Peter, my blackmail bitch ((((UPDATE))))

Posted by monique | Blackmail Fetish,Ebony Money Mistress | Wednesday 1 June 2011 10:15 am

Ahh, Peter, Peter, Peter. You are such a devoted submissive with a lot of secrets that I could use against you to destroy your marriage, set fire under your ass for insubordination, and what would your friends and peers think if they found out you have an extreme fetish for sucking BIG BLACK COCK!!! Yikes!! So much for the football jock at ***** high-school in ********* New Jersey. HAHAHA!!!! Peter read my blog and realized I was talking about him and called me endlessly today. Little did he know, I was out shopping with his money for my birthday gifts and just did not have time to talk to the little panicking whimpering pup. LOL!! I finally raised my price to $12.99 on my financial domination line and he messaged me on yahoo begging me to talk to him. You see, Peter underestimated my devious nature. Peter thought that it would be all fun and games and la dee da with me. SORRY Peter! You better think again. I am ruthless by nature. This is chess Peter not checkers! He was frantic that I recorded our conversation with him making such…freakish confessions. And that is when the negotiations began. He offered 1k per week to keep me from leaking that recording to you all. 1k per week Peter??? Wow!!! You must really want to keep your faggot rendezvous in the closet for real. I agreed for now. And Peter sent the first $500 today assuring me that the other 500 would be in my Niteflirt account on my birthday which is June 4th. You better SUCKER! Or little by little, our conversation is going to make its way onto my websire for all of my submissives to hear. Ta Ta for now suckers. I must make my way over to the spa to begin my pampering for my birthday.

Feast your eyes on this losers and the day is just beginning!! Feed my greed!!! Click the photo

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  1. Comment by Tony Bowen — September 20, 2011 @ 2:12 pm

    Such a refreshing change to see a Goddess who is serious, and without mercy when blackmailing slaves. If i was peter i,d be very afraid, just pay what Goddess demands fellow slave, She does deserve it being a Goddess. white slave kneels with head bowed.

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