Male Humiliation Assignment Store now Open!

Posted by monique | Male Humiliation and Degradation | Monday 10 October 2011 1:43 pm

I had been working the last week when time allowed me to, putting together some humiliating and degrading assignments for my adoring pets who crave to serve me and amuse me. And yesterday that Male Humiliation and Degradation store was launched and the lot of you slaves began snatching up those tasks like it was water and you were dehydrating in the desert. As I said on twitter, I was not surprised that the Self Bukakke task was the biggest seller of them all. It seems like the more perverse I make these assignments, the more you gross sluts come for more. Right now, these assignments can be purchased through Niteflirt so if you don’t have an account on Niteflirt and you wish to serve me, I suggest you haul ass over there and set one up.

I have had a few slaves recently ask me what it is that I am seeking in a slave and if I am looking to add more slaves to my “stable”. Absolutely. I am always seeking good, obedient and devoted slaves who are into the act of tributing, spoiling and pampering an Ebony Femdom Money Mistress Goddess such as myself. I also am seeking good submissives who enjoy male humiliation, small cock humilation, verbal abuse, cock and ball torture, ass, leg and ebony foot worship and more. If you think you fit the profile and have a deep yearning within to be at my heel as you serve me the way I deserve and in the manner I see fit, then by all means boldly crawl forward with a tribute FIRST. I am also doing R/T sessions now and seek paying slaves looking to do my bidding live and in person. I have made many opportunities available for you minions to become my servant bitches. But for now, I must go as I have much to do. Smooches Douches LOL

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