A slave’s guide to serving the Ebony Money Mistress-Goddess Monique

Posted by monique | Amazon Wishlist shopping,Ebony Money Mistress | Saturday 5 November 2011 8:02 am

“Mistress, how can I be of use to you?” “What can I do to please you?” “How can I make you happy, Princess?” I get these questions many times each day and the answer is always the same: TRIBUTE ME, SPOIL ME, PAMPER ME, SHOP FROM MY AMAZON WISH LIST, BUY ME SHOES, ADOPT A BILL, WORSHIP ME ON CAM (After you’ve proven your worth) ENDURE SEVERE EMASCULATION AND MALE EGO CRUSHING THROUGH MY MALE DEGRADATION AND HUMILIATION ASSIGNMENTS! That is how you please Goddess Monique. Flattery will get you little to no where with me if it isn’t met with some form of monetary tribute, gift, tithe or some form of service to me. I’m complimented on my gorgeous looks and sex appeal each day I walk out of my house and go about my day by strange men that I pass by. Men that will probably never see me again but couldn’t help but stop me and tell me how beautiful I am. But if you desire to be in my presence or have me acknowledge yours, then you need to show me your worth. So each day I will leave three things in my blog for some of you slaves to do to make your Goddess happy.

The first is sending a tribute

Slaves can also send an Amazon Gift Certificate to thedickslayer@yahoo.com

Slaves can also visit my Amazon wish list and buy me a gift of the day. Today is Saturday November 5th 2011. The gift of today is this cute Canon digital Camera

Visit my Amazon Wish list by clicking the banner below and buy it for me at once!

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