From Hypnosis to Blackmail- The Dyck Slayer Strikes Again

Posted by monique | Blackmail Fetish,Ebony Money Mistress | Monday 17 November 2014 11:50 am

It never ceases to amaze me that no matter how long I am gone, I still have loyal submissives on standby, eagerly awaiting my return so that they may serve me, spoil me, worship me and even suffer abject humiliation. What doesn’t surprise me is the various secret subs lurking in the shadows, admiring me from afar and patiently awaiting for me to acknowledge them so that they may begin serving on a more personal level. Which brings me to my latest conquest, Jeremy… Oops, did I just say his real name…?

Jeremy who went by the name of “Yolo homo” (wowzer) when he messaged me on Yahoo IM told me that he desired to be hypnotized more than anything. He loved being put under a pretty woman’s spell and made to do whatever she wanted him to do. I have to agree with one of my flirty friends that a guy saying he wants to be hypnotized is just his way of doing all of the nefarious, fucked up kinky shit he’s dreamed of but not being held responsible for his actions. I call this behavior Kinkishly Insane.¬† I had him call me at $5.99/min on Niteflirt and began working my charms on him and before he knew what was happening, he was already under my spell. This weak little bitch was spilling his guts about shit he never imagined telling anyone. I had him zombified, babbling like a horny buffoon, telling me how he used to spy on his step sister and jerk off to fantasies of her fucking him in the ass with a strap-on. Oh Jeremy is indeed a naughty boy. So naughty that he even took pictures of himself engaging in one of his favorite acts of faggotry- sucking cock. My naughty Yolo Homo sent me the pictures to “make me a believer” (idiot LOL) and even gave me his phone number¬† (732 *** **27)-(beware Jeremy, this shit is about to get real) as well as his address to his quaint little apartment in New Jersey. Before he knew it, I was creating an ad on Back Page with the picture edited in a tasteful way but to let onlookers know exactly what he was doing, while advertising his oral talents. I took a screen shot of the ad and sent it to him letting him know not only will I post the ad if he doesn’t complete his assignment (field trip to his local adult theater/glory hole for more cock sucking adventures) and advertise it on this very blog which has over 3k readers, many of which are in the Tri-State area. The clock is ticking for Yolo Homo. He has 22hrs left.

I swayed away from Blackmail for a bit as I do hate when losers contact me wanting to talk about Blackmail hypothetically. Hypothetically will only last but so long before you begin to annoy the fuck out of me and then I have to dismiss you once I see the only intention you have is wasting my time. I still dabble with the few who are bold enough to take a walk on the wild side and enjoy the cat and mouse games I set up for many of my blackmail pets to keep them in line. Tormenting and torturing little dick souls is so amusing!

Anywho- I am unlocking the doors to my Blackmail Realm and allowing new pets to purchase a blackmail application and submit it to me. I will be available on Niteflirt to talk about other fetish kinks outside of Consensual Blackmail. Call me prepared to serve, on your knees, respectfully understanding your place as my bottom bitch.

The holidays are coming so I am expecting my slaves to get on the ball with money tributes, amazon gift certificates and amazon presents. I will be updating my wishlist this week and I am expecting my boys to spend spend spend like they do every year. Do not disappoint me!

Does the idea of engaging in a consensual blackmail fetish-ship with me heighten your libido? Purchase an application, fill it out in its entirety and send it back. Only the serious need to apply.



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