Findom Goddess Update “I am not to be fucked with”

Posted by monique | Blackmail Fetish,Goddess Update | Saturday 24 September 2011 12:55 pm

Now and again I try to take time out of my busy schedule to update pets and onlookers with what is going on in Goddess life. This week was pretty good and adventurous (up to Thursday night at least). Every single day, the sexy Puerto Rican UPS delivery man was at my door like an Autumn Santa bringing gifts that some of you slaves purchased and things that I purchased with the gift certificates that many of you have been sending. Maybe I will take pictures of my packages since I have not had the time to unload them and put them in their respectful places. For new slaves who are curious as to where they can send gift certificates, send them to

I am sure that my latest blackmail slave Toilet Bitch is wondering what I am up to and when I am going to strike next. Well slut, you continue being on guard. I have been cooking up a special assignment for you. And it will be ready for you Monday afternoon. So keep an eye on your Niteflirt inbox. (wicked witch laughter).

I’m sure lots of you were wondering what happened with Peter. It’s going to be a long time before Peter is free from my grasps. He has spent so much time complaining about his fat ass wife. How his fat ass wife does not turn him on the way that I do. How his fat ass wife has blemishes on her face, on her flabby long orangutan titties and her flabby ass has more dents than a totalled car. I enjoy listening to him compare my gorgeous body to the mac truck of a wife that he has. Peter decided to call my bluff a couple of weeks ago. I don’t know, maybe he forgot that I am not one to be fucked with. But Peter didn’t send his usual weekly tribute like he was supposed to. So I took a little trip to Somersdale avenue in NJ and decided to knock on his door. A fat hag of a woman with horribly blemished skin answered the door with an old Frank Sinatra faded white t-shirt on, sweat pants and stringy blonde hair down past her shoulders. It was upsetting that a man some what successful like Peter was straddled with a fat cunt trailor trash whore for a wife. I smiled and told her I was a Mary Kay consultant (LOL) and was asked to give her a free facial and sample products by Peter because she had voiced her concern about her blemished skin. I could see the embarassment on her face. Of course she claimed not to like Mary Kay and did not think her skin needed treatment. I told her my name was “Monique” and offered her a business card in case she changed her mind before going on my way. Why would I do that some of you may ask. Because of course she would go back to Peter and tell him that a Mary Kay consultant by the name of Monique stopped by per his request offering to give assistance for her blemished skin. That would A) let him know I was there and could strike at any moment B) Let his wife know he had voiced his dislike for her appearance and get his ass into a heap of trouble. (evil laughter). Peter messaged me on yahoo as I was en route back to my home letting me know that the tribute would be in the mail and arrive within the next 2 days. Good boy Peter. I am not to be fucked with.

Thursday was supposed to be my first Real Time session in 6 months with “Slave LIL Dick”, a small dicked virgin who has been dying for me to kick his balls and mangle his pathetic cock for the last 3 years. Finally we’re all set to have our R/T ball kicking session, even developed a nice card game to make things interesting. I have the perfect pair of black boots to kick the shit out of him with. I had a meeting to go to with my editing team for the book I’m almost ready to release in November. The meeting ran longer than expected because people don’t seem to understand that when I want something I GET IT. There is no swaying me to do what YOU want or THINK I should do. I have this mapped out down to the smallest detail, all they have to do is follow my lead and make sure that what I want to happen, happens. Now I have to come back to Philly later than anticipating and I finally get on I76 when this fucking douchebag comes flying down a ramp to merge into the lane. Instead of yielding like the sign clearly says, this Action Jackson dick head thinks he’ll be able to just glide right on in and hit the back of the car I was driving. Damn near sent me into a wall thank goodness for Alloy Wheels and new brakes. Would you believe right before this fuckhead hit me, he had the balls to honk his horn at me as if I was in the way. Then the sonuva bitch acted like he didn’t want to give me his information. Ha! He must not know who the hell I am. I took his plate numbers and contacted my PI “Martino” and gave the plates to him along with the make and model of the car. “Andrew Davidson”. I smiled at Mr. Davidson and told him his first and last name, date of birth, mailing address as well as the address the car was registered to. I even have his phone number. His face hit the fuck pavement. I don’t think I’m going to have a problem out of Mr. Davidson. Need I say more? I am not to be fuck with. So “Slave LIL Dick” and I are going to have to reschedule. He better thank his lucky balls because after getting the back of my car hit by that speeding douchebag, I would have kicked his fucking balls as if I was kicking Mr. Davidson’s ass.

Considering I have Mr. Davidson’s information and he is trying to keep this from turning into a lawsuit for his piss poor driving and judgement being the cause of the accident not to mention the tremendous back and knee pain I am experiencing. Should I turn him into my newest blackmail victim? Send your votes to Vote yes if I should make him my newest blackmail bitch vote no if I should leave the poor bastard alone. LOL!

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