Me, white boy!
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Your desire to serve a dominant ebony
femdom Goddess is so compelling you can no longer ignore the lure of my
beauty. You naturally feel submissive in my presence, white boy, with a
burning desire to helplessly submit to me. Fall down to your knees and
crawl to me to be my pet, my submissive, my servant basking in the
warming glow of Black Female Supremacy. Yes, Serve me white boy. Start
by buying this mp3


10 mins

If you are here to serve me, you must be into the following: Black Female Supremacy, Ebony Mistress, Black Femdom Mistress, Money Slavery, Financial Domination, Tease and Denial, Cock and Ball Torture, Guided Masturbation, Amazon Wishlist Shopping and Gift Certificate Purchasing, Foot Worship, Ass Worship, Small Cock Humiliation, Black Cock Worship, Consensual Blackmail, Female Domination, Cum Eating Instructions, and whatever else I say. Understand that this is not your typical phone-sex experience as I am not a phone-sex girl. This is phone DOMINATION, pure and unadulterated. Come prepared to serve or it’s your ass!

Ebony Goddess Update

Posted by monique | Goddess Update,Niteflirt Fetish Goddess,The Dyck Slayer | Sunday 8 January 2012 11:37 pm

How cool is it that I am blogging from my Android phone. Fucking A! This is just a brief update for the subs who have joined my Femdom Palace and is in need of an Ebony fix. Never fear my little slaying addicts, your mistress is still in action. Unfortunately I’m having a little computer trouble which should be taken care of in the next couple of weeks. In the meantime, your dick slaying mistress has been taking a lot of mouth watering pictures for you to worship, drool and secretly wank to. I also have some new videos that I can’t wait to edit and upload to my member’s area as well as my clips4sale studio. Hang tight pets. Don’t even think of weening yourself off of your addiction to me. And don’t bother trying to resist your need to submit and surrender yourself to me. I was designed to be irresistible.

Speak to a dominant Ebony Femdom Fetish Princess sensual domination, small cock humiliation, ass worship, foot worship, cock tease, orgasm denial, guided masturbation, cuckolding, self bukkake, forced intox, anal and strap-on training, financial domination, consensual blackmail, erotic hypnosis and more. $2.99/min. New callers get your first 3 minutes for free!
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That’s all for now boys! Dueces!!

Small Cock Humiliation Fetish Mp3s

Posted by monique | Fetish and Hypnosis Mp3s,Niteflirt Fetish Goddess | Saturday 5 November 2011 7:39 am

Eww you all know I hate a midget dick loser. Gross, pencil dick, shriveled up tiny cocks, losers that are hung like fleas with their teeny baby dicks make me absolutely sick! Nevertheless, I get a kick out of humiliating, tormenting, and teasing you whether it’s just by verbal abuse with me telling you how worthless you are, how inadequate you are and how your pathetic ass couldn’t buy pussy with that baby dick, the bitch would more than likely take your money, laugh at you and leave. Or if I just virtually cuckold you with my favorite 9 1/2 inch dildo (how pathetic that a rubber dick gets more pussy than you?) Or telling you all about my tall, very sexy, built like a running back boy-toy with a “make me scream and claw his back as I squirt all over him” 10 inch dick. Ha many of you losers feel even smaller when I tell you about my stallion lover. You’re jealous, I know. You wish you were him (dream on). And all you can do is wish you could at least sit outside my door or hide underneath my bed as we get it on. LOL! You pathetic bitch!

Listen to how even more pathetic you are with this Small Cock Humiliation Mp3. I’ll be loading it to my Fetish Mp3 page to my website. If you aren’t an exclusive member on my Niteflirt customer list, don’t panic bitch, I’m making it available for you here and now. So click it, pay for it, listen closely and shrink into an even smaller non-existant bitch than you already are. LOL HAHAHAHAHAHA!!

Seeking to serve an Ebony Femdom Fetish Money Mistress? Good boy, as I am looking for new submissive slaves to serve me as I see fit, endure my bittersweet and degrading abuse through completion of Male Humiliation and Degradation Assignments and Tasks, and Shopping Pets to spoil, pamper and tribute me. If you are a true submissve slave with a belief in female superiority, enjoys having that cash extracted by a dominant Ebony Princess and wish to spoil and tribute, send a tribute through Niteflirt to begin your world-wind slave boy adventure!

Peter, My Blackmail Bitch

Posted by monique | Blackmail Fetish,Niteflirt Fetish Goddess | Sunday 22 May 2011 10:14 am

Peter, Peter Peter. Tsk Tsk Tsk. Some of you slaves really do underestimate my power, my vindictive nature, my greed and most importantly, how evil I can become when it comes to getting what I want and what I am entitled to! Peter called my Niteflirt listing today at $2.59/min. LOL! Peter knows that he is not allowed to call this listing. Why should he get to talk to me at a cheaper rate when it is already established that he is my cash bitch? No Peter. You will pay me at $9.99/min. I hung up on that ass LOL! So Peter messages me on yahoo whining asking me why I won’t talk to him. I told him we can talk but his insolence will cost him. I half expected him not to call. But the domme in me knew that he could not resist and would be crawling to me on his ashy hands and knees, groveling. And yup 5 minutes later he was calling my Financial Domination Line. HAHAHAH! Peter insisted that he had to talk to me. That he had been waiting for days for my lines to finally be on so he could tell me all about the really bad thing that he had done. The minute I knew a juicy confession was about to be shared I turned on my audio recorder. Peter, that little closet fag had stumbled across his wife’s sex toy collection that she had been hiding. At first he was angry because he felt that his wife did not need toys. When he told me that his cock was every whopping bit of 6 inches I had to explain to him that no 6 inch dick could ever satisfy a real woman. He confessed that he partially suspected that which is what prompted him to do what he did next…Now I could just spill the beans and tell you all what Peter did with his wife’s toys. I could even post one of the pictures that he sent to me showing what that little pervert was doing with one toy in particular. But I think I will make you losers hang on to the edge of your seats for this one while I format our conversation into an mp3. It will be up on my website in the near future for you boys to buy and hear our confession. And Peter, I will be expecting a call back from you later today for your “training”.

Jack off Junkies…Ewww chicken choking LOSERS!!!

Posted by monique | Niteflirt Fetish Goddess | Wednesday 18 May 2011 11:59 am

There are so many of you losers who are so pathetic that the only form of pleasure you get is from fucking Mrs. Hand-Cunt AKA jacking your nasty cocks. I get so many calls, emails and instant messages on yahoo from dorks telling me how pathetic they are because either they have a teeny tiny midget dick or because something about them is just so worthless that no woman in her right mind would ever want to have sex with them so they are forced to jack off every single day. LOL! It is absolutely comical yet pitiful all at the same time. So I said, hmmm let see how many other guys are out here that jack off a lot. Let’s see just how many are willing to share how many times they jack off. In fact, let’s see if some of these guys are forced to become Jack Off Junkies because they haven’t had pussy since pussy had them. So I developed this little quiz and decided to send it out to my fan base as well as put it up on my Niteflirt page and it began selling like water in a desert. LOL and some of the responses that I am getting to the  questions in this quiz had me in tears at my desk from laughing so hard. One guy told me that he couldn’t buy pussy even if he had Donald Trump pockets. LOL! That quiz is a quick humiliation fix for you pathetic losers as well as a means to entertain me when I am taking a break from my busy busy life.

Curious about my little Jack Off Junky quiz? Do you think that you too may also be so pathetic that the only nut you get to bust is when you choke that nasty chicken of yours? Take the quiz numb nuts and reveal how pathetic you are.

My birthday will be arriving very shortly, losers. And I want more gifts. So show me how much of a good shopping pet you are and get over to my wishlist ASAP!!! Don’t walk RUN!!

New Niteflirt Page

Posted by monique | Niteflirt Fetish Goddess | Saturday 23 April 2011 1:44 pm

I know many of you sluts have been wondering, “Where is the beautiful Ebony Money Mistress, Goddess Monique?” I’ve been busy taking some new hot photos for you to drool over and I have also teamed up with one of the most Dangerous wallet fucking Ebony Dommes on the Findom Scene. This Vixen is talented on too many levels and it’s been a pleasure not only doing business with her, but getting to know her outside of some of the vicious rumors that were spread about her. Princess Lady Sheer is not only a wallet raping Ebony fetish Princess, but she is also an awesome web designer who gave my Niteflirt page a HOT new look! She will also be re-doing this site for me as well, show casing her brilliant design skills while giving my site a dark, Dick Slaying lay-out, turning it into the fetish playground many of you sluts so desperately crave. I’m positive many of you know her. And for those who don’t, or were too scared to seek her out as well as for those looking to have their Niteflirt pages pimped out, check out her site

And now sluts, feast your eyes on my Hot Niteflirt page and get ready to start coming out of that wallet as I add new Humiliation tasks, fetish Mp3s and POV clips, Slave applications and MORE! My Niteflirt page will be your new fetish playground that you will never want to leave. You addiction will turn into an obsession and you will long to serve me and give me everything I want until I leave you broke, maxed out. Stay tuned sluts. There will be more to come!

My New Niteflirt page

Posted by monique | Niteflirt Fetish Goddess | Sunday 27 February 2011 7:09 pm

Your Ebony Goddess Monique has created a new page on Niteflirt and I expect you boys to get over there promptly and begin serving as a good little white boy should. An inevitable undeniable addiction is just a few key strokes away. Click and Pay!!!

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To view all of my listings and get in where you best fit in as my servant bitch, simply click the banner

Since so many of you are always asking me “Goddess, is there anything I can do for you today?”, I have a task for you. Click the banner below to make sure that your Goddess is ranked high like an elite domme should be.

And if you are still itching to serve me in a way that will put a smile on my face, visit my wishlist by clicking on the button in the side bar and get to shopping. Or just simply send an Amazon Gift Certificate to Smooches boys!