The Power of Black Pussy ~ The Dyck Slayer

Posted by monique | Fetish POV Clips,Tease and Denial | Saturday 24 December 2011 5:28 pm

There is a drug in this world more powerful, more intoxicating, and more addictive than any other drug known to man. This is a drug you can not snort or smoke but it does get you higher than a giraffe’s ass. That drug is none other than the all powerful Ebony Black Pussy. No man can resist it; black, white, Asian NONE!! It is desired, craved, obsessed over and has even caused many ass whippings. Nothing is more dominant than the Black Pussy. How long did you stare at that photo on the left of this blog post? How fast did you download the picture so you could look at a bigger version of it, cock hard, mouth watering, fingers tingling, body in desperate need to serve this black pussy in anyway I command you to. Weak little wimps LOL! That is the whole reason why I made a sexy little fetish video for you called BLACK PUSSY POWER with a close up view of my crotch, leaning in close to the cam, teasing your pathetic dick beyond your wildest dreams. Oh how desperate you will be, your hand will mindlessly wander to your cock as you yearn to soothe that hard-on by letting all kinds of perverse thoughts run through your mind, imagining all the things you could do to satisfy my powerful cunt as you begin to wank…But if only you were man enough to do so. LOL!
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Treat yourself to a beautiful Ebony Goddess for Christmas. And spoil me in the process. Your cock will thank you later.

Happy Holidays bitches!!

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The Dyck Slayer-I Slay, You PAY!!

Mmmm Nothing compliments an Autumn day here in Philly like COLD HARD CASH! But things can quickly heat up when that cash is coupled with a slave who is willing and able to serve, suffer and sacrifice for his Ebony Dyck Slaying Mistress, Goddess Monique. PrincessAddict comes and goes every now and then but when he comes, he comes ready to serve with a cock to offer as his sacrifice and his wallet to pay for that sacrifice. PrincessAddict has a smoking fetish. Not only is he a pack a day Malboro man but he loves when his Mistress sits parched on her throne, dominant legs crossed, leather strappy high heel boot covered feet swinging back and forth lightly, slender Newport Menthol trapped between 2 perfectly manicured fingers as he awaits patiently on his hands and knees to be treated like a pathetic human ashtray. But yesterday I was not in the mood to ONLY have him flicker his own ashes in his mouth and swallow them down like fiery candy. And I wasn’t going to do the lame “stick out your tongue so I can put out my butt” routine. No we played a game of heads or tails. Heads, he mashed his flaming cigarette out on the head of his dick. Tails: he mashed his flaming cigarette out on his shriveled up balls. Ooooh Princess Addict became so excited I could see his pathetic mini meat standing at attention on camera. His hands shook with excitement as he took trembling drags on his smoke. About mid-way through, I told him to flip his quarter. And so he did. And it landed on heads. He said but Mistress, I haven’t finished my cigarette. I told him don’t question me, bitch. Put the fucking cigarette tip to your dick and feel that flame. I laughed at his screams. He tributed like a good bitch and the game went on a little longer. But then I quickly became bored as most Geminis do so I had him send me another tribute and then sent him to fetch his jar of Vaseline. He greased his balls up wondering what my twisted and sadistic mind could be up to now. HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE! I made him grab his cigarette light and sit on the very edge of his chair so that his nasty hair balls hung over the edge. And then I made him flicker that flame. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Your nuts roasting over an open fire (In my Nat King Cole voice) Ball hairs burning from the roots. HAHAHAHA! He screamed, winced, begged, pleaded Goddess what can I do to end this suffering…? My response: Send me a tribute bitch. A nice one. He said right away & sent a fabulous tribute through Niteflirt. $$$$ That’s right bitches. I Slay, You Pay. (giggle)

An ass fetish boy came to me yesterday begging to see me on cam as he just can’t get enough of my perfect round ass encased in a pair of sexy black nylons.

So I teased and taunted him, dyck slaying his miserable carcass of a penis in another way. I teased him with my lucious round ass in those nylons until he damn near started crying. He wanted so badly to stroke. He needed me to part my sexy full lips and grant him permission to stroke. He NEEDED me to allow him his 5 seconds of fame as he shot his nasty load all over himself. He needed to do something to make ME happy, FIRST. What’s the magic words, asspig? “Goddess, how can I end this suffering?” Me: Simply bitch, send a tribute. A nice one. (giggle) And so he did. And so I ended his suffering…for all of about 5 minutes. That’s about how long his stroking lasted before he bust his pathetic nut. But I got that cock rock hard again with a picture of me in a sexy red thong with my ass covered in shea butter, glistening in the light. I think I heard him scream….Queen of Blue Ball Itis-The Dyck Slayer. I slay, YOU PAY!!! Later bitches. (wicked laughter)

Ebony Tease: Goddess of Blue Ball Itis

Posted by monique | Tease and Denial | Wednesday 28 September 2011 9:21 am

Oh boy, who knew that I could have a multititude of ways with getting you boys weaker and weaker for me. The way you drool, pant and fall over yourselves when I wear cute mini skirts or short shorts showing off my long sexy legs or a low cut blouse that damn near has your eyes falling out of your got damn head is freaking hilarious. LOL! I’ve been taking it a bit easy this last week since the car accident but I did find a little time to get on cam for my slut Jake who just can’t seem to get enough of me. He has purchased all of my clips, ordered custom clips and pictures and messages me quite often, begging me to please let him kack off to my ebony perfection. NOT GONNA HAPPEN AKEY SLUT LOL!! I made this pathetic little hound dog get on camera for me completely naked as I made him watch me strut around in my 5 inch heels, extremely short shorts and halter top. Between the curves of my hips, the roundness of my ass and the way my hard nipples poked through my halter top, little Jakey was leaking pre-cum without even touching himself. He damn near had a fit when I leaned really close to the camera and pulled my shirt down just above my nipples and shook my firm tits in the camera. He begged and begged and begged for me to let him stroke his cock. Haaa! I told that little tight ball bitch that the only way he was going to stroke his cock is if he stroked it the way I said and made himself cum on his face for me. LOL!! He sounded as if he would cry. And he resisted of course. But all that did was cause him more sexual frustration. If you can’t do what the fuck I say, how the fuck I say it and WHEN the fuck I say it, why the fuck would I allow you to have pleasure. Remember dick sucks. At the end of the day, it is all about me. It will always be about me. Jake just messaged me 5 minutes before I started this blog claiming that he couldn’t stop thinking about how I teased him on camera and what I was demanding he do for me and how it turned him on even more. Now Jake is prepared to call me later this evening when he returns from work so he can do as I command. Ewww Jake is about to have a face full of ball snot just so he can finally beat his nasty dick and shoot his worthless load. HAHAHAH I bet it will be an improvement for that ugly face of yours. How humiliating. I’m such a sneaky, wicked, evil little bitch. LOL!!!

This is why I’M HOT!!!

Posted by monique | Tease and Denial | Sunday 27 February 2011 9:19 pm

My lucious hot 36D tits is one of my many physical attributes that weakens loser white boys, bringing them to their knees, making them weak, hard and leaving them desperate, wallet drained and cock sore from lack of release. LOL! Teasing your miserable cock and denying you that which you think should be your reward, that body shaking orgasm, makes me laugh my ass off. And you’ll continue paying for such treatment even after I have drained you dry time and time again. It always starts with one video. One short 6 minute clip that keeps you so mezmerized, in a daze and constantly clicking and paying until your account is at it’s max. You’ll try to quit, but we both know you’ll always be back for more.

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