Protect yourself at all times LOL

Posted by monique | O/T | Sunday 18 September 2011 3:59 pm

I went to a fight party last night and the party lasted longer than the fight LOL! I knew from the gate that Floyd Mayweathers was going to whip little Ortiz’s ass. I bet money on that fight among friends as well as slaves. The slaves placed smart bets. Quite a few agreed that little Ortiz was no match for Mayweathers and stood firmly by “the mandingo boxer’s” side. One slave bet me $250 that Mayweathers won the fight. Now I explained that I was #TeamMayweathers as well but he explained that he still wanted to pay me for Mayweathers victory. Hey, I’m all for it. Fork over the cash, boy! All in all with the slaves alone netted me close to $700 with bets for Mayweathers. I stepped away for a brief moment only to come running back when the party guests became hype. And what to my wondering eyes did I see…

Did you see the look on Floyd’s face when Ortiz head butted him. LOL! He was looking like, what the fuck? No the fuck this punk didn’t just head butt me in my mother fucking mouth. He hit his ass with a 2 piece and knocked him on his ass HAAAAA! YOU GOT KNOCKED THE FUCK OUT (in my Smokey voice from the movie Friday).
The number one rule to boxing is PROTECT YOURSELF AT ALL TIMES! Now some people may say Mayweathers won the fight with a cheap shot. I say bull shit. Number one, Ortiz was already getting his ass whipped. He threw in the cheap shot when he head butted him. Therefore it was appropriate for him to get knocked on his ass. Ortiz knew he was wrong. That’s why he was trying to kiss and make up. In the ring, there are no friends. It’s war between two men with only one common goal in mind: WHIP HIS ASS!! Now because he didn’t guard his grill, he got KNOCKED THE FUCK OUT!! LOL!

Let’s see that again!

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