Blackmail- Fucked & Ruined

Posted by monique | Blackmail Fetish,Ebony Money Mistress | Wednesday 16 December 2015 11:29 am

When pets come to me begging for me to Blackmail them and force them into an impossible situation, I sometimes wonder if they are calling my bluff. “Like, bitch, do you NOT know who you are dealing with? I still have poor Peter under my heel and that bitch has been trapped for almost five years. I’ve shown up on his doorstep posing as a Mary Kay consultant and spoke to his wife just to show him I am not to be fucked with. I’m about my paper and the bossiest, flossiest bitch there is. So before you come sniffling around my stable wanting a taste of this Goddess’ absolute power, ask yourself if you are ready to have my 6 inch heel in your fucking neck as I make you my bitch. It’s a really simple question that’s not hard to answer. Let that marinate as you read on…

Christian is a new blackmail slave and man is he already knee deep in my entrapment and sinking fast from his slew of scandals. He is married and has been married for the last 7 years. But little does his wife know, he’s been fucking her younger cousin, a hot little 26 year old with big taste me tits and a tight little ass. But wait, it gets better. He’s been fucking her for the last 8 years! I don’t know whose dumber, the wife or the side bitch. She has no idea that a lot of the times she’s kissing this sneaky little bitch  that she’s tasting Ashley’s pussy on his mouth. And she has no idea that when she’s sucking his dick in the shower, she’s cleaning Ashley’s pussy juice off of his dick. But wait! It gets better! Ashley is pregnant! But wait it gets even better! Guess who just became friends with both of them on Facebook. Yuppers!! Me, bitches! And guess who’s going to drop the bomb tomorrow, congratulating Ashley on her upcoming bundle of joy on Facebook and tagging Lisa and Christian in the post if that sticking and moving baby making machine doesn’t have my $500 by 9am EST? Yuppers! ME! Oh I guess since I haven’t been around that much, you bitches thought ol’ Dick Slayer was slipping. Oh no honey, I’m even more ruthless than I was before.

Christian has been a bad boy. A very bad boy. Sometimes he’s fucking both his wife and “their” cousin in the same got damn day. I have an audio recording of him fucking Ashley while she stayed with them during the Thanksgiving Holiday and the wife was right down the fucking hallway! And I would hate to have to send wifey the photo of Ashley sucking the soul out of your dick in you and your wife’s bed while she was at the market picking up groceries for dinner. Do you really want to fuck with me, Christian? I think Rihanna said it best: BITCH, BETTER HAVE MY MONEY!

Now again, I ask you newbies who are reading this and your heart is in your throat, and you’re getting antsy wondering what’s going to happen to poor Christian, Ashley and Lisa. Will I really be heartless enough to drop such a bombshell on social media? Do I really have it in me to break up their marriage and expose his infidelities? Will Christian pay me in time before I’m forced to unleash the bitch in me? Find out next time on The Dick Slaying Chronicles. Shit is definitely about to get REAL!

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