Niteflirt Goodies, New Fetish Mp3s, Black Female Supremacy

Goddess Monique has been on the prowl recruiting new submissive slaves to join my harem. I’ve been extremely busy preparing for my Fall and Winter book tours and book signings and just did an awesome radio interview to weeks ago. I bet many of you would just love to know who I am as an author wouldn’t you? Heh… keep wishing.

A new slave has found himself tangled in my web of seduction, manipulation and greed. The “Unlucky One” has been very lucky since stumbling across my path. His need for having a firm, strong hand of a dominant, ebony femdom mistress has been met in ways he always dreamed of. But the same way I can make dreams come true, I can do the same with nightmares. The “Unlucky One” is a bonafide black cock loving WHORE! Oh the things this little cock gobbler confessed to while on the phone with me. The way his breathing became shallow each time I sent him a link to a photo of a big, black throbbing schlong. The way he squealed when he saw gifs of strong, black, men stroking their pulsating meat sticks, oh I had him eating out of the palm of my greedy hands… or should I say I had him feeding the greed. It never ceases to amaze me how easily I can manipulate a submissive by praying on what pleases him, turning his desires into weaknesses effortlessly. I am definitely a fucking force to be reckoned with.

So Niteflirt has this “Goody” thing going on and I have made a few goodies for slaves to purchase. And if you expect to be taken seriously as my new hopeful bitch, you will purchase each of them graciously.

The first Goody set is an Ebony Fetish Video and Mp3 Bundle set- 2 fetish videos and 3 fetish mp3s $30. Buy it now!

The second Goody set is an Ebony Worship Bundle $15. Buy it now!

The third Goody set is for my Foot Freaks who enjoys perfect wrinkled soles and arches. Buy it now!

Lastly, my newest fetish mp3 is just what white boys need as a seductive incentive to being my servant bitch. “Worship Me, white boy!” Has already sold over 300 copies since releasing it last night to my Niteflirt followers and now it is time for you to become one of my collective. Purchase this mind fucking experience now $20!

Worship Me, white boy!
MP3 Audio Download

Your desire to serve a dominant ebony
femdom Goddess is so compelling you can no longer ignore the lure of my
beauty. You naturally feel submissive in my presence, white boy, with a
burning desire to helplessly submit to me. Fall down to your knees and
crawl to me to be my pet, my submissive, my servant basking in the
warming glow of Black Female Supremacy. Yes, Serve me white boy. Start
by buying this mp3


10 mins

If you are here to serve me, you must be into the following: Black Female Supremacy, Ebony Mistress, Black Femdom Mistress, Money Slavery, Financial Domination, Tease and Denial, Cock and Ball Torture, Guided Masturbation, Amazon Wishlist Shopping and Gift Certificate Purchasing, Foot Worship, Ass Worship, Small Cock Humiliation, Black Cock Worship, Consensual Blackmail, Female Domination, Cum Eating Instructions, and whatever else I say. Understand that this is not your typical phone-sex experience as I am not a phone-sex girl. This is phone DOMINATION, pure and unadulterated. Come prepared to serve or it’s your ass!

Ebony Money Mistress Site Update

Posted by monique | Blackmail Fetish,Ebony Money Mistress,Goddess Update | Wednesday 11 July 2012 2:58 pm

I’ve been made aware that my photos, videos and mp3s are uploading a little slow on my website which means a change needs to be made. (Deep sigh). Therefore I will be working dilligently over the next couple of days to insure that my site is running in perfect condition. I don’t like the idea of my slaves and submissives not being able to enjoy all of the fetish goodies that I have in my member’s area as well as the new goodies I will be adding this week. So if you notice the site down for a bit, do not be alarmed, I more than likely will be transitioning from one hosting package to another. Be patient my pets, the Femdom palace will be back up and running smoothly as it should be. In other news…
It seems that Peter has been quite busy trying to be a prominent money slave. He has adopted 2 bills, which I will be updating on the site as well, and sent an Amazon gift certificate to cover the charges of a new Michael Korr handbag that I want which I was disappointed to see this morning that there aren’t anymore in stock. So we will have to make our way over to Neiman Marcus or Nordstroms.
I’ve noticed a few new slaves can’t get enough of my Fetish videos and have been buying them like it’s cold water in the middle of a heat wave. So I will now be posting the video of the day for you boys to buy, worship and wank your miserable cock to.

Niteflirt Fetish Fun with The Ebony Femdom Goddess Monique
Cuckolding, Feminization, Sissy Dress-Up, Cock & Ball Torture, Cock Tease & Orgasm Denial, Guided Masturbation, Webcam, Forced Bi, Strap-On Training, Ass Fetish, Foot Worship, Big Black Cock Worship, Financial Domination, Consensual Blackmail, Female Supremacy, Ball Kicking, Face Slapping, Fetish POV Video Clips, Fetish Mp3s, Erotic Hypnosis, Forced Cum Eating, Self Bukkake
$2.99/min No Minute Minimum

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Peter the Blackmail Slut has returned

Posted by monique | Blackmail Fetish,Ebony Money Mistress | Monday 9 July 2012 1:17 pm

For those of you who have been keeping up with my blog and my dick slaying adventures, you are well aware of my Blackmail slave Peter. He was a trapped soul of mine who literally turned his life over to my grubby little hands. I knew everything about him; his affair with one of his co-workers, the townhouse he was paying for her to live in along with the 2010 Nissan Maxima that he purchased for her. I knew where he lived and even went to his house posing as an Avon seller and met his pale fat whore of a wife. I had that loser by the balls and had him scared to fart in the wrong direction. LOL! August of last year he paid a nice chunk of cash to escape my wrath and allegedly severed all ties…until recently.

Peter recently purchased access to my member’s area. He sent a $200 tribute on Saturday and then sent another $300 today under a different Niteflirt name that I had never seen before. I didn’t realize it was him until I also noticed he filled out ANOTHER Consensual Blackmail Application! He also sent me the following email…

Goddess Monique,
It has been awhile since we’ve spoken. I cannot tell you how tempting it is to call you on your $9.99 Niteflirt line and confess all of the things I have been doing. I miss being owned by you, hearing your devious laugh, knowing that you were taking my money and shopping, enjoying your life as you held the power to destroy mine. I swore I would never return to this fetish and I would stay far away from you but I can’t. I am drawn to you, to your power, to your control. I think of the day you showed up to my house and I am reminded how real your are with blackmail and the idea that you could show up at anytime arouses me. I’m begging you to allow me to serve you again. I will do whatever you ask of me whenever you ask. I know I can be a good bitch, your good bitch, if I am given a second chance.
Your loyal blackmail pet, Peter

Wow Peter. I thought your little bitch ass had slithered away for good. But I am not surprised you have returned. I remember very well how weak you were for me. How easily it was to wrap you around my finger, control your cock, brainwash your mind and strong fuck your wallet. You were a delicious victim and I will savor the taste of sweet victory as I own you again.

How can you become one of my blackmail pets? Well the answer is simple. You first have to have the balls to walk on the dark side with me. You must not fear or question the unknown. You simple must be willing to do, to surrender, to suffer and sacrifice. Consensual Blackmail can be as easy or as hard as you make it. Only the serious need to apply as I do not have time to entertain fake subs and their endless questions of “what if?” You come prepared to serve me, or you don’t come at all. Right now, you can feel a knot in your stomach, your cock is hardening and you feel compelled to come to me. No need to fight this. Don’t bother trying to resist me. I was designed to be irresistible.

Fill out your Consensual Blackmail Application now and take a walk on the dark and wild side.

Cuckolding, Black Cock Worship, Forced Bi, Feminization, Sissy Dress-up, Male Humiliation Assignments, Fetish Webcam, Anal Training, Strap-on Training, Erotic Hypnosis, Consensual Blackmail, Financial Domination, Amazon Wishlist Shopping, Face Slapping, Self Bukkake, Guided Masturbation, Cock Tease & Orgasm Denial, Forced Cum Eating, Ass Fetish, Foot Worship, Nylon Stockings, Sheer Pantyhose & High Heel Fetish.
Niteflirt Phonesex $2.99/min No minute minimum.

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Goddess is doing R/t Sessions again!

Posted by monique | Cuckolding,Goddess Update,Real Time Sessions | Saturday 7 July 2012 5:01 pm

I did a CUCKOLDING real time session recently that was the FUCKING BOMB!!! I have a tiny dick loser named Jeff who originally just wanted the typical small cock humiliation and Cock and Ball Torture session. But when he saw my stud who came as my bodyguard, he pulled me to the side with a hungry expression on his face and said “Miss Monique, do you think he’d let me suck his cock?” I looked at him and laughed before saying: “Fuuuuuuuuck NO!” His heart looked absolutely broken. He said, “There has to be a way that I can serve him and you…” A light bulb literally went off in my head and I said, maybe there is. Where’s the bedroom?” He showed me to the bedroom and I motioned for my stud to follow us. It was just as I suspected. His room had a walk in closet with blinds to the door that were adjustable to see as much or as little as possible. Jeffy had a king size bed which was perfect because my stud is 6ft5. I pushed his chubby ass into the closet and closed the door forcing him to watch me and my stud go at it. The first round of hellified sex on his bed, on his sheets with our sweat and juices soaking into his sheets, I made him watch from the closet. But I noticed how high his bed sat off the floor. So I made him come out of the closet and crawl under the bed. Me and my stud rocked his bed as if we were trying to break it. It was torturous for the poor little fat fucker because he kept begging from under the bed to be granted permission to watch. No watching and no stroking for his loser ass. When it was over, I made sure I wiped my stud’s cock off with his satiny sheets. I slid my sticky wet cunt all over his bed to make sure my scent soaked in real good LOL. I then allowed him to come from under the bed and kneel behind me so he could smell my ass underneath my mini skirt. I took my panties back off and stuffed them in his mouth before slapping the shit out him SUPER HARD! LOL. My stud came over and bitch slapped him as well. His eyes practically rolled in the back of his head and before I knew it, he barely touched his cock with 3 strokes before he was cumming all over the hard wood floors. I was floored as I had never seen a loser cum so quickly. I slapped him and yelled at him for being such an incompetant 2 pump chump fool and made him lick it up. (Ewww gross! Such an evil little bratty bitch). He did as I commanded and I pat him on top of his head like a good boy before leaving.
I returned home to this email later on that evening…

Miss Monique,
I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed myself with you and your male companion. I wish he had allowed me to show my servitude to the powerful black cock by sucking him off. But watching the two of you fuck in my bed and then being forced under the bed as you two continued was equally satisfying. After you left I laid in my bed and sniffed the sheets where the two of you had sex. I could smell both of your scents which turned me on so much I couldn’t help but to jerk off again. I am slowly becoming addicted to you, your voice, your persona, your gorgeous appearance, everything about you is alluring and I am compelled to serve you as any slave should. I hope you find the additional tribute acceptable.
Humbly yours, Jeff

I checked my Niteflirt account and saw that I had a $350 tribute. Good boy!!
I will be around taking Niteflirt calls this weekend as I have no intentions of going out in this smoletering heat. You can catch me under the AC, sipping some Jose Cuervo, toying with you boys online, breaking hearts and busting balls. After all, I wouldn’t be The Dyck Slayer if I didn’t…

Cuckolding, Black Cock Worship, Forced Fem, Forced Bi, Feminization, Sissy Dress Up, GFE, Financial Domination, Blackmail, Fetish Cam, Ass Worship, Foot Worship, Pantyhose and High Heel Fetish, Cock & Ball Torture, Small Cock Humiliation, Cock Tease & Orgasm Denial, Ruined Orgasms, Guided Masturbation, Cum Control, Self Bukkake, Cum Eating Instructions, Erotic Hypnosis & More
Niteflirt phonesex starting at 2.99/min NO MINIMUMS

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No amount of Hate stops my Cash Flow

Posted by monique | Ebony Money Mistress,Goddess Update,I'm just saying,O/T | Friday 6 July 2012 11:24 pm

Lately I just haven’t had the time to update my blog but with all of the new exciting things that are going on right now, I will definitely make the time. There is so much to tell you but first let me get this off of my chest…

For the last 5 years since I have gotten into the femdom and findom area of fetish I have stayed pretty low key. I’m not like most dommes who boast and brag about large cash tributes. I mostly keep my business and triumphs to myself as I know there are vindictive females in this business who will target the ones who are successful. I guess they use this tactic to “knock off the competition.” I’ve seen it heavily with a friend of mine in this industry and she shares stories on the tacky tactics these bitches use daily. For whatever reason lately I am being targeted by a specific flirt who is far too pathetic to even be mentioned in my blog. I don’t know her, doubt that I’ve ever spoken with her because I keep my circle spandex tight. But I notice she has been sniffing around my Niteflirt page, clicking on buttons, stalking my website and my blog to see what I have been up to. Twice this cunt has contacted Niteflirt with false accusations that I have violated their TOS when I have not. What pisses me off about Niteflirt is that they don’t even do their homework to verify these accusations. They take the “snitching” as the gospel truth and suspend listings. I have always been the kind of person who lives my life according to the “what ifs”. What if my account is stuck on busy while a customer is trying to call me during a steamy game of raise the rate?-This has happened numerous times which is the reason why I have created back up accounts. So the 1st time Niteflirt suspended my account it didn’t dent my pockets. I actually netted over $2500 in the 3 days my account was down. So good looking bitch. I guess she wasn’t satisfied or maybe her money just isn’t flowing the way she would like it to so here she comes again, sniffing around on my Niteflirt page, clicking buttons to see what I am doing with the cuckolding fetish and this bitch spent 98 minutes in my damn website. (Confused face). I suspected some foolery was about to jump off. But as I said, I always have a back up. So the bitch reported one of my Niteflirt buttons have my ebonymoneymistress url in it (which it didn’t and how would she know unless she purchased membership-which she didn’t), Niteflirt did not do their homework and suspended my Financial Domination listing. All I could do was laugh. Because right after that 8 slaves actually purchased membership to my website and I received a lovely $500 tribute from “CandyMan”. Good job. LOL. So I laughed and laughed and laughed some more. I dont even market my financial domination listing. Why bother when I take calls for $9.99/min and pull $300 in under an hour. So as I continue to rise higher on the site, ole girl continues to ponder on what to do next to take me down when she should be focused on her own business and how to make her own money.

This is the nasty side of the business with females who have too much time on their hands because they don’t have the knowledge, finesse or creativity to use the time wisely to bank like myself and quite a few other successful dommes. It’s sad and pathetic. This blog entry will be the last I speak on it. I only give a fuck about my pockets and how I can continue to fatten my bank account. Sloppy no life having bitches are non fucking factors. So anyway…(dismissed)

This is for my haters. Since the drama is floating my way without me being flashy. I might as well give you bitches something to really be mad about

Subbie Bitch Shoe Shopping * Hot Leg Worship

Posted by monique | Amazon Wishlist shopping,Clips4sale Videos,Ebony Foot Fetish | Wednesday 13 June 2012 6:12 pm

Hot, Stallion, Ebony legs. Thick shapely thighs, slender musclar calves are stunning in this leg fetish video I made for a snotty little pervert who confessed his inability to controll a habit of looking at his bosses hot legs when she walks through the office. He begged me to make this video of my long ebony legs. He damn near had an orgasmic stroke when I told him how tall I am and then showed him the way my long legs stretch up to the heavens. He leaned so close to the monitor to get a good view I thought he was going to tumble through my screen and fall onto my floor LOL! It was absolutely hilarious listening to him panting like some mutt in heat as he excessively begged to stroke his measely cock. His love for long, stallion legs was not the only thing he confessed to. He also confessed how obsessed he becomes with shoe shopping for fabulous Mistresses like myself. We had ourselves a nice little session where he bought me 4 pairs of shoes.

He is becoming more and more addicted to me each day. I haven’t had a chance to take pictures of the fabulous ankle boots with tan colored fur and skinny stiletto heel along with the strappy 5 inch platforms that he bought for my birthday. He knows what it takes to keep this Ebony Femdom Mistress happy.

Hot Black Boot Worship Video

Posted by monique | Clips4sale Videos,Foot and Shoe Fetish | Monday 11 June 2012 9:43 am

Awww my poor servants have missed me. What can I say? I am a very busy dick slaying mistress. When I’m not slaying cock, molesting wallets, corrupting minds and destroying egos, I’m out enjoying life, partying with friends or laying back enjoying a good movie. Neverthelss, you pumps sniff around my page, my blog, my Clips4Sale page and my website hoping that I throw you a crumb to add light to your dark and pathetic existance. Now and again I do just to keep you pups hanging on.

Most of you know I am a very tall, curvacious and gorgeous ebony femdom princess. I have a very commanding presence and my beauty is quite compelling. What most men love about me most is my long, shapely and sexy legs. A slave of mine is such a devoted pup that he often buys me lots of shoes and boots. He loves to see me model in them in my videos and my pictures. I took the liberty of filming myself in the hot black boots that he bought me The picture above is just a taste of what’s to come. The real thrill is in my boot fetish video that you boys will buy so you too can witness the glory of my long ebony legs.
This video can be purchased from my Clips4sale Studio along with many other fetish goodies. Buy it now like a good boy and submit to my boot seduction!

My pale Fat Fuck Slave “Jinx”

Posted by monique | Clips4sale Videos,Fetish POV Clips,Male Humiliation and Degradation | Tuesday 1 May 2012 2:59 pm

Ahhh where do I begin? Your Dick Slaying Ebony Femdom Money Goddess has been very busy lately. I’ve been having fun creating fetish clips for losers. But I also have been going heavy on Niteflirt with humiliating the likes of you dorks. I’ve created a few humiliation assignments for fat bodies thanks to one of my latest conquests. He is a 33 year old virgin who I call “Jinx” and believe me, if you laid eyes on this porker you would see why this fat ass is a virgin. This sickening, fat fuck repulses me to no end. He has nasty sagging male boobs and I swear with the way the roles are positioned on his disgusting tub of lard gut, when he flexes for me (or attempts for that matter) his entire torso looks like a sleepy basset hound LMAO! He’s a greasy bi curious cock gobbling cum guzzler who insists he is going to go on a diet but everyday he is inhaling Papa Johns Pizza, bread sticks and wings like it’s his last meal before he’s put to death! I made the little fat fuck work out for me last night. I had him take his favorite dildo with the suction cup on the end and stand it straight up on the floor. I then made him get in a push up position with his legs crossed and each time he came down on the push-up, I made him put his mouth over the dildo. I could care less about his upper body strength but as long as those throat muscles are in top shape and his gag reflexes are at a bare minimum, he will live to suck cock another day. LMAO It was the funniest fucking thing last night.

As I said, I have been very busy making fetish clips and have added quite a few to my Clips4Sale Studio. One that is selling like crazy right now is my Jerk it While you Sniff it, a snazzy stockings and foot fetish clip I put together for slaves who insist on smelling my sweaty nylons after I come out of my six inch heels. So if you are wondering what you can do for me today, help my video make it to the top on Clips4sale by buying it, NOW!!

In need of an erotic fetish phone sex experience with a trendy, top notch Ebony Femdom Princess. Sure you are loser! Crawl to me on Niteflirt and experience: ass worship, cuckolding, Forced Bi, Cock Sucking Training, Anal Training, Financial Domination, Consensual Blackmail, Foot Worship, Goddess Worship, Small Cock Humiliation and so much more. $2.99/min…If I’m feeling generous. LOL!

Masturbation & Forced Cum Eating Ewww!!

Posted by monique | Clips4sale Videos,Fetish POV Clips,Forced Cum Eating | Wednesday 18 April 2012 11:01 pm

Your Dick Slaying Ebony Mistress has been up to no good lately, being naughty, wicked, and maniacal with a down right dirty, twisted and perverse imagination. But that is the reason that you boys love me so much: I keep it VERY interesting. A long time ago, I started the idea of the “Jack Off Junky”: a minion who masturbates multiple times a day, sometimes mindlessly not even realizing that his hand is moving towards his cock to stroke himself and ease the stiffy brought on by a gorgeous woman sucha as myself. A couple of dommes followed in my footsteps, remixed it as their own but at the end of the day no one can torture, tease and manipulate a cock stroking moron quite like me. That is indeed part of what makes me The Dick Slayer. Some of you have become so desperate when stroking for me, so needy for an orgasm that you beg, whimper and plead almost sounding as if you are on the brink of tears LOL! That shit is hilarious. My favorite phrase is when you losers insist that you will DO ANYTHING I askof you as long as you are allowed to cum. Well….that is indeed a dangerous phrase to use with a sadistic and twisted femdom of my caliber. Many of you I have put to the test to see if you truly would do anything and many of you have. The ultimate DOERS OF ANYTHING are my nasty little cum eaters. My gross little self bukkake cum pigs that love feeling the heat of that hot sticky cock grease shooting into their faces, getting into their mouths or even licking it from their hands and fingers. Yes, you nasty little perverse bitches are my absolute favorite. So I made a masturbation/forced cum eating fetish clip just for you boys

I’m totally not surprised that some of you nasty cum suckers started buying this video clip like you were a dehydrated soul in the Saharah Desert and my video was the coldest frostiest beverage and the only thing able to quench your thirst. Right now this video is only available on but will be added to my member’s area this weekend with my other fetish clips. Stroke it until you cum and then make sure you lap up every single drop! Ewww you nasty, sick cum slurping FUCK!!

Ebony Ass Clapping Fetish Clip

Posted by monique | Ass Fetish,Clips4sale Videos | Tuesday 17 April 2012 10:03 pm

Oh My God Becky, Look At her BUTT!! LOL! Yes! Look at my big, round bootylicious ass. You can look, I might let you smell it, I might even intoxicate you by letting a smelly fart escape my perfect round hole and blow into your ugly face (ewwww LOL) but you will NEVER in this life time or the next put your disgusting, chicken choking monkey paws on my perfect ass. Nah Nah Na-Boo Boo!! HAHAHAHA! Now that the weather is warming up over here in my neck of the woods I have been tormenting the boys with tight skirts, tight form fitting jeans and tights. I was going on my usual jog with my ear phones in and stoppped at a corner continuing to jog in place until I had the green light to run across and could hear the 2 men waiting at the corner grovel over my eyes. “Damn her ass phat as SHIT!!” I purposely stopped jogging and non-chalantly made it clap for a brief moment before jogging on my way. I know I caused an instant boner with those bozos. LOL! As I’ve told you losers many times before, I was not designed to be resistible.<br>So anyway…I made a hot new ass worship video for my ass lovers and decided I was going to give you 8 minutes of me clapping, shaking and jiggling my ass. Oh yes, my tight ass gave a round of applause which will command your cock to give me a standing ovation. There is no way you will be able to resist my perfect plump ass. You will fall to your knees, crawl to me and submit as a good booty bitch boy should. How on Earth could any man in his right mind resist an ass like mine?

Right now this video is available on my Niteflirt page as well as my Clips4sale Studio with more to come as I know you boys have missed me dearly while I was away and surely can’t get enough of me. That’s all for now bitches! See you in traffic! Vrum VRUMMMM!!!

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