Return of The Dyck Slayer

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I know, I know, I KNOW!! I have read your emails, I have seen your yahoo messages. I know you all have so eagerly, so patiently and so desperately awaited my return. And indeed my return is long over due. Where shall I begin…?

First off I had to take a mini break. I did not expect my 2 week break to turn into a 4 month disappearance. I originally stepped away to help take care of my uncle who had been in an accident and sustained a head injury. I am a very optimistic person and always try to see the bright side of every situation. All my life, my uncle had been a very up beat man, live, free spirit. A cool breeze some old heads may even refer to him as. He was always dressed sharp with a fly hat and whenever I would see him on the avenue I would say “Hi Uncle Jelly Roll!” He would look at me, point and shout out “HEYYYYYY (pause) Gorgeous!” LOL! Sadly my uncle passed away. I watched that man go from being live and up beat to a withered shadow of his former self. The fall that started it brought on an aneurysm which led to a stroke which brought on numerous seizers that ultimately brought about his demise. At his funeral, I rocked a hat. And since he loved the poetry I wrote as a teenager, I read one for him. And as they lowered him into his final resting place all I could think to say was…”Bye Gorgeous”. My uncle is resting not too far from my cousin who unfortunately was murdered a year before my uncle passed. I took this picture in memory of him

I miss my Uncle deeply…After that, I took time out to spend with family, enjoy life away from this fetish realm and just breathe. Sometimes a break is necessary. And though I made time for a couple of my well paying slaves, I more so just needed time away until I felt like coming back. And well…here I am boys. Welcome me with open wallets, presents, worship and gratitude!
I was kind enough to create an awesome ass video for you ebony ass lovers. Wasn’t that nice of me? (giggle) Right now, the only place to get it is in my clips4sale studio. I simply just don’t feel like uploading it to niteflirt right now but it will be available in my member’s area soon. So open those wallets boys and get ready to spend spend SPEND until your cock and my greedy palms are content! Visit my clips4sale Studio NOW! More goodies will be coming soon this week. So keep checking back. I know you will!

Ebony Goddess Update

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How cool is it that I am blogging from my Android phone. Fucking A! This is just a brief update for the subs who have joined my Femdom Palace and is in need of an Ebony fix. Never fear my little slaying addicts, your mistress is still in action. Unfortunately I’m having a little computer trouble which should be taken care of in the next couple of weeks. In the meantime, your dick slaying mistress has been taking a lot of mouth watering pictures for you to worship, drool and secretly wank to. I also have some new videos that I can’t wait to edit and upload to my member’s area as well as my clips4sale studio. Hang tight pets. Don’t even think of weening yourself off of your addiction to me. And don’t bother trying to resist your need to submit and surrender yourself to me. I was designed to be irresistible.

Speak to a dominant Ebony Femdom Fetish Princess sensual domination, small cock humiliation, ass worship, foot worship, cock tease, orgasm denial, guided masturbation, cuckolding, self bukkake, forced intox, anal and strap-on training, financial domination, consensual blackmail, erotic hypnosis and more. $2.99/min. New callers get your first 3 minutes for free!
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That’s all for now boys! Dueces!!

Dreaming of a White Christmas? ~ Self Bukkake

Posted by monique | Cock and Ball torture,Forced Cum Eating,Self Bukkake | Sunday 25 December 2011 10:41 am

Merry Christmas losers! Happy Holidays! Feliz Navidad and all of that good shit. I know some of you are all alone right now and have been lingering on my site this weekend, feeding your addiction and need to serve me. And a few of you actually conjured up the balls to serve me personally instead of indirectly. I have a new cum-slut, a nasty, greasy cock sauce eating money slave who humiliated himself so disgustingly last night all for my amusement. He was into so much; forced intox, CBT, cock tease and orgasm denial, and finally, serving himself a facial and being forced to eat his nasty ball-snot. Ewwww BITCH!!! Since this is the Christmas season, my torturing him had a Christmas theme. “Deck the Balls” “His Nuts Roasting Over an Open Fire” and the ending “Dreaming of a White Christmas”. We decked his balls by clamping wooden clothing pins to his balls. Oh how I wanted pictures of all of those clothing pins adorning his miserable balls. But his whimpering, wincing and screams delighted me to no end. After taking the clothes pins off, I had him tie his balls up with shoe strings nice and tightly. And then he grabbed that nut cracker and I made him squeeze…and squeeze…and squeeze some more while he sang Jingle Bells for me. LMFAO!!! It was the most hilarious thing I heard and saw on cam. The way he slapped his leg I thought he was giving testimony in church. I let him take a brief break and had him play craps with some dice, rolling 3 times and the highest number he got was the number of shots he had to take. Lucky bastard rolled a 6. So I let him cool his heels with his 6 shots of Pinnacle. But then things quickly heated up when I ordered him to grease his balls up with some vegetable oil and get his cigarette lighter. HAHAHAHAHAH!!! I ordered him to get into a squatting position and he licked that flame under his oily balls. That fucker screamed as the flame snapped, crackled, and popped! Woooo! His screams were music to my ears. Shut the fuck up and take it pain slut!!! He was so hot (literally LOL) and turned on he was begging and pleading for me to let him stroke. I did for a little bit. But then I had him take his sneakers and bang his balls as if I were ball kicking his maggot ass. LOL! I let him cool off by rubbing ice cubes over his smoking balls and sore cock. and then the encore of him getting into position and jacking his cock until he shot that fucking load in his mouth with me screaming for him to swallow it down was fucking magnificent. “Are you dreaming of a white Christmas, bitch? Are you? Well here it is! Take it fucker, take it and swallow it!”

Check that loser out! Good job bitch!!! I am always thrilled at how you boys humiliate yourselves for my amusement. *Wink* I will be keeping my Niteflirt listing live for you sluts to call me. That’s my Christmas gift to you losers. Enjoy!

The Power of Black Pussy ~ The Dyck Slayer

Posted by monique | Fetish POV Clips,Tease and Denial | Saturday 24 December 2011 5:28 pm

There is a drug in this world more powerful, more intoxicating, and more addictive than any other drug known to man. This is a drug you can not snort or smoke but it does get you higher than a giraffe’s ass. That drug is none other than the all powerful Ebony Black Pussy. No man can resist it; black, white, Asian NONE!! It is desired, craved, obsessed over and has even caused many ass whippings. Nothing is more dominant than the Black Pussy. How long did you stare at that photo on the left of this blog post? How fast did you download the picture so you could look at a bigger version of it, cock hard, mouth watering, fingers tingling, body in desperate need to serve this black pussy in anyway I command you to. Weak little wimps LOL! That is the whole reason why I made a sexy little fetish video for you called BLACK PUSSY POWER with a close up view of my crotch, leaning in close to the cam, teasing your pathetic dick beyond your wildest dreams. Oh how desperate you will be, your hand will mindlessly wander to your cock as you yearn to soothe that hard-on by letting all kinds of perverse thoughts run through your mind, imagining all the things you could do to satisfy my powerful cunt as you begin to wank…But if only you were man enough to do so. LOL!
Visit my clips4sale studio and buy this video now while it is available. Soon it will be added to my member’s area on my website and will no longer be available in that studio.

Two other hot and sexy fetish videos have been added to my member’s area as well. Crawl into my Femdom Palace and fall deep into a seductive trap with lots of videos, mp3s, photos and humiliation assignments. Don’t bother trying to resist me. I wasn’t designed to be resistible.

Treat yourself to a beautiful Ebony Goddess for Christmas. And spoil me in the process. Your cock will thank you later.

Happy Holidays bitches!!

Speak to an Ebony Fetish Princess on Niteflirt. $4.99/min New Members get your first 3 minutes free when you sign up

Little Cocks…How I hate thee ~ The Dyck Slayer

Posted by monique | Male Humiliation and Degradation,Small Cock Humiliation | Thursday 15 December 2011 4:21 pm

I mentioned in one of my last blog entries that Slave Lil Dick sent me two pictures of his worthless baby penis that damn near killed my appetite. Ugh it was the most gross and sexually devastating thing I have seen in a while. But it let me know that condoms definitely need to be made in various sizes besides the regular and then the magnum. And what Slave Ryan inadvertently did was snitch on himself as I can clearly see from the pictures that he is no longer in chastity. Which means he freed himself without my command. And more than likely he has been pinching that disgusting little minced meat baby dick penis of his as well. Tsk Tsk Tsk Slave Lil Dick. I’m going to fuck you up very soon. I do not like or tolerate disobedient slaves. Being sneaky is a form of undermining me and I will not stand for it. You kept a spare key eh? Let’s see how your balls fair up when we meet for our next session. But any way….
I want you all to tell me what you think of this misfit midget dick loser in this baggy ass condom. A regular condom nonetheless. How fucking pathetic is this shit???
small cock humiliation
^^^^WTF to that shit. LOL What a sexual fuck up! Now you all let me know, should a baby penis fuck up like that be freed from any cock cage ever in life? Abso-fucking-lutely not. That mangled piece of shit is a total eye sore and should never see the light of day. Shit wash it in the dark as a matter of fact. There is another one that is even more pathetic but I think I will throw that one up on my wall of shame in the member’s area. Want to see it loser? Of course you do! Click the banner below and join my Femdom Palace today

This further let’s me know that condoms definitely are not one size fit all. I mean did you see how much space was left in that shit. WTF to that!!! Got damn he could probably squeeze his miserable balls in there at the same time. Jeez Louise Loser, no wonder you are still a virgin HAHAHAHAH!!
Condoms should be made like clothes. The same way I don’t want to see a super sized fat bitch in a skimpy dress is the same way tiny cocks should not be seen in condoms that are clearly too big for them. So condoms should come in sizes. Extra small for cocks under 5 inches. Small for cocks that are 5-7 inches. Medium for cocks 7 1/2 to 9 inches. Large for 9-10 inches and anything over than that is platinum dick and deserves the GOLD WRAPPER. MAGNUM BABY!! But because men make condoms and men will never admit to having a small cock because they think it takes away from their masculinity, that will not happen. I mean imagine how hilarious it would be if a man came up to the counter with a box of extra small condoms and a hot sales associate was behind the counter…wait…That idea has merit…hehehehehehe Later losers!!!

Ebony Femdom Palace is now OPEN!

Posted by monique | Ebony Money Mistress,Goddess Update,The Dyck Slayer | Wednesday 14 December 2011 7:27 pm
The moment that you boys have been patiently waiting for has now arrived. My Femdom Palace is now open for slaves to worship me even more than you have before. I have included an assortment of fetish videos, mp3s, humiliation assignments as well as a photo gallery which will all be updated on a weekly basis. Some of you have already began to crawl in like good boys and you are showing your appreciation for this fetish playground I have made available for you. I am always seeking new boys to serve me adequately through femdom and goddess worship, male humiliation, ass worship, foot worship, cock and ball torture, small cock humiliation and more.
Lately I have been decorating my house for the Christmas holiday and am enjoying the gifts that some of you boys have been sending me. Do you see the picture on your left? Yes, it says it all! Feed my greed bitch! Spend that money, relinquish that cash and give it all to me. I will never ask a slave to give me money, as that is not the nature of a BDSM and financial domination relationship. You simply will give it to me because I deserve it and you DON’T! You will give me that cash because your money is better spent on making my life more lavish and relaxed as you go without to insure that I have all that I want. HEHE! I love it when boys fill out my contact form asking if I can drain their bank accounts once they give me their information. If you truly want me to drain that cash from you bitch, pull the money from your wallet, from your bank accounts, from your credit cards, crawl to me on your hands and knees and put it in my greedy palms. That is the way YOU will suffer a wallet raping. You will never tell me or suggest to me how to take your money. That is too much like gaining the upper hand. And I will never be topped from the bottom. Simply pay me bitch because it feels so good when you do so. The only orgasm you will experience is when your wallet ejaculates that cash into my hands. LOL! You can start by joining my site so click on the banner below. Pay to access more of my Ebony Perfection.
Ebony Femdom Palace
Here is a taste of what my Fetish Goddess Photo Gallery consists of
Ebony Goddess Monique Boot Worship Mistress Ebony leg worship Ebony Money Mistress

Yes, you cannot resist because I was not designed to be irresistable. You will serve me, you will pay me, and you will crawl to my site every single day yearning to have more and more of me…Until next time…bitches!

New Ebony Fetish Videos and Photo Gallery

Posted by monique | Clips4sale Videos,Ebony Money Mistress,Fetish POV Clips,Goddess Update | Monday 12 December 2011 1:24 pm

Your Ebony Goddess has been very busy lately putting together the last touches on my Member’s Area. Oh you boys are in for a treat once you gain access to my fetish playground. From fetish videos, to fetish mp3s, humiliation assignments, private fetish cam shows, and a big surprise only for members who join. I have spent the weekend taking lots of photos for you boys to enjoy and more are certain to come.
But for now, I have 2 new fetish videos that have been added to my clips4sale studio. I will be adding them to the member’s area ONLY. Once they have been added to the member’s area, they will no longer be available on clips4sale and the only way to see your Ebony Perfection is to JOIN of course. And I know you will. Because you can’t resist when given the opportunity to have more of me.

I have these kick ass boots that a slave of mine bought me. I almost forgot about them until I was organizing my boots and shoes for the season. I put them on with this little black mini and couldn’t help but to get in front of the camera and turn out some kick ass photos and a total Goddess worship and boot fetish video
worship an ebony fetish princess

Yes slave, worship me from my gorgeous face all the way down to my fabulous heel. You will fall in love with me, no doubt. It’s inevitable. You’re already in love with me now, this video will just seal the deal for you. (Evil Grin) I had so much fun making this video. My legs are fucking stunning and so is my plump ebony ass. Ha! I’m just stunning from head to toe period. Hehehe and I let you know just how powerful my beauty is in this video. My cockiness is too savory for you to swallow so just suck on it. Crawl over to my clips4sale studio and buy the video while it’s available now.

Buy the video now and fall deeper into your addiction to me. Of course I won’t stop until you over dose on some Goddess Monique, the strongest drug known to man. LOL!
That is all for now. I must get back to putting the final touches on this member’s area so you boys can flock inside. But I will be blogging later on about my Slave Ryan who sent me pictures of his cock last night that was absolutely ridiculous! LOL! Boy I tell you, whoever said that condoms are one size fit all were fucking lying! And when you see what he sent me, you will know exactly what I am talking about. Ta-Ta for now SLUTS!!

Irresistable Ebony Ass for Butt Sluts

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I have been having so much fun lately playing with my new camera that I can’t help taking tempting pictures of my Ebony Perfection to tease your dinky dicks and torment your submissive souls with. And I know many of you have a boner already just from looking that the picture on the left. No wanky wanky just yet my pets. You won’t be easing the pain of that raging hard-on to that picture when there is something much more mouth watering in store for you.

A few of my slaves have asked me numerous times to put together picture packets of my luscious, thick ebony ass to purchase through Niteflirt. Lucky you that I have taken time out of my busy day to put together two picture packs for you to click, pay and stroke to. I am making them available to my loyal slaves only on my site first before I release them for the less deserving minions on Niteflirt. (evil laugh) So buy them now bitch. And surrender that cock and cash to its true owner-Me of course…DUH!! I have made updates to my clips4sale studio. But you can read all about my hot new videos in my next blog entry (licking my tongue at you). I’ve been such a greedy, bratty little fucking tease these past couple of days. And you boys can’t get enough.


Ass Fetish Picture Pack 1


Picture Pack 2

Have you thought of what you can do to please your Ebony Femdom Mistress? Well you know I am always looking for new slaves to serve me, spoil me, tribute me and give me all that I desire. My wishlist is up and being updated when I have the time. I want lots and lots of Christmas presents from you boys: Lingerie, corsets, leather high heel boots, sexy stiletto heel shoes, expensive tight fitting jeans, sweet smelling perfume from Juicy Couture and Chanel, fashionable, trendy handy bags, clutches, and hobos, jewelry, cash, and electronics. Pull out that wallet, get your credit cards, make tracks over to my wishlist and begin shopping for me now pets. I want it all so feed my greed!!

Ebony Money Mistress Fetish Videos

Posted by monique | Ebony Money Mistress,Foot and Shoe Fetish,Goddess Update | Thursday 8 December 2011 10:12 am

I know all of you are digging this picture aren’t you. Ha! There is a hot video to go along with it as well as other photos. I’ve been under the weather recently and just had no desire to do any fetish videos or Mp3s. But that didn’t stop the endless emails and IM’s from a few of my loyal submissive slaves and admirers wondering when and how they can serve me as well as if I had any new fetish mp3s and videos. Well, yesterday I was feeling much better and turned out some hot pictures which I will be adding on my website for slaves to purchase through Niteflirt. I know many of you just can’t get enough of my plump round ass and look forward to any opportunity I give you to worship it.  (Evil laughter) I received an email from one slave saying how much he craved to have me beat his face with my ass and if he had to choose the way he died it would be from me smothering him to death with my thick, ebony ass. He stated the last thing he wanted to hear before he took his final breath were my cynical giggles. I couldn’t help but laugh at the little ass bitch. It never ceases to amaze me how creative some of your minds work as well as the things you say to me. His email prompted me to do another ass fetish video yesterday which is selling rather well on clips4sale. I will be posting on my website for you to purchase as well. But for now, just feast your fucking eyes on this delectable ebony ass, drool over my beauty and surrender that cash before you even think of wanking that miserable cock to my ebony perfection.

When you wake up in the morning, the first thing on your pea brain should be: How can I serve Goddess Monique today? What can I do to put a smile on Goddess Monique’s gorgeous face? Christmas is coming soon so gifts are always a good way to please me and stay in my good graces. So simply crawl your way over to my Amazon Wishlist and begin shopping for me like a good pet.

Gift certificates and Niteflirt tributes are always welcomed. But in the mean time, to experience degrading wallet expenditures, humiliating money extractions and other forms of fetish fun, surrender yourself to me on Niteflirt by calling my femdom line

That is all for now, slaves. But trust there will be more to come.

Worship an Ebony Femdom Fetish Princess

Posted by monique | Ebony Money Mistress,Goddess Update,The Dyck Slayer | Tuesday 22 November 2011 11:40 pm

So I got a new camera and was playing around with it along with the studio lights that one of my loyal slaves purchased for me. That is just one of the many delicious photos that I turned out. I didn’t use much lighting but this freaking camera rocks LOL! Tonight I more than likely will be back in front of the camera again simply because (doing a vogue pose) the camera loves me. And you bitches love me too!

Christmas is approaching fast so you boys need to make tracks over to my Amazon wishlist and begin buying my Christmas presents at once. I will be adding new things, shoes, pocket books, Sephora make-up, lingerie, and other trinkets that I would like to have. All you have to do is select, click, and pay to ensure that the presents don’t stop.

I know many of you love sending me gift certificates. I enjoy Victoria’s Secret as well as Bebe, Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom’s, Saks Fifth Avenue, Sears, and Macy’s gift certificates. Send them all to Feed my greed bitch! (Wicked Laughter)

I have a lovely new CBT task that I will be releasing in Mp3 format this week so you bitch boys can hear my silky, sultry voice as I wreak havoc on your worthless balls. Buy it, try it and put your balls under my sadistic care.

Next week I will be engaging in a shopping expenditure with my Cissi Slave. He has been seeking to take me on a shopping trip for quite some time now and can’t wait to slip my perfect pedicured feet into a pair of fashionable pumps or sexy leather boot. I can’t wait to get pictures of him catering to me as a slave should cater to his Ebony Princess, and carrying all of my bags as I will not be damaging my manicure. Stay tuned pets. I know how desperately you wish you too could partake in a real time session with your Dick Slaying Ebony Mistress. Conjure up the courage and fill out my Contact Form. Stop being a bitch about it. Your measly cock will thank you later.

That’s all for now. I just wanted to drop a line real quick, share a couple pics for you to drool over LOL!

Spend that cash, chump!

Serve me on Niteflirt

Worship this Ebony Femdom Fetish Princess. Serve, Suffer, Sacrifice!

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