Tempting Ebony Mistress

Posted by monique | Ebony Money Mistress | Monday 12 September 2011 10:16 pm

Ahhh it feels good to be back in the swing of things. Slaying cocks, raping wallets, mind fucking, manipulating and brainwashing you little minions, bringing you to your knees as you become ever so weak for this Ebony Mistress.(evil wicked laugh) Earlier today I was shopping in Saks for a new Juicy Couture bag and needed a sales rep to reach up on a high shelf to pull down something. (Of course I could have reached it but why the hell should I when his little bitch ass was willing and able to do it for me) Now while this little pion was ontop of his step latter he couldn’t help looking down my blouse at my perfect, round tits as my cleavage showed in my low cut shirt. I could sense that this little twerp hadn’t had pussy since pussy had he and would probably cum all over himself if a girl showed him some live pussy LOL! I rolled my eyes and told the little pervert to cut his eyes somewhere else before I accidently knocked his ass off of the latter. And his response was: “Yes Ma’am!” HAAAAAA! See men recognize my strength and power both in and outside of this BDSM realm. He knew just from looking at my glamoous self and my demeanor and knew that I was an Ebony Strong Goddess that could own him just from licking my lips. LOL! So of course I was able to get something out of him since he decided to glimpse my greatness without my permission. Shout out to the Saks 5th Avenue sales associate in Franklin Mills Mall who used his employee discount so I can get my bag. I will enjoy those Gucci shoes Friday when you get paid as I know you won’t be able to resist sliding the pumps on and off of my soft pedicured feet you little freak LOL!

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