Big Dick Humiliation ~ The Dyck Slayer

Posted by monique | Male Humiliation and Degradation,The Dyck Slayer | Saturday 12 November 2011 9:18 am

What makes you think you are immune to the powers of this Ebony dick slaying Mistress just because you have what you think to be a normal sized dick? Oh, because your cock is 8 inches, that means you get a Dyck Slayer’s free pass? PSSST HAHAHAHAHA! No male-bitch is going to become an alpha male strictly based on his penis sized. Simply because you have a penis makes you the inferior sex. Why, you ask? Because 90% of you cock whores think with your dick which causes you to make some pretty dumb decisions in your life. You are ruled by the pleasures of having a cock. You’re penis leads you around on a sexual leash before I even get my hands on you. And because of that, numb-nuts, you are inferior, I am your keeper and will have you as my bitch. (smirking)

Dumb ass Alvin crawls to me on yahoo after doing a Google search for dominant black mistresses and finding this fetish diary. Reading it intrigued him and he foolishly assumed that I only prey on the weak limp dick bitch-boys. He says to me: Well Goddess, as I read through your blog I couldn’t help but to feel sorry for the limp dick losers as you called them because I figured maybe if they had a nice sized cock like mine, they wouldn’t be so submissive. (Oh…you think so…?) So of course for humor I asked him how big was his dick. I could tell by the way he typed his answer that his chest was poked out in pride and his dumb ass head (probably both) were up in the air in a snotty trust fund kid kind of manner who thinks he has one up and over on his teachers. He said a whopping 8 inches. PAAAAAAAA!!! I inserted the yahoo emotican that rolls around laughing to drive my point home. And he asked me why I was laughing at him. My response was THAT AIN’T SHIT!!! And then this is where dick bragging went wrong. He says to me, well mistress I think having a cock my size with my thickness is a big deal. How many of your tiny dick servants can suck the head of their own penis? (((crickets)))-Did he just say what I think he just said? Of course I called his bluff and he offered to show me if I didn’t believe him, sounding proud as if he would become my equal once he proved himself to be an alpha male with his big 8 inch dick. Pwaaaa. He did not have a Niteflirt account so I allowed him to tribute me another way which he gladly did just so he could “show off”. And this is where The Dyck Slayer kidnapped his manhood. Once he showed me he could suck the head of his own dick I put his ass back on the floor and had him continue to suck it, humiliating and degrading him telling him he was a typical dumb ass man who let his dick size and his money decide where he ranked among the scheme of things. I told him he was going to suck himself off until he ejaculated in his mouth. HAHAHAHHAHA! And he did, whimpering, whining, damn near crying when the first drops of pre-cum entered his cock sucking mouth. He begged me to have mercy on him as he claimed to learn his lesson. Oh no bitch, the lesson is learned when I decide that it’s learned. He sucked and sucked and…sucked some more until he started to cum. Oh his screams were delightful when it got in his mouth. He tried to dodge and I let him know it would be a lot worse if he didn’t eat it all up. And swallow it bitch. LOL! I knew he wanted to go gargle mouth wash or puke so I instructed him to leave another tribute and go on about his business. He ran like a bitch runs from an after school ass whipping. HAHAHHA! Who runs the world? GIRLS!! I later received this email from him:

Dear Goddess Monique,
I have never been humiliated, degraded or put in my place in such a fashion. I have served a few mistresses before but it was always in a manner of ass worship, foot worship things like that. I never crossed this line in BDSM because I thought other fetish kinks were for submissive men with small cocks who could only get attention from a beautiful Goddess if they humiliated themselves. I was wrong. And now I question my own submissiveness. Am I gay now after what you did to me? Does this mean I am a cock sucker? As humiliating as it was, the experience was so out of this world I can’t help but have another hard-on and crave to hear you in my ear again putting me in my place. Your name is well deserved Goddess. I hope to earn the right to speak with you again”

I saw that in my Niteflirt account met with a $200 tribute. What a degrading cock slaying early in the morning. Oh bitch-men, you will learn today got-damn it because I am going to teach you, break your ass down and rob you of your man-hood. You will learn that little dick midget bitches aren’t my only victims. I enjoy robbing men of their man-hood, shattering their egos and crushing their pride. Do you really want to know how much of a man you are?

Cock & Ball Brutal beat downs ~ The Dyck Slayer

Posted by monique | Cock and Ball torture,Ebony Money Mistress,The Dyck Slayer | Wednesday 9 November 2011 8:52 am

Some of you losers probably see me in your worst CBT nightmares LOL! You wake up screaming and clutching your nuts, pulling your boxers down (or tighty whities and for some of you panties-lol) to check to make sure your cock and balls are still in tact, free from chastity and not suffering from Blue Ball-Itis. (Wicked Bitch laughter). And then you let out a sigh of relief, close your eyes lay back down and when you open them, I’m laying next to you, leaning on my elbow, beautiful face grinning at you, shiny leather corset with my cleavage daring you to look closer, black french cut laced panties and thigh high stockings. As frightened as you are, you get a complete boner. You mumble “Goddess” breathlessly and close your eyes as my hand caresses your face. My fingers trace your jaw line down to your neck…Before I grab you in a one handed choke hold, and give you a hard knee to the groin. WAKE THE FUCK UP! LOL Talk about a nightmare WITHIN a nightmare. See how easily I can turn sugar to shit? See how easily I can go from being the GODDESS of your wettest dreams to the BITCH MISTRESS of your worst nightmares? I do it so effortlessly and you freaks of nature love it.

I wonder how many nightmares did Slave Lil Dick have. The little dick fat-so disappeared for a couple of weeks frightened that I had done permanent damage to his wittle chestnuts after our Real Time Ball Kicking session. LOL! He posted a message in a forum on Fetlife expressing concern over how black and blue his balls had become. (I can’t stop laughing) Little Dick didn’t know that I am also on Fetlife and in the same group as he, so when he posted I got an email notification. Though I believe his name is different on there I knew it was him. Too much of a coincidence. (I’m really laughing my ass off over here) So Slave little dick more than likely thought his balls were done for. It shouldn’t matter BLUE NUTS YOU’RE A FREAKING VIRGIN! That tiny dick isn’t crawling inside of any pussy, not even pity pussy. I would be doing women a huge favor by getting rid of those disgusting things LOL! But now Slave Lil Dick is back and is requesting another session. Talk about a glutton for punishment. That last kick to the balls I gave you, you survived that. Let’s see how your balls fair up against me this tiime. (wicked devilish laughter). This one I will definitely record so some of you can witness me in action.

What can I do to end this suffering, Goddess?” That is the key phrase that my pets use now when ever their balls are under my care whether it’s Cock and Ball torture or a brutal tease and denial session like the one I dished out yesterday. My response will always be: Simply bitch, send me a tribute…a nice one (giggle). And you will, because I said so. Which brings me to my final slave bitch I’ll be speaking of before I go on about my fabulous day. Docker is a slave for UK that found me on another femdom site. He is a CBT SLUT! He claimed no mistress has ever brought him to his knees. I do love a challenge. I won’t even mention the method that I used to make him scream uncle in 5 minutes flat as I know I am being watched and I would hate for my ideas to be stolen. But after that I made him turn on his camera so I could see my handy work and wow his cock looked like it was raked across the coals. HAHAHAHAH! But then I saw something that disgusted me. I saw nasty sweaty, stinky pubic hair EWWWW you nasty fuck-O! It’s bad enough his cock was ugly but you have ball hairs too?! He had to be punished. Soooo I made him get some duct tape and a few other items and made him perform a bootleg bikini wax. How, you ask? Use your little fucking imagination. “What’s the phrase that pays?” I asked him when he began to beg me for mercy. “Goddess, how can I end this suffering?” Simply bitch, send a tribute…a nice one. And so he did…And so will you!

Wondering what the gift of the day is? Surprise me bitch! Get over to my wish list and begin shopping for your Dick Slaying Ebony Money Mistress

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The Dyck Slayer-I Slay, You PAY!!

Mmmm Nothing compliments an Autumn day here in Philly like COLD HARD CASH! But things can quickly heat up when that cash is coupled with a slave who is willing and able to serve, suffer and sacrifice for his Ebony Dyck Slaying Mistress, Goddess Monique. PrincessAddict comes and goes every now and then but when he comes, he comes ready to serve with a cock to offer as his sacrifice and his wallet to pay for that sacrifice. PrincessAddict has a smoking fetish. Not only is he a pack a day Malboro man but he loves when his Mistress sits parched on her throne, dominant legs crossed, leather strappy high heel boot covered feet swinging back and forth lightly, slender Newport Menthol trapped between 2 perfectly manicured fingers as he awaits patiently on his hands and knees to be treated like a pathetic human ashtray. But yesterday I was not in the mood to ONLY have him flicker his own ashes in his mouth and swallow them down like fiery candy. And I wasn’t going to do the lame “stick out your tongue so I can put out my butt” routine. No we played a game of heads or tails. Heads, he mashed his flaming cigarette out on the head of his dick. Tails: he mashed his flaming cigarette out on his shriveled up balls. Ooooh Princess Addict became so excited I could see his pathetic mini meat standing at attention on camera. His hands shook with excitement as he took trembling drags on his smoke. About mid-way through, I told him to flip his quarter. And so he did. And it landed on heads. He said but Mistress, I haven’t finished my cigarette. I told him don’t question me, bitch. Put the fucking cigarette tip to your dick and feel that flame. I laughed at his screams. He tributed like a good bitch and the game went on a little longer. But then I quickly became bored as most Geminis do so I had him send me another tribute and then sent him to fetch his jar of Vaseline. He greased his balls up wondering what my twisted and sadistic mind could be up to now. HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE! I made him grab his cigarette light and sit on the very edge of his chair so that his nasty hair balls hung over the edge. And then I made him flicker that flame. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Your nuts roasting over an open fire (In my Nat King Cole voice) Ball hairs burning from the roots. HAHAHAHA! He screamed, winced, begged, pleaded Goddess what can I do to end this suffering…? My response: Send me a tribute bitch. A nice one. He said right away & sent a fabulous tribute through Niteflirt. $$$$ That’s right bitches. I Slay, You Pay. (giggle)

An ass fetish boy came to me yesterday begging to see me on cam as he just can’t get enough of my perfect round ass encased in a pair of sexy black nylons.

So I teased and taunted him, dyck slaying his miserable carcass of a penis in another way. I teased him with my lucious round ass in those nylons until he damn near started crying. He wanted so badly to stroke. He needed me to part my sexy full lips and grant him permission to stroke. He NEEDED me to allow him his 5 seconds of fame as he shot his nasty load all over himself. He needed to do something to make ME happy, FIRST. What’s the magic words, asspig? “Goddess, how can I end this suffering?” Me: Simply bitch, send a tribute. A nice one. (giggle) And so he did. And so I ended his suffering…for all of about 5 minutes. That’s about how long his stroking lasted before he bust his pathetic nut. But I got that cock rock hard again with a picture of me in a sexy red thong with my ass covered in shea butter, glistening in the light. I think I heard him scream….Queen of Blue Ball Itis-The Dyck Slayer. I slay, YOU PAY!!! Later bitches. (wicked laughter)

Forced Black Cock Eating by The Dyck Slayer

Wouldn’t you just love for me to take you under my evil, sadistic wing, strap a collar around your neck with a leash connected to it, strip you of your clothes, your frivolous male pride, place you on your hands and knees and make you crawl to your destination? Make you crawl to where you belong-in front of a powerful, black mandingo cock serving as his cock sucker and my cuckold. Yes, that is a beautiful image embedded into your mind now, isn’t it? What better way to serve this dark, dick slaying money mistress than to put your mouth to work and submit to your new master-that beautiful black daddy dick- with me guiding you, instructing you, even forcing you if necessary. You won’t resist me as you know serving me any way I see fit is the best opportunity you could have ever hoped for. So yes bitch, you will suck cock, take cock in your ass, relinquish all rights to your useless, meaningless penis by locking it away in chastity with no hopes of getting pussy, or any orgasms by humping Mrs. Hand-Cunt. You will submit to me and become my bitch. Or you will suffer endlessly as I brutalize your cock and balls. (Evil & wicked laughter)

What can you do to please Goddess, today?” Hmm Let’s see…As you know I enjoy tributes as well as gift certificates. But I also want to expand my wall of dick slaying shame with more pictures of losers I have locked in chastity, emascualated by adorning them with make-up, panties and girly outfits as well as getting them to practice their cock sucking technique on a pretty, long rubber schlong. So crawl your ass over to my Humiliation Assignments and Tasks page and pick out an assignment, complete it, take a photo of your pathetic ass in action and send it to me so you can be added to my Dick Slaying Wall of Shame.
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What’s New, Goddess Monique?
I created a few new fetish mp3s which you can purchase from my Fetish Mp3 Store. CBT instructions, Small Cock Humiliation and my favorite since so many of you think you have a chance with me-Impotence Embarrassment. Buy them, listen to them and experience your emasculation-Dyck Slayer Style-as you listen to my voice.
A new Fetish Video has been added to my Clips4Sale store. Forced Black Cock Sucking

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A slave’s guide to serving the Ebony Money Mistress-Goddess Monique

Posted by monique | Amazon Wishlist shopping,Ebony Money Mistress | Saturday 5 November 2011 8:02 am

“Mistress, how can I be of use to you?” “What can I do to please you?” “How can I make you happy, Princess?” I get these questions many times each day and the answer is always the same: TRIBUTE ME, SPOIL ME, PAMPER ME, SHOP FROM MY AMAZON WISH LIST, BUY ME SHOES, ADOPT A BILL, WORSHIP ME ON CAM (After you’ve proven your worth) ENDURE SEVERE EMASCULATION AND MALE EGO CRUSHING THROUGH MY MALE DEGRADATION AND HUMILIATION ASSIGNMENTS! That is how you please Goddess Monique. Flattery will get you little to no where with me if it isn’t met with some form of monetary tribute, gift, tithe or some form of service to me. I’m complimented on my gorgeous looks and sex appeal each day I walk out of my house and go about my day by strange men that I pass by. Men that will probably never see me again but couldn’t help but stop me and tell me how beautiful I am. But if you desire to be in my presence or have me acknowledge yours, then you need to show me your worth. So each day I will leave three things in my blog for some of you slaves to do to make your Goddess happy.

The first is sending a tribute

Slaves can also send an Amazon Gift Certificate to

Slaves can also visit my Amazon wish list and buy me a gift of the day. Today is Saturday November 5th 2011. The gift of today is this cute Canon digital Camera

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Small Cock Humiliation Fetish Mp3s

Posted by monique | Fetish and Hypnosis Mp3s,Niteflirt Fetish Goddess | Saturday 5 November 2011 7:39 am

Eww you all know I hate a midget dick loser. Gross, pencil dick, shriveled up tiny cocks, losers that are hung like fleas with their teeny baby dicks make me absolutely sick! Nevertheless, I get a kick out of humiliating, tormenting, and teasing you whether it’s just by verbal abuse with me telling you how worthless you are, how inadequate you are and how your pathetic ass couldn’t buy pussy with that baby dick, the bitch would more than likely take your money, laugh at you and leave. Or if I just virtually cuckold you with my favorite 9 1/2 inch dildo (how pathetic that a rubber dick gets more pussy than you?) Or telling you all about my tall, very sexy, built like a running back boy-toy with a “make me scream and claw his back as I squirt all over him” 10 inch dick. Ha many of you losers feel even smaller when I tell you about my stallion lover. You’re jealous, I know. You wish you were him (dream on). And all you can do is wish you could at least sit outside my door or hide underneath my bed as we get it on. LOL! You pathetic bitch!

Listen to how even more pathetic you are with this Small Cock Humiliation Mp3. I’ll be loading it to my Fetish Mp3 page to my website. If you aren’t an exclusive member on my Niteflirt customer list, don’t panic bitch, I’m making it available for you here and now. So click it, pay for it, listen closely and shrink into an even smaller non-existant bitch than you already are. LOL HAHAHAHAHAHA!!

Seeking to serve an Ebony Femdom Fetish Money Mistress? Good boy, as I am looking for new submissive slaves to serve me as I see fit, endure my bittersweet and degrading abuse through completion of Male Humiliation and Degradation Assignments and Tasks, and Shopping Pets to spoil, pamper and tribute me. If you are a true submissve slave with a belief in female superiority, enjoys having that cash extracted by a dominant Ebony Princess and wish to spoil and tribute, send a tribute through Niteflirt to begin your world-wind slave boy adventure!

Ebony Femdom Fetish Videos-Forced Masturbation

Posted by monique | Clips4sale Videos,Fetish POV Clips,Forced Masturbation | Saturday 5 November 2011 7:13 am

In all of the madness with Peter and his retarded trailor trash step-whore, I completely forgot to let my slaves and followers know about my latest fetish clips and mp3s that are selling like water to a dehydrated bitch in the sahara desert.

I received a request for a forced masturbation video and thought to myself, hmmm I have quit a few jack off junkies, why not recruit a few more. But see there is a twist to this fetish clip. This is not some tease and deny, bring you to the brink of orgasm and snatch it away as I continue to make you stroke. Oh no, stroker addict. I’m making you stroke as hard, as fast and as long as I SAY! Even after you shoot your frivolous load, I force you to continue stroking as I know this will cause you pain. And your pain is my gain which awakens my sadistic side even more. Of course I verbally humiliate you as well as tease and taunt you with my hot, kick ass ebony body, making you even more harder and even more desperate for mercy. But I am not merciful at all in this clip. TASTE MY WRATH-BITCH!!

If you have a Niteflirt account, you can visit my Niteflirt page and make your purchase by clicking the banner below. Become one of my newest Jack Off Junkies and fall victim to my abuse

This fetish clip is also available in my clips4sale studio

I’ve also made some new Fetish Mp3s but I’ll make a seperate blog entry about those. Later for now, dick faces!

Blackmail Trap gets Heated

Posted by monique | Blackmail Fetish,Ebony Foot Fetish | Friday 4 November 2011 10:38 pm

Well well well! Things are starting to get pretty interesting with my blackmail pet, Peter. For those of you who do not know who Peter is, you need to scroll back a few entries and read up on him. Peter is a blackmail bitch who got himself in way deeper than he expected. You see, Peter was used to some of these bubble gum mistresses that toy with fun and games and little pussy parlor tricks. He had no idea how trendy, crafty and nifty I am when sucking in a blackmail fetish victim. And now he is paying dearly.

A couple of months ago, Peter thought he was going to bullshit me and not make one of his weekly payments like he is supposed to. I guess he thought I wasn’t going to take action. Dumb ass. I have so much on him, if I wanted to I could sink little Richard’s (oops did I just say his real name hahahahahaha) ship at the drop of a hat. As I stated in a previous blog entry I made a trip to Peter’s house and met his fat ass wife as I posed as a Mary Kay sales agent. (LOL)! I left a business card with my name and telephone number after telling the wife that Peter referred her because she constantly complained about her blemished skin and crow feet eyes. HAHAHAHA The look on her face was priceless. After wifey chewed him a new ass hole for daring to tell a little black gal such lies, Peter sent his weekly $500 tribute and quickly tucked his tail like a good bitch. Well…something wicked this way comes again HAHAHAHAHA

I don’t know if Peter sent his step-daughter my way figuring another female would do well in taming me and getting me back under control. (Big fucking miscalculation on his end) Or if his step-daughter had been suspicious of his behavior and was suspicious of the visit I made to the house a few months back. But the bitch called me. At first I told her she had the wrong number but she insisted she spoke with “Monique” the Mary Kay consultant. When I told her she had the wrong number she hollers “No bitch, I know you’re fucking my dad and it ends today…” WOAAAAAAAH This bitch really just tried to get fly with me like I’m some Clueless movie Extra from tinsil town. I quickly had to put her in check letting her know I knew who was really fucking her step-dad as well as a few of her dirty little secrets. That bitch was shut down instantaneously. Now I’m not into the whole recording calls, I’ve done it a couple times and used it against a slave during out Blackmail Rendevous. But this bitch had to be recorded. I’m going to polish it up a little and release it sometime this weekend. Along with a slutty little picture that her dear old step dad gave me a while back when divulging some of his own dirt. Peter, if you sent this bitch my way, you have no idea who you are fucking with. You have no idea how merciless I am and can be when I’m tested. Pussy, I pass with flying colors meanwhile your ass is about to fail so badly I may need to put your ass in remedial blackmail class so you can quickly learn who runs this shit and who gets run over. Now on the other hand, if you didn’t send that fat long titty having pale bitch my way, you’re still going to suffer. Hell both of you are going to suffer as I enjoy teaching the both of you the folly of your pathetic ways. Stay tune losers, this shit is about to get CRAZY!! Oh and PS Peter so you know that I’m not bullshitting you, I didn’t forget about the birth mark just above your step-daughters ass that you like to treat as a bullz-eye when shooting your spunk PUNK! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Ebony Goddess Putting Losers on Ignore

Posted by monique | Ebony Money Mistress,Goddess Update | Tuesday 1 November 2011 6:18 pm

Yahoo IM boxes pop up one after the other with losers looking for my attention. But if that yahoo chat box isn’t popping up with a notification from Niteflirt letting me know a tribute has landed, your ass is put on indefinite ignore. Some of you have quickly grasped the concept of a BDSM relationship with me. Some of you dickwads still have not gotten it. I will not talk to you if you have not tributed me or if you are not paying to talk to me on Niteflirt or through my private 1-866 line. And the only way to get to THAT number is if you have proven your worth. I simply will not talk to you for free. Gift certificates are welcomed and even purchases from my wishlist. But if you are not doing something for me, paying me, tributing me, spoiling, shopping for me, paying my bills, what the fuck do I look like talking to you. Losers pay me to ignore them so I have absolutely no problem putting a loser on ignore.

In other news, I have been working hard putting together the members area as promised but I have been side tracked as all of a sudden a slew of fetish video request have been coming my way since I put up that last foot fetish video and that ass worship video. You losers simply can not get enough of me. So tonight I will be filming and you can expect to see these new trendy fetish clips in my clips4sale studio as well as on my website where you can purchase them through Niteflirt.

Andrew has been a good boy in sending his tribute as required. Just out of curiosity, he wanted to know what his buy out would be at this point. When I told him, he got a complete boner and sent me an additional Niteflirt tribute of $400. You see, that’s how you treat this Ebony Goddess. Of course I know some of you are not into blackmail. You don’t have the balls to go round for round with me. So you would much rather watch as I demolish some other poor bastard. That’s fine, bitch. But eventually, you will come to serve me in other ways and I will have you anyway that I want and anyway that I see fit.

My toilet slave is probably feeling neglected. He has been waiting almost a month for me to strike. LOL! Goddess has been busy toying with other slaves and working on my book. But now I have my sites set on you and I will be filming your new assignment instructions tonight. Expect to see it in your Niteflirt inbox as a PTV sucker!

For those of you who are not serving me, don’t inbox me or message me with bull shit questions and requests to humiliate and degrade yourself unless you are prepared to do so via PTV (Pay to View) meaning, I give you a humiliating assignment and you pay to see it and complete. We can do it other ways of course with you sending me a tribute for my time on Yahoo. Or you can call my Niteflirt line and serve me over the phone. Maybe if you are a good little bitch, I will allow you to see me. Maybe…LOL!

I am seeking Real time slaves for sessions. I bought some kick ass heels that I would love to trample one fo you bitches in, kick you in the balls, make you lick and suck my dirty heel. (Evil grin) If you wish to schedule a real time session, fill out a contact form and send it to me. That’s all for now bitches (sticking my tongue out at you fuckheads)

Ebony Fetish Clips4Sale POV Videos

Posted by monique | Clips4sale Videos,Ebony Foot Fetish,Ebony Money Mistress,Goddess Update | Saturday 29 October 2011 8:44 pm

The moment that many of you losers have been waiting for. I have extended my fetish clips store on my website by adding 12 new clips for you to buy, drool and wank to. I know you will be wanking your miserable maggot cock as catching a boner is inevitable when seeing my sexy dominant ass in action. Everything from male humilation POV clips to foot worship, and ass worship has been included in my clip store. Buy them all now and add them to your collection. You know you want to as this tentalizing gorgeous Ebony Princess is too much for you to resist.
I have made some changes and updates to my website as I prepare to launch the members area for you to pay to join. So many of you have been messaging me wondering when I will make this available to you. I’ve been busy working on other projects and just have not had the time. But soon my pets. Just be patient. After all, what else can you do?
I checked my website email from the contact forms that many of you fill out and I find myself junking a good chunk of them as they are from losers who have not grasped the idea that I am a MONEY MISTRESS meaning you better be in the act of spoiling, pampering, paying, tributing and/or shopping for me if you wish to gain an ounce of my attention. I am not interested in a friendship outside of a BDSM power exchanging relationship. If that is not something you are into, do not message me. I could care less how intoxicated you become from my gorgeous ass. Flattery will get you no where unless it is coupled with cold hard cash! The only Real Time session you should be inquiring about is the possibility of worshiping me, enduring gut wrenching pain as I mangle your balls, shopping trips as you spoil and pamper me live and in person, you know- sessions along those lines. We will not be going to lunch, dinner nor breakfast as your pathetic ass is not fit to be my man or my companion. Just a weak little piggy bank for me to crack open and extract all of the cash that I want from you. Nevertheless, some of you feel the need to try anyways. Poor bastards. You don’t have a chance in hell.

Right now I am only seeking money slaves, submissives who are true believers of female supremacy, male submission and female domination, slaves who wish to spoil, pamper and hand over that cash with undying loyalty no questions asked. If that is you, then proceed with a tribute. A handsome tribute that shows just how much you wish to be of use to me. That is all for now piggies. Dueces!!

New foot fetish clip for foot worshipers and foot freaks. Buy it from my clips4sale studio

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