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Posted by monique | Male Humiliation and Degradation,The Dyck Slayer | Saturday 12 November 2011 9:18 am

What makes you think you are immune to the powers of this Ebony dick slaying Mistress just because you have what you think to be a normal sized dick? Oh, because your cock is 8 inches, that means you get a Dyck Slayer’s free pass? PSSST HAHAHAHAHA! No male-bitch is going to become an alpha male strictly based on his penis sized. Simply because you have a penis makes you the inferior sex. Why, you ask? Because 90% of you cock whores think with your dick which causes you to make some pretty dumb decisions in your life. You are ruled by the pleasures of having a cock. You’re penis leads you around on a sexual leash before I even get my hands on you. And because of that, numb-nuts, you are inferior, I am your keeper and will have you as my bitch. (smirking)

Dumb ass Alvin crawls to me on yahoo after doing a Google search for dominant black mistresses and finding this fetish diary. Reading it intrigued him and he foolishly assumed that I only prey on the weak limp dick bitch-boys. He says to me: Well Goddess, as I read through your blog I couldn’t help but to feel sorry for the limp dick losers as you called them because I figured maybe if they had a nice sized cock like mine, they wouldn’t be so submissive. (Oh…you think so…?) So of course for humor I asked him how big was his dick. I could tell by the way he typed his answer that his chest was poked out in pride and his dumb ass head (probably both) were up in the air in a snotty trust fund kid kind of manner who thinks he has one up and over on his teachers. He said a whopping 8 inches. PAAAAAAAA!!! I inserted the yahoo emotican that rolls around laughing to drive my point home. And he asked me why I was laughing at him. My response was THAT AIN’T SHIT!!! And then this is where dick bragging went wrong. He says to me, well mistress I think having a cock my size with my thickness is a big deal. How many of your tiny dick servants can suck the head of their own penis? (((crickets)))-Did he just say what I think he just said? Of course I called his bluff and he offered to show me if I didn’t believe him, sounding proud as if he would become my equal once he proved himself to be an alpha male with his big 8 inch dick. Pwaaaa. He did not have a Niteflirt account so I allowed him to tribute me another way which he gladly did just so he could “show off”. And this is where The Dyck Slayer kidnapped his manhood. Once he showed me he could suck the head of his own dick I put his ass back on the floor and had him continue to suck it, humiliating and degrading him telling him he was a typical dumb ass man who let his dick size and his money decide where he ranked among the scheme of things. I told him he was going to suck himself off until he ejaculated in his mouth. HAHAHAHHAHA! And he did, whimpering, whining, damn near crying when the first drops of pre-cum entered his cock sucking mouth. He begged me to have mercy on him as he claimed to learn his lesson. Oh no bitch, the lesson is learned when I decide that it’s learned. He sucked and sucked and…sucked some more until he started to cum. Oh his screams were delightful when it got in his mouth. He tried to dodge and I let him know it would be a lot worse if he didn’t eat it all up. And swallow it bitch. LOL! I knew he wanted to go gargle mouth wash or puke so I instructed him to leave another tribute and go on about his business. He ran like a bitch runs from an after school ass whipping. HAHAHHA! Who runs the world? GIRLS!! I later received this email from him:

Dear Goddess Monique,
I have never been humiliated, degraded or put in my place in such a fashion. I have served a few mistresses before but it was always in a manner of ass worship, foot worship things like that. I never crossed this line in BDSM because I thought other fetish kinks were for submissive men with small cocks who could only get attention from a beautiful Goddess if they humiliated themselves. I was wrong. And now I question my own submissiveness. Am I gay now after what you did to me? Does this mean I am a cock sucker? As humiliating as it was, the experience was so out of this world I can’t help but have another hard-on and crave to hear you in my ear again putting me in my place. Your name is well deserved Goddess. I hope to earn the right to speak with you again”

I saw that in my Niteflirt account met with a $200 tribute. What a degrading cock slaying early in the morning. Oh bitch-men, you will learn today got-damn it because I am going to teach you, break your ass down and rob you of your man-hood. You will learn that little dick midget bitches aren’t my only victims. I enjoy robbing men of their man-hood, shattering their egos and crushing their pride. Do you really want to know how much of a man you are?

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  1. Comment by cissi — November 13, 2011 @ 7:00 pm

    i understand his feeling of shame. my cock is too small to suck, but i was forced to lie on my back with my feet held back over my head while i stroked my little cock until i shot a load in my mouth and all over my face. After my orgasm, i had to clean the cum off my face and swallow it. Then the dildo was removed from my ass and i had to lick it clean. i was told to put on my panties and leave immediately. It was an incredible humiliation.

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