Jack off Junkies…Ewww chicken choking LOSERS!!!

Posted by monique | Niteflirt Fetish Goddess | Wednesday 18 May 2011 11:59 am

There are so many of you losers who are so pathetic that the only form of pleasure you get is from fucking Mrs. Hand-Cunt AKA jacking your nasty cocks. I get so many calls, emails and instant messages on yahoo from dorks telling me how pathetic they are because either they have a teeny tiny midget dick or because something about them is just so worthless that no woman in her right mind would ever want to have sex with them so they are forced to jack off every single day. LOL! It is absolutely comical yet pitiful all at the same time. So I said, hmmm let see how many other guys are out here that jack off a lot. Let’s see just how many are willing to share how many times they jack off. In fact, let’s see if some of these guys are forced to become Jack Off Junkies because they haven’t had pussy since pussy had them. So I developed this little quiz and decided to send it out to my fan base as well as put it up on my Niteflirt page and it began selling like water in a desert. LOL and some of the responses that I am getting to theĀ  questions in this quiz had me in tears at my desk from laughing so hard. One guy told me that he couldn’t buy pussy even if he had Donald Trump pockets. LOL! That quiz is a quick humiliation fix for you pathetic losers as well as a means to entertain me when I am taking a break from my busy busy life.

Curious about my little Jack Off Junky quiz? Do you think that you too may also be so pathetic that the only nut you get to bust is when you choke that nasty chicken of yours? Take the quiz numb nuts and reveal how pathetic you are.

My birthday will be arriving very shortly, losers. And I want more gifts. So show me how much of a good shopping pet you are and get over to my wishlist ASAP!!! Don’t walk RUN!!

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