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Posted by monique | Ebony Money Mistress,Foot and Shoe Fetish,Goddess Update | Thursday 8 December 2011 10:12 am

I know all of you are digging this picture aren’t you. Ha! There is a hot video to go along with it as well as other photos. I’ve been under the weather recently and just had no desire to do any fetish videos or Mp3s. But that didn’t stop the endless emails and IM’s from a few of my loyal submissive slaves and admirers wondering when and how they can serve me as well as if I had any new fetish mp3s and videos. Well, yesterday I was feeling much better and turned out some hot pictures which I will be adding on my website for slaves to purchase through Niteflirt. I know many of you just can’t get enough of my plump round ass and look forward to any opportunity I give you to worship it.  (Evil laughter) I received an email from one slave saying how much he craved to have me beat his face with my ass and if he had to choose the way he died it would be from me smothering him to death with my thick, ebony ass. He stated the last thing he wanted to hear before he took his final breath were my cynical giggles. I couldn’t help but laugh at the little ass bitch. It never ceases to amaze me how creative some of your minds work as well as the things you say to me. His email prompted me to do another ass fetish video yesterday which is selling rather well on clips4sale. I will be posting on my website for you to purchase as well. But for now, just feast your fucking eyes on this delectable ebony ass, drool over my beauty and surrender that cash before you even think of wanking that miserable cock to my ebony perfection.

When you wake up in the morning, the first thing on your pea brain should be: How can I serve Goddess Monique today? What can I do to put a smile on Goddess Monique’s gorgeous face? Christmas is coming soon so gifts are always a good way to please me and stay in my good graces. So simply crawl your way over to my Amazon Wishlist and begin shopping for me like a good pet.

Gift certificates and Niteflirt tributes are always welcomed. But in the mean time, to experience degrading wallet expenditures, humiliating money extractions and other forms of fetish fun, surrender yourself to me on Niteflirt by calling my femdom line

That is all for now, slaves. But trust there will be more to come.

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