Ebony Tease: Goddess of Blue Ball Itis

Posted by monique | Tease and Denial | Wednesday 28 September 2011 9:21 am

Oh boy, who knew that I could have a multititude of ways with getting you boys weaker and weaker for me. The way you drool, pant and fall over yourselves when I wear cute mini skirts or short shorts showing off my long sexy legs or a low cut blouse that damn near has your eyes falling out of your got damn head is freaking hilarious. LOL! I’ve been taking it a bit easy this last week since the car accident but I did find a little time to get on cam for my slut Jake who just can’t seem to get enough of me. He has purchased all of my clips, ordered custom clips and pictures and messages me quite often, begging me to please let him kack off to my ebony perfection. NOT GONNA HAPPEN AKEY SLUT LOL!! I made this pathetic little hound dog get on camera for me completely naked as I made him watch me strut around in my 5 inch heels, extremely short shorts and halter top. Between the curves of my hips, the roundness of my ass and the way my hard nipples poked through my halter top, little Jakey was leaking pre-cum without even touching himself. He damn near had a fit when I leaned really close to the camera and pulled my shirt down just above my nipples and shook my firm tits in the camera. He begged and begged and begged for me to let him stroke his cock. Haaa! I told that little tight ball bitch that the only way he was going to stroke his cock is if he stroked it the way I said and made himself cum on his face for me. LOL!! He sounded as if he would cry. And he resisted of course. But all that did was cause him more sexual frustration. If you can’t do what the fuck I say, how the fuck I say it and WHEN the fuck I say it, why the fuck would I allow you to have pleasure. Remember dick sucks. At the end of the day, it is all about me. It will always be about me. Jake just messaged me 5 minutes before I started this blog claiming that he couldn’t stop thinking about how I teased him on camera and what I was demanding he do for me and how it turned him on even more. Now Jake is prepared to call me later this evening when he returns from work so he can do as I command. Ewww Jake is about to have a face full of ball snot just so he can finally beat his nasty dick and shoot his worthless load. HAHAHAH I bet it will be an improvement for that ugly face of yours. How humiliating. I’m such a sneaky, wicked, evil little bitch. LOL!!!

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