Real Time Session Rules and Regulations

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This blog is a must read for all slaves who wish to do a real time session with me. Real time sessions with me are a PRIVILEDGE. I live a very busy life and do not always have time for real time sessions. So if you are lucky enough to book a session with me there are some things that each and every single one of you boys better keep in mind as I will not repeat myself after this post. First and foremost YOU WILL NEVER DO A REAL TIME SESSION AT MY HOME. That shit is definitely NOT going to happen. Why, some of you may ask? Because that is my private domain for my personal life and no slave, submissive or cuckold will EVER know where I reside and where I rest my head at night. You will provide a place for us to meet and do our session whether it is at your place or a hotel which YOU WILL PAY FOR. I will ALWAYS have an escort with me simply because a girl can not be too safe in these crime ridden times. If that is something that you are not comfortable with, don’t even bother filling out the contact form to request a real time session with me. Next, all real time sessions start out at $250 for 1 hour but is subject to change according to the kind of session you request. If I am traveling to you, I expect my travel expenses to be handled by you or it will be added on to your rate. Half of the fee for the Real Time Session must be paid prior to my leave and the other half in my hand upon meeting up or the session will not happen. Make certain that you have secured a place for our session to take place, make certain that you are comfortable with me having a male and/or female escort to accompany me, make certain that you are prepared to serve me, endure any humiliation I see fit for the type of session you requested and most importantly, make sure you have my money. If sessions need to be cancelled, make sure you give me at least a 24hr notice so someone else can be booked in your slot. Deposits for a session are non refundable so make certain that you can carry out the session that you booked.
For those who want to book a Real Time Session with me visit my Contact Me page on my website and send me an inquiry which must include the type of session that you wish for, how long you would like the session to be, if you are prepared to pay for my travel expenses and your form of payment for 50% of the session costs whether it is through Niteflirt (their 30% admin fees must be included) or through amazon gift certificate. If your request is accepted, I will respond back with all additional information that is necessary such as date of availability and costs of your session. Keep in mind that I am only available Friday nights Saturdays between noon and 9pm EST and Sundays between noon and 6pm EST. Book your session now and prepare to serve a true dominant Ebony Femdom Mistress!!

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