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Posted by monique | Real Time Sessions | Friday 18 March 2011 4:51 pm

So many emails requesting for your Goddess to do Real Time Sessions with you all. I thought my inbox was going to explode once I made the announcement that I would be doing real time dominance sessions. I will get to you subbies when I get to you. You’ll just have to get in line and wait your freaking turn! (Giggle)
So what kind of sessions can you boys expect from the Dick Slaying Ebony Femdom Fetish Goddess Monique? Well, I engage in a plethora of fetish kinks. So for those of you who want to be on a need to know basis, here is a list of what kind of Dominance sessions you can expect as well as a list of WHAT I ABSOLUTELY WILL NOT DO So don’t even freaking ask!!!

Fetish Kinks That Goddess Monique is into
Cock and ball Torture (CBT)
Ball Kicking
Face Slapping
Foot Worship
High Heel/Shoe/Boot Worship
Nylon Worship
Ass Worship/Face Smothering
Small Cock Humiliation
Financial Domination/Shopping
Strap-On Training
Guided Masturbation
Orgasm Denial

Fetish Kinks that I WILL NOT Engage in
Age Play
Golden Showers
Brown Showers
Roman Showers (Vomit)
Sex of any kind
Extreme excessive violence

I will add more as I go along. If any submissive/slave requests any of the items listed above that I am not into will be blocked and dismissed without a second thought. I will be creating a section on this website where submissives/slaves can go to view this information. I expect any of you who wish to do a real time session with me to view this information so there is no misunderstanding between us. Once you have conjured up the courage to engage in a real time dominance session with me, you can email me for the time being at In that email, you will state what kind of session you are looking for, when you would like to schedule that session (I am only available on the weekends at this time) and how long you would like our session to be. Be advised that half of your payment for a session must be paid when you hear back from me accepting your request and the remaining balance must be paid as soon as we link up.
So now bitches, the moment you have been so desperately, and anxiously awaiting has arrived. The Ebony Femdom Fetish Goddess Monique is slaying dicks live and in living color. Get your wallets out and get ready for a ball kicking good time!! See you soon…bitches!

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