Ebony Ass Control for Butt sniffers

Posted by monique | Ass Fetish | Monday 28 February 2011 12:29 am

Ebony Ass QueenFall down on your rusty knees and breath in the intoxicating, addictive scent of my beautiful black, thick ebony ass. Pull out that wallet and continue to click again and again as I command your cock, your wallet and control every ounce of pathetic bitchness that exists within you. Ahh yes! Your surrender brings me satisfaction.

I learned very young the power behind having a big lucious ass. Wearing mini skirts and high heels, strutting down the street and in the mall catching men take double looks or even stare longer than usual because the shape of my ass was just a beauty they needed to behold as long as possible. I would even go as far to say that they were trying to memorize the look of my ass for their own jack off purposes. And now you little ass bitches have fallen prey to the control my ass has over you. The messages that I get marveling over my tight ebony ass are endless. My best selling clips in my clips4sale studio are of the ones showcasing my gorgeous ass. If you think you will escape it’s beauty, you are in serious denial. If you think you won’t find yourself coming back to my site, pouring over my pictures, buying videos again and again because you just won’t be able to get enough. If you’ve never had an ass addiction before, upon entering my site, you will have an ass infatuation. I dare you to resist me. Go on. Just try.

This is why I’M HOT!!!

Posted by monique | Tease and Denial | Sunday 27 February 2011 9:19 pm

My lucious hot 36D tits is one of my many physical attributes that weakens loser white boys, bringing them to their knees, making them weak, hard and leaving them desperate, wallet drained and cock sore from lack of release. LOL! Teasing your miserable cock and denying you that which you think should be your reward, that body shaking orgasm, makes me laugh my ass off. And you’ll continue paying for such treatment even after I have drained you dry time and time again. It always starts with one video. One short 6 minute clip that keeps you so mezmerized, in a daze and constantly clicking and paying until your account is at it’s max. You’ll try to quit, but we both know you’ll always be back for more.

Vote for me losers
Financial Domination


My New Niteflirt page

Posted by monique | Niteflirt Fetish Goddess | Sunday 27 February 2011 7:09 pm

Your Ebony Goddess Monique has created a new page on Niteflirt and I expect you boys to get over there promptly and begin serving as a good little white boy should. An inevitable undeniable addiction is just a few key strokes away. Click and Pay!!!

Call Button
To view all of my listings and get in where you best fit in as my servant bitch, simply click the banner

Since so many of you are always asking me “Goddess, is there anything I can do for you today?”, I have a task for you. Click the banner below to make sure that your Goddess is ranked high like an elite domme should be.

And if you are still itching to serve me in a way that will put a smile on my face, visit my wishlist by clicking on the button in the side bar and get to shopping. Or just simply send an Amazon Gift Certificate to thedickslayer@yahoo.com. Smooches boys!

Welcome To My New Site!!!

Posted by monique | Ebony Money Mistress | Sunday 27 February 2011 12:47 am

The time has finally come for me to expand my femdom and fetish lifestyle with this new and trendy Financial Domination website. Here is where you will find everything that you have ever wanted, needed and desired in a true, dominant Ebony Femdom Fetish Money Goddess. I am greedy beyond comprehension, devious, manipulative and enjoy wallet fucking minion loser bitches until you ejaculate your crisp cash into my greedy silky palms. The degradation, blackmail, seduction and abject humiliation you will endure for my pure evil satisfaction will leave you broke, hard and desperate for more. Suffer you will since by no means am I ever merciful when it comes to over powering little wimpy white boys. LOL! Your erection means nothing to me as the only thing of interest that you could possibly pull out of your pants is your wallet. There are many ways for you to fork over your dollars to your sexy Ebony Goddess Monique. Shopping from my Amazon wishlist is one of many ways to show your adoration. Everyday is like Christmas to me when boxes, and boxes and EVEN MORE boxes are delivered at my door step. I am a Goddess and expect to be treated as such. Anything less than that would be uncivilized.
Of  course there are some ground rules that each and every one of you need to learn upon entrance of this Fetish Club so that my time is not wasted as well as yours.

Rule #1

This is not PHONE SEX!! You will NEVER engage in phone sex with me. The closest you will get is becoming my cuck and being placed outside of my bedroom door or under my bed as I have the mind blowing sex with a true stud like a Goddess such as myself deserves.

Rule #2

You will RESPECT my time, my worth, my website. I WILL NOT tolerate disrespectful little imps shooting off at the mouth, making useless idle chat on yahoo or skype without tributing or anything of the sort. Tributing, be it through Niteflirt, amazon gift certificates, kinkbomb tributes, greendot or for the more devoted and established slaves-Western Union or mailing me fan mail with cash inside- is the only way to get my attention. My time is money. If it does not make dollars. It does not make sense. Meaning it makes no sense for me to talk to you if there is nothing in it for me. Capisce?

Rule #3

My webcam shows consists of 3 things-WORSHIP, MALE HUMILIATION and/or IGNORE!!There will be times when I turn my cam on because I am wearing something absolutely HOT and want to show you exactly what you desperately want but will NEVER have, yet you will pay out the ass to get as much of it as you can before I take it away. LOL! That will be the Worshiping Cam. There will be other times when I am in a fiesty mood and want nothing more that to tear fire into little wimp ass loser white boys. Your pain and suffering tickles me to no end be it verbal, mental or physical I will fuck you up! And last but not least, there will definitely be times when I am editing videos, listening to music, dancing around and trying on new clothes or lingerie that you boys buy for me and I may turn my cam on just so you can watch what I am doing. You will pay me as I pay you NO MIND!! Private cam shows are always welcomed but you must schedule them ahead of time. You have 24hrs to make it to your cam session with me or your show is forfeited and the money is kept in my pockets. :-)  There are two ways for you to pay for cam sessions. You can either pay using the Niteflirt system or you can pay by sending Amazon Gift Certificates. If you are using the Niteflirt system, add on 30% as I will not be paying for the additional charges, you will. Cam shows are $50 for 10 minutes.

Rule #4

Any of the above rules are subject to change whenever I feel like it. New rules may be added as time goes on. Break any of the above rules or new rules that I add and you will be blocked and dismissed with the quicks! No amount of money will ever make me subject myself to disrespectful little runts . If female supremacy is not something that you believe in or you are not into the femdom fetish lifestyle, my site is not for you at ALL!! If you wish to learn more about me, kindly click on the ABOUT ME tab at the top of this page and read very carefully. Now if you are ready for your frivolous hard-on, meaningless cock and orgasm along with your hard earned cash to be owned entirely by this Hot, Sexy Ebony Femdom Money Mistress go to my Niteflirt page and send a tribute. Or send a $50 gift certificate to thedickslayer@yahoo.com. Let your addiction begin NOW!!

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