Mourning a Fallen Flirt

Posted by monique | Femdom Friends | Saturday 17 September 2011 4:36 pm

I have been in this industry for a few years but purposely did not make many friends as I know a business like this, you can not have too many in your circle. The few friends that I have who are on Niteflirt or just fellow femdoms who enjoy being in the BDSM lifestyle I don’t chat with often, but they are still some of the coolest chicks I’ve ever had the privilege to mingle with. Today however, is a sad day for me as I have just been given some devastating news. I’ve learned that a fellow domina, friend and flirt has passed away recently. I can not release her name per request but I felt it necessary to honor her in this blog post. I met her 3 years ago in a yahoo chat session that another fellow flirt orchestrated to bring a lot of us together just to talk shop, laugh about ordinary day to day events and just have a good time as we took a break from our slaves and boy toys. She was awesome from the start with a great sense of humor, funny as all hell and very crafty when it came to her slaves and submissives. We would chat almost everyday on yahoo, swap ideas or just browse boutiques online for shopping adventures. This particular femdom always told me, “Monique, you are so talented and fucking awesome. I can see you becoming a successful writer because your imagination and your way with words is just fucking great!” I would laugh it off and say “Ahh, you know us Geminis are naturally crazy and it comes in handy in most cases.” She knew about the book I wrote, being a published author and was totally behind me in pursuing this talent further. Even the last conversation that we had in March she reminded me how witty, and talented and gifted I am. How I would be such a success when I finally step into the Literary world. She parted with a tribute to a very special person in my life as it was their birthday that day. I noticed for a while I had not seen her on my yahoo for a while but I know there had been times where I disappeared for a while so I thought maybe she was taking a break. Now I learn today that is not the case. Words can not express the sadness and anguish that I feel over her passing. When I say this woman was fucking awesome, she truly was. And not just as a domina, but as a strong woman all around. She had the heart of gold and at times would let me vent about my personal life challenges and had some of the best sound advice I could have asked for. But as another Flirt told me, she is in a better place because Lord knows, it can be Hell on Earth. And I know she wouldn’t want me to cry over her passing. Her words to me would be, “Monique hush. We’re bad bitches. Bad bitches don’t cry, cut the soft shit out.” So I won’t shed a tear. I will remember her and honor her as she deserves to be. And I will go on as the “fucking awesome chick” she always described me as….

Tempting Ebony Mistress

Posted by monique | Ebony Money Mistress | Monday 12 September 2011 10:16 pm

Ahhh it feels good to be back in the swing of things. Slaying cocks, raping wallets, mind fucking, manipulating and brainwashing you little minions, bringing you to your knees as you become ever so weak for this Ebony Mistress.(evil wicked laugh) Earlier today I was shopping in Saks for a new Juicy Couture bag and needed a sales rep to reach up on a high shelf to pull down something. (Of course I could have reached it but why the hell should I when his little bitch ass was willing and able to do it for me) Now while this little pion was ontop of his step latter he couldn’t help looking down my blouse at my perfect, round tits as my cleavage showed in my low cut shirt. I could sense that this little twerp hadn’t had pussy since pussy had he and would probably cum all over himself if a girl showed him some live pussy LOL! I rolled my eyes and told the little pervert to cut his eyes somewhere else before I accidently knocked his ass off of the latter. And his response was: “Yes Ma’am!” HAAAAAA! See men recognize my strength and power both in and outside of this BDSM realm. He knew just from looking at my glamoous self and my demeanor and knew that I was an Ebony Strong Goddess that could own him just from licking my lips. LOL! So of course I was able to get something out of him since he decided to glimpse my greatness without my permission. Shout out to the Saks 5th Avenue sales associate in Franklin Mills Mall who used his employee discount so I can get my bag. I will enjoy those Gucci shoes Friday when you get paid as I know you won’t be able to resist sliding the pumps on and off of my soft pedicured feet you little freak LOL!

A$$ilicious Money Goddess

Posted by monique | Ass Fetish | Thursday 8 September 2011 9:04 pm

A tall, dark chocolate Ebony Money Goddess with a wicked maniacal imagination, cock torturing, dick slaying femdom princess is one hell of a combination But add to that a rocking, round, tight plump ass and you have yourself a deadly weapon sure to bring you little bitches to your knees. This week I slid back into things with a little teasing, denying, mind fucking, wallet raping, dick slaying action. Niteflirt still has not corrected the error with getting my calls to me so as I said previously, other arrangements were made. There’s more than one way to kill a cat besides skinning it and I murdered all 9 lives of that pussy this week. LOL! I was shocked the I had some packages in my UPS Store box as I have been so busy lately I haven’t been paying much attention to what you slaves buy me. But never the less there were quite a few things waiting for me and I can’t wait to take pictures and shoot videos in them. Sexy laced thigh highs, leather ankle boots, gorgeous lingerie and other little trinkets. Good job shopping pets. Keep Goddess happy and continue to shop until you drop.

I have a new ass slave who just can’t get enough of my luscious ass. He has paid top dollar to see this quality ebony ass on camera numerous times this weeks. I tease and milked his wallet good.

and will continue to do so this weekend so make sure you have your Greendot reloaded and be prepared to send those amazon gift certificates like a good boy.
I feel it necessary to remind some of you slaves that I do not get into the habit of talking, chatting, messaging or wasting my time on sluts who have no intention of paying. If you want my attention, you need to either send a $50 tribute through Niteflirt or Amazon Gift Certificate before I spend an ounce of my time on you. Don’t waste my time yacking about how you yearn to pay me, or how you crave to be owned and drained. Talk that shit to another domme that has time on her hands to waste. With me, it is a will and do relationship. You WILL pay me or you WONT talk to me. You WILL serve me as I deserve to be served or you WON’T get my attention. I WILL ignore you if you do not show respect by sending me a tribute. It is as simple as that. If you do not understand that, then you do not understand the meaning behing financial domination.

Let’s Play Catch-Up

Posted by monique | Goddess Update | Sunday 28 August 2011 8:20 pm

Goddess rocked a short cut this summer and it was fabulous!!!

Where are you Goddess Monique? Where have you been? Are you taking calls? Are you camming? Any new videos? Any new humiliation assignments? Any new fetish mp3s? Awww you poor little losers. It amazes me the lengths that you go through to reach out to me. From my niteflirt inbox to my yahoo messenger and when you can’t get me there, you flood my yahoo email and then my private email associated with this site. Where have I been? I believe I’ve been gone since my birthday in June. I celebrated the entire month of June. So many of my facebook friends had parties for me it was crazy. I actually had to miss a few to make it to others at more popular clubs and lounges. So the entire month of June was spent partying like a rock star, celebrating with friends and family and getting summer started with a bang. My intentions were to make a few videos here and there to keep you losers drooling and addicted like the fiends you are but I just didn’t have the time. Quite a few of you were hoping to do real time sessions with me but um…too many of you idiots really thought I was going to let you know where I rest my head and that shit just wasn’t going to happen.

There were a couple of slave that I stayed in touch with. Good paying, tributing slaves that know their place and understand where they rank in the scheme of things. I made time for them doing a few custom mp3s and a few fetish cam shows, but the rest of you who just wanted to hang around praying for a piece of my attention got left behind. Instead of praying for a piece of my attention you should have been paying for my attention. LOL. Pay me or get away from me.

July I toyed around with my blackmail slut. It seems many of you were hoping that I released the conversations that I had on tape with me and Peter. I could have, and would have if Peter had gotten out of hand. But at the end of the day Peter just wanted to be controlled instead of always being the controlling one. He wanted to be literally strangled by the balls and that was enjoyable. He still serves me like a good little pup. I think what scares him is how I had the balls to show up to his house and saw his fat ass wife LOL. And even though I didn’t make a shit load of videos, devoted boys hung out at my Clips4Sale studio and bought my clips as well as purchased my fetish mp3s and humiliation assignments through Niteflirt.

August was more of a laid back month. As many of my slaves know, I am a published author. I spent the majority of this month re-typing and editing my first novel that was published as I now have the ability to buy back my rights from the publishing company I originally signed to back in 2007. So I have been working feverishly to put this together and I have also started a new novel that has some of my fans addicted and yearning for more. Some of you have asked me what is my pen name, what is the name of my novel and where can you get it. That is something you will not find out for a long time simply because I am not ready for my fetish life to collide with my personal. But soon, you all will know as my name is becoming a bit popular and there will only be a matter of time before someone recognizes me.

Will I make any fetish clips soon? Absolutely. I will begin filming possibly in the next two weeks once I have completed the editing of my novel and prepare for its release. Am I going to be taking calls on Niteflirt? Well recently that has become a problem. For some reason my calls are not being routed to me properly. I’ve always used the same number but for the last month when I check on tributes that you guys are sending me as well as purchases for videos and mp3s and assignments I am noticing that my status is changed to away yet there is nothing on my caller ID from Niteflirt to indicate I missed a call. Now I have used a landline number as well as my cell number but it’s still the same. Therefore other arrangments must be made. So I advise that any of you who are trying to place calls to me, instant message me on yahoo FIRST so that we can make other arrangements. I don’t give a rats ass what those other chicks are talking, I refuse to have my money fucked with. So until Niteflirt gets their shit together, I will be working my Plan B. I find it funny ( and I should have remembered from seeing the forum prior to the Niteflirt transition) that bitches are quick to scan your profile looking for anything out of the ordinary to them so they can try to discredit you. If you don’t have a solution, shut the fuck up and go on about your business. If you aren’t losing calls or money, shut the fuck up and keep it moving. I guarantee that if any of those ‘loyal phone girls’ were not getting their calls, they damn sure would work another angle to make sure they made their money. So they can miss me with the bullshit. But as always I ensure I learn a lesson from every experience. And the lesson learned from this is, keep any issues I’m having on Niteflirt between me and NF Customer Service. Because bitches are too much of a headache and I don’t have the time. Later Sluts!

Peter, my blackmail bitch ((((UPDATE))))

Posted by monique | Blackmail Fetish,Ebony Money Mistress | Wednesday 1 June 2011 10:15 am

Ahh, Peter, Peter, Peter. You are such a devoted submissive with a lot of secrets that I could use against you to destroy your marriage, set fire under your ass for insubordination, and what would your friends and peers think if they found out you have an extreme fetish for sucking BIG BLACK COCK!!! Yikes!! So much for the football jock at ***** high-school in ********* New Jersey. HAHAHA!!!! Peter read my blog and realized I was talking about him and called me endlessly today. Little did he know, I was out shopping with his money for my birthday gifts and just did not have time to talk to the little panicking whimpering pup. LOL!! I finally raised my price to $12.99 on my financial domination line and he messaged me on yahoo begging me to talk to him. You see, Peter underestimated my devious nature. Peter thought that it would be all fun and games and la dee da with me. SORRY Peter! You better think again. I am ruthless by nature. This is chess Peter not checkers! He was frantic that I recorded our conversation with him making such…freakish confessions. And that is when the negotiations began. He offered 1k per week to keep me from leaking that recording to you all. 1k per week Peter??? Wow!!! You must really want to keep your faggot rendezvous in the closet for real. I agreed for now. And Peter sent the first $500 today assuring me that the other 500 would be in my Niteflirt account on my birthday which is June 4th. You better SUCKER! Or little by little, our conversation is going to make its way onto my websire for all of my submissives to hear. Ta Ta for now suckers. I must make my way over to the spa to begin my pampering for my birthday.

Feast your eyes on this losers and the day is just beginning!! Feed my greed!!! Click the photo

Real Time Session Rules and Regulations

Posted by monique | Real Time Sessions,Uncategorized | Monday 30 May 2011 1:42 pm

This blog is a must read for all slaves who wish to do a real time session with me. Real time sessions with me are a PRIVILEDGE. I live a very busy life and do not always have time for real time sessions. So if you are lucky enough to book a session with me there are some things that each and every single one of you boys better keep in mind as I will not repeat myself after this post. First and foremost YOU WILL NEVER DO A REAL TIME SESSION AT MY HOME. That shit is definitely NOT going to happen. Why, some of you may ask? Because that is my private domain for my personal life and no slave, submissive or cuckold will EVER know where I reside and where I rest my head at night. You will provide a place for us to meet and do our session whether it is at your place or a hotel which YOU WILL PAY FOR. I will ALWAYS have an escort with me simply because a girl can not be too safe in these crime ridden times. If that is something that you are not comfortable with, don’t even bother filling out the contact form to request a real time session with me. Next, all real time sessions start out at $250 for 1 hour but is subject to change according to the kind of session you request. If I am traveling to you, I expect my travel expenses to be handled by you or it will be added on to your rate. Half of the fee for the Real Time Session must be paid prior to my leave and the other half in my hand upon meeting up or the session will not happen. Make certain that you have secured a place for our session to take place, make certain that you are comfortable with me having a male and/or female escort to accompany me, make certain that you are prepared to serve me, endure any humiliation I see fit for the type of session you requested and most importantly, make sure you have my money. If sessions need to be cancelled, make sure you give me at least a 24hr notice so someone else can be booked in your slot. Deposits for a session are non refundable so make certain that you can carry out the session that you booked.
For those who want to book a Real Time Session with me visit my Contact Me page on my website and send me an inquiry which must include the type of session that you wish for, how long you would like the session to be, if you are prepared to pay for my travel expenses and your form of payment for 50% of the session costs whether it is through Niteflirt (their 30% admin fees must be included) or through amazon gift certificate. If your request is accepted, I will respond back with all additional information that is necessary such as date of availability and costs of your session. Keep in mind that I am only available Friday nights Saturdays between noon and 9pm EST and Sundays between noon and 6pm EST. Book your session now and prepare to serve a true dominant Ebony Femdom Mistress!!

Fetish and Humiliation Mp3s

Posted by monique | Goddess Update | Wednesday 25 May 2011 5:58 pm

I’ve been getting a lot of emails and yahoo messages from slaves and submissives asking when I will be available for a verbal humiliation session. I find it funny how some of you dorks can not get enough of my rude and sinister behavior when it comes to how I treat the lot of you. I’ve been very busy lately and will only be available on Niteflirt when I feel like being available. And just because you see the pretty button saying Yes taking calls does not mean I will always answer. I’ll talk to you losers when I feel like it. However, if you are craving some verbal humiliation, small cock humiliation, forced femme instructions, cock and dildo sucking training, anal training, cock and ball torture, hypnosis and more, keep a look out on my website as I will be adding all of these fetish mp3s to the website for your humiliation enjoyment. Until then, just sit back and wait patiently for your Goddess to grace you with my perfect presence.

Have you purchased a birthday gift for me yet from my Amazon Wishlist? If you have, good boy. Now go back to my wishlist and purchase another gift as I love getting presents delivered to my home on a regular basis. And if you haven’t bought me a birthday present yet, you need to haul ass over to my wishlist and get to shopping. Now!! Don’t walk, RUN!!!

Peter, My Blackmail Bitch

Posted by monique | Blackmail Fetish,Niteflirt Fetish Goddess | Sunday 22 May 2011 10:14 am

Peter, Peter Peter. Tsk Tsk Tsk. Some of you slaves really do underestimate my power, my vindictive nature, my greed and most importantly, how evil I can become when it comes to getting what I want and what I am entitled to! Peter called my Niteflirt listing today at $2.59/min. LOL! Peter knows that he is not allowed to call this listing. Why should he get to talk to me at a cheaper rate when it is already established that he is my cash bitch? No Peter. You will pay me at $9.99/min. I hung up on that ass LOL! So Peter messages me on yahoo whining asking me why I won’t talk to him. I told him we can talk but his insolence will cost him. I half expected him not to call. But the domme in me knew that he could not resist and would be crawling to me on his ashy hands and knees, groveling. And yup 5 minutes later he was calling my Financial Domination Line. HAHAHAH! Peter insisted that he had to talk to me. That he had been waiting for days for my lines to finally be on so he could tell me all about the really bad thing that he had done. The minute I knew a juicy confession was about to be shared I turned on my audio recorder. Peter, that little closet fag had stumbled across his wife’s sex toy collection that she had been hiding. At first he was angry because he felt that his wife did not need toys. When he told me that his cock was every whopping bit of 6 inches I had to explain to him that no 6 inch dick could ever satisfy a real woman. He confessed that he partially suspected that which is what prompted him to do what he did next…Now I could just spill the beans and tell you all what Peter did with his wife’s toys. I could even post one of the pictures that he sent to me showing what that little pervert was doing with one toy in particular. But I think I will make you losers hang on to the edge of your seats for this one while I format our conversation into an mp3. It will be up on my website in the near future for you boys to buy and hear our confession. And Peter, I will be expecting a call back from you later today for your “training”.

Goddess POV update

Posted by monique | Amazon Wishlist shopping,Goddess Update | Thursday 19 May 2011 1:14 pm

I have been getting quite a few emails and yahoo instant messages asking me when I am going to update my clips4sale studio with more fetish clips as well as requests for custom made clips. Well right now Goddess is extremely busy preparing for a wedding that is coming up this weekend. Don’t have a heart attack, I am not jumping the broom with anyone anytime soon and trust me, if I were, all of my well paying slaves would know so you can pitch in and pay for my honeymoon trip to Europe. There is much for me to do and I am still working with the fabulous Princess Lady Sheer in getting this website together so right now I just don’t have the time. However, something awesome will be available for you very soon. My fetish, humiliation, and hypnosis mps will be available on this website very soon along with some CBT Tasks and other humiliation assignments. Oh yes, this website will be transforming into the Fetish playground of your dreams and desires as I so love controlling, manipulating and humiliating the lot of you losers. So sit tight and wait patiently. Some more fetish videos will be coming soon to a computer screen near you.

Have you purchased a birthday gift for me from my wishlist, pet? If you have, good job, now go back to my wishlist and buy me something else as I adore being spoiled. And if you haven’t what the hell are you waiting for? Get over to my wishlist and get busy boys!

Jack off Junkies…Ewww chicken choking LOSERS!!!

Posted by monique | Niteflirt Fetish Goddess | Wednesday 18 May 2011 11:59 am

There are so many of you losers who are so pathetic that the only form of pleasure you get is from fucking Mrs. Hand-Cunt AKA jacking your nasty cocks. I get so many calls, emails and instant messages on yahoo from dorks telling me how pathetic they are because either they have a teeny tiny midget dick or because something about them is just so worthless that no woman in her right mind would ever want to have sex with them so they are forced to jack off every single day. LOL! It is absolutely comical yet pitiful all at the same time. So I said, hmmm let see how many other guys are out here that jack off a lot. Let’s see just how many are willing to share how many times they jack off. In fact, let’s see if some of these guys are forced to become Jack Off Junkies because they haven’t had pussy since pussy had them. So I developed this little quiz and decided to send it out to my fan base as well as put it up on my Niteflirt page and it began selling like water in a desert. LOL and some of the responses that I am getting to theĀ  questions in this quiz had me in tears at my desk from laughing so hard. One guy told me that he couldn’t buy pussy even if he had Donald Trump pockets. LOL! That quiz is a quick humiliation fix for you pathetic losers as well as a means to entertain me when I am taking a break from my busy busy life.

Curious about my little Jack Off Junky quiz? Do you think that you too may also be so pathetic that the only nut you get to bust is when you choke that nasty chicken of yours? Take the quiz numb nuts and reveal how pathetic you are.

My birthday will be arriving very shortly, losers. And I want more gifts. So show me how much of a good shopping pet you are and get over to my wishlist ASAP!!! Don’t walk RUN!!

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