Ebony Goddess Putting Losers on Ignore

Posted by monique | Ebony Money Mistress,Goddess Update | Tuesday 1 November 2011 6:18 pm

Yahoo IM boxes pop up one after the other with losers looking for my attention. But if that yahoo chat box isn’t popping up with a notification from Niteflirt letting me know a tribute has landed, your ass is put on indefinite ignore. Some of you have quickly grasped the concept of a BDSM relationship with me. Some of you dickwads still have not gotten it. I will not talk to you if you have not tributed me or if you are not paying to talk to me on Niteflirt or through my private 1-866 line. And the only way to get to THAT number is if you have proven your worth. I simply will not talk to you for free. Gift certificates are welcomed and even purchases from my wishlist. But if you are not doing something for me, paying me, tributing me, spoiling, shopping for me, paying my bills, what the fuck do I look like talking to you. Losers pay me to ignore them so I have absolutely no problem putting a loser on ignore.

In other news, I have been working hard putting together the members area as promised but I have been side tracked as all of a sudden a slew of fetish video request have been coming my way since I put up that last foot fetish video and that ass worship video. You losers simply can not get enough of me. So tonight I will be filming and you can expect to see these new trendy fetish clips in my clips4sale studio as well as on my website where you can purchase them through Niteflirt.

Andrew has been a good boy in sending his tribute as required. Just out of curiosity, he wanted to know what his buy out would be at this point. When I told him, he got a complete boner and sent me an additional Niteflirt tribute of $400. You see, that’s how you treat this Ebony Goddess. Of course I know some of you are not into blackmail. You don’t have the balls to go round for round with me. So you would much rather watch as I demolish some other poor bastard. That’s fine, bitch. But eventually, you will come to serve me in other ways and I will have you anyway that I want and anyway that I see fit.

My toilet slave is probably feeling neglected. He has been waiting almost a month for me to strike. LOL! Goddess has been busy toying with other slaves and working on my book. But now I have my sites set on you and I will be filming your new assignment instructions tonight. Expect to see it in your Niteflirt inbox as a PTV sucker!

For those of you who are not serving me, don’t inbox me or message me with bull shit questions and requests to humiliate and degrade yourself unless you are prepared to do so via PTV (Pay to View) meaning, I give you a humiliating assignment and you pay to see it and complete. We can do it other ways of course with you sending me a tribute for my time on Yahoo. Or you can call my Niteflirt line and serve me over the phone. Maybe if you are a good little bitch, I will allow you to see me. Maybe…LOL!

I am seeking Real time slaves for sessions. I bought some kick ass heels that I would love to trample one fo you bitches in, kick you in the balls, make you lick and suck my dirty heel. (Evil grin) If you wish to schedule a real time session, fill out a contact form and send it to me. That’s all for now bitches (sticking my tongue out at you fuckheads)

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